January 2010

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Got a new business product but don’t know where to start? Video marketing just might be for you. This article discusses video marketing, its advantages and a short guide on how to make a video perfect for any marketing campaign.

There are a lot of ways through which you can market your products and your services. Among these methods, the most cost-effective means is perhaps the internet. Through the internet, you can come up with every marketing campaign possible. The internet is so flexible and vast that with the right moves, it can help your business become more popular and more prominent. That being said, let me introduce you to the latest trend and possibly the most effective of all online marketing strategies: video marketing.

— Video Marketing —

Video marketing just might be the hottest trend to date in the marketing field. The time for telling through text marketing copy has passed. Instead, it’s now time for showing and demonstrating through video clips.

If you’re not that familiar with video marketing, there’s absolutely no need for you to worry. The internet provides a lot of resources on how you can make your videos. You can learn about the tools that you need to make videos and the techniques that can make your videos work for marketing purposes. The following are some tips on how you can make video marketing work for your business.

1. Determine where to post your videos.

First of all, you have to know where you are going to post your video marketing material. There are many choices available to you. You can place your video in your website for more interesting site content. You can also post video clips in online communities and blogs. Of course, you should not neglect to post videos in video blogging sites like YouTube.

2. Determine the video content.

The prior step will help a long way in determining the content of your video marketing materials. As a general rule, your videos must contain information that will build more interest in your business’ products and services. However, the actual and specific content will have to vary, depending on where you’re posting your videos.

For instance, videos in your website can be much more product- or service- oriented. Particularly, your videos can demonstrate how effective your product or service is. Your videos in your site can also be video testimonials from your customers. Moreover, they can be video clips about your special promotions and special updates.

Videos posted in online blogs should be more about updates, news and special promotions. They should merely inform your viewers about the latest news and induce your audience to click on the link to your site for more details.

For video blogging sites like YouTube, your video should be less product-oriented and more entertaining and creative. Your website link can be provided with the video and your products can be featured in them, but your videos must never be a simple sales pitch. You’re never going to be referred and reposted that way.

3. Identify your audience.

All along, you should keep your audience in mind. How old are your intended consumers? Who are they and where do they come from? The content of your video marketing materials will also heavily depend on the demographics of your intended recipients.

After you have done all of the abovementioned steps, all you will need to do is to make your videos and post them online. Of course, you may have to engage the services of a video server for your purposes.

David Bain


We are a local band that is trying to get a wider audience. We have been around for two years playing local clubs and we have a small following. After listening to several of your shows we have gotten some great ideas; but we were wondering if you have any fast ways we can get our band more exposure?
The Lightning Bugs

Fred: You are not alone. According to Myspace there are nearly one million Indie bands in the world and I am sure there are a lot more. The reality is that not all will make it big. Aside from having good music, it takes marketing and promotion to get the buzz going.

Lyna: Musicians. Artists, Trades people- in fact even our radio show is really no different than any business in that regard. Fred and I are constantly brainstorming on new ways to keep our listenership growing.

Fred: What we find time and time again is that the most important thing in any business is the client. Or in this case, your fans, Word of mouth is so powerful. If your friend tells you about a new music group that they love, what is your reaction?

Lyna: Mine would be, I’ve gotta check them out And when I did, I’d already be thinking that I’d like them because they came by a recommendation.

Fred: So if your fans are the strongest and quickest way to get more exposure; perhaps it would be wise to show them your gratitude. This is where you can really have fun.

Lyna: As with any business, you should already have a web site. This could have action shots of the band, a bio page, tour listings and newspaper reviews. In fact- if you have CD’s of your music, offer an audio of a minute of a few songs you’ve recorded. Why not dedicate a page to members only for your fans? If you put a message board up they can touch base with other fans and you can hear all the good things they tell each other about you.

Fred: You can even offer your fans incentives. I know a group that gives free t-shirts, CD’s and even tickets to gigs to the fans that bring 10 or more people to the bands mailing list. They send out a monthly newsletter to keep their fans updated and even profiles their #1 fan of the month.

Lyna: Wow-That’s an incentive! How about asking them to bring your band to their town? Your fans can set up the gigs, get friends to be their street team to locally promote you and you’ll have an instant crowd to perform to.

Fred: Another way to grow your exposure could be to network with other bands. Promote each other by introducing your fans to them and they can tell their fans about you.

