February 2010

Who else is trying to make money from home? Do you find yourself struggling trying to learn simple strategies that the “gurus” have overcomplicated simply to have you fork over your hard earned income to them? If you have, you are NOT alone! Some estimates say that ordinary people like you and I will shell out over 1 BILLION dollars in 2009, just to learn Internet marketing secrets and strategies to build our businesses.

Want to know what\’s TRULY shocking about that figure?

The very same study shows that not ONE in 100 (less than 1%) will EVER make a full time living online. (or from home) And even MORE shocking? Less than 5 out of that same one hundred will ever make a measly $100 for all their effort. (Yes, I said $100 dollars)

So if all of this is true, why should you learn to build a real online business, and why should you start today?

Because the future of commerce is going to be online. And because direct response marketing, the very sort of stuff I\’m doing right now in even writing this article for YOU, is where ALL of the smart money continues to go to earn that fortune.

People buy because of relationships

And as the world gets “smaller” on account of connectivity, and because of blogs and social networks FORCING big businesses to have REAL relationships with average people like you and me, the next tidal wave of fortunes is coming – and it\’s not yet even BEGUN to really build. But it will…and you CAN start to learn simple techniques that 99% of marketers never will, all but guaranteeing you a place at the table when the REAL loot is being made, counted and divided accordingly.


The internet has certainly provided every marketer with a new economic environment for a startup. Nowadays, having a physical outlet for the business is optional, and launching the business online is necessary. It matters not whether you\’re a seasoned online marketer or someone just starting out because the three most crucial aspects of internet marketing never change. 


Internet marketing must start with a website. You can be less mindful on your computer skills, though, because they can be learned along the way. However, if you are totally oblivious on the ways of creating a website, consider hiring a Web Development company. 

Startups, regardless of whether online or offline, require money. Although establishing a physical base of operations for the business is technically unnecessary for many online-based businesses, you’d do well with a virtual one. Consider the website as the home for your business; the window to which you transact with your clients. You need to make it as attractive and functional as possible. Give precedence to usability and consider aesthetics ancillary. 

Social Media 

After building the website, the next step is to strengthen your internet marketing efforts. There are several methods to do so but none is more convenient and practical than using social media networks. These channels have been around for some years though only recently have they gained status and usefulness as an e-commerce tool partly because of cost-effectiveness and mostly for a huge popularity among millions of users. 

You can tap your target market in these networks. Especially for contextual advertising campaigns, social bookmarking websites will prove efficient in empowering marketing articles. The main advantage of social media networking, however, is its user-friendliness. Anyone familiar with the rudiments of using the internet can use these networks to their advantage. And you\’ll find an abecedarian approach sufficient in achieving the benefits of social media networking. 


The importance of SEO in web marketing cannot be stressed enough. A website loses its business utility if users can’t find it. And with the millions of websites in the World Wide Web, getting indexed by the search engines is crucial for the survival of the business. 

Fortunately, even without extensive knowledge in SEO, you can still gain hold of its internet marketing advantage through the right company. You must, however, ensure that the people you hire employ only the most useful and relevant techniques for your business. Eventually, you’ll find the time to learn these things for yourself and manage advertising campaigns on your own. 

Mark Michael Ferrer 
Internet Marketing


If you\’re ready to market your Network Marketing or MLM business online you first need to understand the principles behind internet marketing so you can really attract prospects to you. Dig deep into these principles and really understand what you are trying to achieve before you start your marketing campaigns and you will truly be an Internet/Network Marketing success.

Principle #1- Why are people online?
You\’ll find only three types of internet users:

Bored People who only seek to be entertained 🙂
Now, discount the entertainment people because frankly they are not in an active mode, they are sitting back waiting for something to entertain them, they click on and off websites making snap decisions about whether or not they are interested.

Many searchers on Google are info-seekers. They generally seek serious real info that they can actually apply to their lives or problems. They tend to ignore ads. They are in a much more active mode while online and will follow a path of information to get as much as they can. You\’ll usually find the people who are serious about achieving success in this group

Those who are looking for connection are usually not found searching things on Google. They generally go straight to Facebook, straight to Twitter, check what people are tweeting about today. When these people decide to do business with someone on line they look to their online circle of friends. They may have an enormous group of friends. To stand out to this group you must make a genuine connection through personal notes, good information and emails, and using pictures to show you are a real person.