Lyna: They can also be your ticket into playing at a venue that is tough to get. My friend JB tried for months to get booked in one of Atlanta’s hot spots. This venue had a regular
Group of bands that played there and they had no reason to change this. Fortunately, JB met a singer who is one of these regulars. One night she brought him on as her opening act and the crowd loved him. So now he can play there pretty much whenever he goes to Atlanta.

Fred: Networking, building alliances, catering to your clients- sound familiar? These are all concepts we share with any business that wants to get more exposure. The way you do this just depends on what your stage looks like.

Fred Hueston

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I know you.

I was once like you a few years ago.

Back then, I was just getting started learning about internet marketing and exploring all the possibilities of a money making internet business. I chuckle when I think of myself back then, eager and trusting, absorbing all the marketing gurus excited chirpings about how easy it was going to be for me to make big money online.

All I had to do was sign up for their affiliate program and promote their ebook (or various other products) about how to teach people like me to be successful online. Now what to you think one of the first things I did was?

If you guessed that it was to set up my own internet marketing web site, you’d be right!

Even though I knew squat about making money online, I pretended I knew something—well enough to promote those guru products like I was a pro. You see, I hoped that other newbies (like me) would see these wonderful information products and get out their wallets and buy, buy, buy!

I mean, why wouldn’t they?

I had bought this guru’s wonderful information ebook and special reports. I just knew the money was gonna come pouring in because this guru was well-respected and knew his stuff, plus, I was posing like I knew my stuff.

Let’s see, there’s one little thing that I didn’t count on back then.

All the other gazillion newbies setting up similar internet marketing web sites and selling the same money making products for the same gurus. Yep. It took me a while, but I finally realized that we were all competing with each other, and worse, the pool of potential prospects that would really be interested in this information wasn’t as large as I thought. I mean, the potential was huge if you were a guru and had hundreds of little affiliates selling one or two products for you a month. The gurus made money regardless of how poorly each little affiliate did.

So, it’s basically a numbers game. A game that you can’t win. You are competing with thousands of internet marketing web sites of all shapes and sizes, many started by newbies like yourself, touting how to make money online—except, most of these people are NOT making a dime!

You see, I know. I was one of them.

Even though it’s tempting—don’t do it!

If you’ve already set up your internet marketing site, change it to a niche product or niche information site. There are literally thousands of subjects to create a web site about these days. You will have a better chance at making a profit from just about any other type of web site other than an internet marketing site.

Of course, you can ignore me and continue down that road—a road littered with the failed marketing to marketers web sites of countless newbies that came before you. Or, you can see the light right now and avoid this common mistake.

If you must promote a favorite guru’s products, there are other, more effective ways of doing this. Trust me, the gurus aren’t going to suffer because you’ve decided not to build that marketing site.

Oh yeah, this reminds me of one more category of poorly performing web site you should avoid. The cookie cutter, turnkey web site business. I’ve had a couple of those too and they are duds. I don’t care if they are free turnkey web sites that look all polished and ready to make good money. What I’ve learned over the years is that one thing online web visitors like is uniqueness. If they see that you and thousands of others have the exact same site, you will not be taken seriously.

I suggest that you brainstorm a list of possible topics of interest that you can create a web site theme around. Think about how you can build a unique looking site, even if you use a standard template. Remember, it’s the human touch that’s important.

Thanks for reading this. I’m hoping that this article does a service to the online community by cutting down the number of internet marketing web sites floating around in cyber space, unattended and unloved.

Donna Monday

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Viral Marketing Techniques Every Web Site Should Be Using

Viral marketing can work wonders for any business, web site or
product. It can be a great source of sales leads, one-way links
and targeted traffic. Yet, many marketers are not taking full
advantage of this ‘viral factor‘ in their marketing

How about you? Are you using any viral marketing methods with
your web site? Or does the word ‘viral’ make you cringe?

Many people believe ‘viral marketing’ is a myth, one of those
Internet follies that only happens on rare occasions when some
fantastic product or site comes along.

In reality, viral marketing techniques can be used by any web
site – big or small. They can be used by any marketer who takes
the time to put some simple steps into place. Viral marketing
done right‘ can have many benefits. It will: –
increase your link popularity (often one way links) – increase
targeted traffic to your site – build your brand recognition –
create targeted leads for your products – automate your
marketing efforts

Here are some simple viral marketing techniques you can try with
your web site, product or business:

1. Word of Mouth – We have all seen this phenomenon
displayed with many products . People spread the word about some
great movie or gadget and suddenly everyone knows about it.
Human nature dictates we tell our friends about some great
product we have bought or found. Nature of the beast, it’s just
the way we are – so why not take full advantage of it?

If you have a web site – put up a simple ‘tell a friend’ form so
your visitors can easily tell others about your great site. Easy
and very simple to do but many webmasters don’t do it.
Similarly, if you have a newsletter, service, product or with
any aspect of your site – just include a few sentences at the
end of your copy – asking very politely, “if you found this
service, product or web site helpful – why not tell your
friends, family and colleagues about it.”

2. Branding – Make sure you have a logo on your site or
product. Branding your site is very important if you want your
site or product to be noticed and talked about. For that matter,
a catchy brand name can be a ‘viral technique’ in itself – so
try and come up with one that springs from the lips with a
distinctive ring to it!

People recognize brands, it gives them a clear image of your
site or product. Include your brand or logo on every page of
your site and on every product, service, material coming from
your site or business.

3. eBooks – Savvy marketers jumped on this new invention
very quickly, they knew the ‘viral’ power of these little
ebooks. Ebooks are electronic files that can be downloaded from
any web site and distributed easily around the web. You can also
have other webmasters or marketers, ‘re-brand’ these ebooks with
their own links. High quality ebooks get passed along very
quickly and are great viral tools.

Anyone can write a simple ebook on the topic of their site. If
you can’t write, just get permission to use a collection of
articles from the numerous ‘article directories’ on the web such
as www.ezinearticles.com or www.goarticles.com . Ebook compiling
software (in both .exe or pdf format) is relatively cheap or can
be found for free on the net. Just Google to find it!

4. Viral Software – Some simple software products or
applications can be very viral, often passed around or
downloaded from the web by thousands each day. These have to be
useful or handy products that the users will desire –
ecalendars, organizers, personal planners, link checking
software, and so on. Many are desktop products that sit on the
computer user’s desktop – prime location in the marketing arena.

And the best examples of this kind of viral software have the
company logo, sales message and contact email – with LIVE LINKS
to all of the above – conveniently displayed within the product.
These simple software programs can be great viral promotional
devices that spread like wildfire across the web. (get an
example of this below in the author’s resource box)

5. RSS – Newest player in the viral game! RSS which
stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and just by the nature of
what it does; RSS is an awesome viral tool. Originally used by
news organizations to syndicate their news stories, it is
usually associated with Blogs because blogs use an RSS feed to
distribute their content. Good quality RSS feeds are picked up
and displayed by different web sites all across the web.

Since Microsoft has announced the next version of Windows will
have RSS integrated into its operating system, new RSS
applications will take viral marketing to heights that have not
been witnessed before. Alert marketers are already gearing up
for this viral explosion.

You should also be gearing up for RSS if you haven’t already.
Using a simple site like blogger.com (owned by Google) will give
you a basic blog and RSS feed to spread your message or product
to all interested parties.

These are just some viral techniques that will help increase
your web presence. They will also boost your traffic and
increase your links. Used properly, these viral techniques will
also spread your web site, product or service around the globe.

What more can you ask for

Titus Hoskins


What is the future for banner advertising online?

With banners weighing in with a whopping 0.04 click through rate, what is the future for this ever present ad format which can take up 30% of the screen?

Firefox’s ad blocker makes light work of diluting even the most sophisticated brand message and the more savvy the surfer, the less they attention they pay to online advertising. Will banners develop into a brand awareness tool or will there be another use for the format that brought us "shoot the duck"?

I disagree with Jeffrey W in many respects. I don’t believe display advertising is not long for this world but think that it will adapt and become more relevant to the page and user.

Display advertisers need to take a lead out of Google Adsense’s success by realising that relevance is the key to interaction and subsequently conversions.

I used to work on the booking of display advertising for a price comparison website and I learnt that sometimes it’s a situation of the right banner for the right site and when you get this you make shed loads of money since display is a fairly cheap medium.

So basically I think display needs a few things to prosper:

1. A far greater level of variation
2. Easier testing and tweaking of creatives
3. More accessability to the ordinary site owner….everyone can use Adwords but how many people can design good display creatives?
4. #3 would mean a greater level of competition which would in turn lead to #2 and #1 as site owners try to optimise their banners to the top.
5. Interaction with the creatives themselves to get people engaged with them not only as advertising mediums but also things of use.

Just my 2 cents