Principle #2- Provide What They are Looking For
If you\’ve give Info-Seekers quality information they are far more likely to want to hear about what you are doing and even join you in business. Info-Seekers hang out on Google, so you need to have loads of relevant content so that your site can rank well on Google\’s organic searches. Think about your target audience and what they will want to know about. What kind of search terms will they look for? What are they looking to know about? Info-seekers return to the people who have given them quality info because they look on that person as an expert or authority who can assist them. If you are the expert in their eyes they will want to work with you when they decide that they too want a home based business. If you have already assisted them they will trust that you can do it again.

Connectors are different.. They are looking to make genuine connections with people who have similar interests. So give them a true connection. Let them know that you want to make a genuine connection by including a personal note with a friend request! What interests do you share? Always target areas of interest that actually appeal to you and match with your opportunity. On your social media profiles put up photos of yourself. Show them you are real. If you take the time to make genuine connections people will prefer to work with you.

Principal #3- Consistency
It\’s the same offline, enough consistent effort yields results. Your audience will come to expect a certain level of consistency from you and you must deliver to retain trust. The truth is that whether you are seeking to work with Info-Seekers or Connectors or both, it is still about who you are being. The internet is a giant social gathering place, anonymity is really a myth. You need to be consistent in your voice, your actions and your efforts. Once you\’ve decided what your audience wants, continue to deliver that. Create a specific niche for yourself, but ensure you have left plenty of room to grow. Keep your message clear. By being consistent you create a reliable voice and AUTHORITY on your subject.


You have a great idea and you’re now ready for the world to know about it. With the increase in promotional alternatives, you may be a little confused as to how you should get the word out. CODANK Charlotte Web Design suggest that you invest in a well put together Press Kit.

A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person, business, product, or organization. It is normally distributed to numerous members of the media for promotional use only. A press or media kit is often used to announce a release or for a news conference of some sort.

Common Press Kit Elements

  • Background Information
  • Photos/Images (High Resolution)
  • Biographies of key individuals
  • Past Press Coverage
  • Updated Press Release
  • Contact Information
  • Collateral advertising material (flyer, book, etc.)

Below is a list of other great reasons to use a media or press kit.

  • Business launch
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • News conferences
  • Large events
  • Industry trade shows
  • Product launch

Press kits are very common in the music industry. Bands and musicians tend to use them when launching a new album. Their media kits usually include: band biography, discography, CD, contact information, and an equipment list.

Those who choose to create a press kit often vary in the way that they are actually put together. Some people prefer it to have a certain look while others would rather put it together in a different way.

About CODANK Charlotte Web Design

CODANK is a top Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company located in Charlotte, NC. The company is dedicated to providing a broad range of web design services. CODANK specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and Web Design and Development.

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Online Visibility- SEO Company India believes the reality of an ineffective web layout begins to hit, after its 3-6 months of launch. A site will get discarded by many of the portals, not be ranked by the chief search engines, or not get the traffic that were expected based on the a variety of types of marketing strategies used. 

Typically, SEO Company India points out that\’s when corporate decides that they will attempt to hire an expert on line marketer to promote the site.


Designing for Your Audience- SEO Company India suggests afterward expenses a ridiculous amount of money on cool web sites designs and various marketing strategies. SEO Company India experiences web site owners generally assume out that they did not design or write an successful Web site for their target audience.


Redesigning- SEO Company India has mentioned after tender usability and search engine visibility analyzes, web site owners eventually have an operational web site SEO Company India believes a site that is crafted coded and designed for user friendliness and search engine (SEO) visibility generally gets the majority traffic and follow-on sales since it was written, planned, and designed for end users.


Using Uniform Color- SEO Company India suggests every website must have a consistently use of same pallet of colors and the same family of fonts. They have looked at thousands of sites so SEO Company India explains they have come to imagine a certain format no matter the precise design or purpose of the site.


Home Page Designing- SEO Company India says many site owners fall for an entrance page company\’s pitch since the brilliantly designed site couldn\’t possibly be the fault with low traffic. Google discarded a site, or the site might have been listed in Yahoo and the company cannot recognize why they have no information. But in no way would many advertising companies would like to inform customers the truth, because it would mean losing tons of money in business, says SEO Company India.


Specialist Usability- SEO Company India explains typically, web site owners will bring in a usability specialist to inspect possible issues and present various solutions. SEO Company India suggests to bring in a search engine marketing expert to help with SEF design templates early in the design time can put aside a company thousands of dollars in on line marketing expenses.