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I’m sure by now you have put into practice the technique of building your business through article writing, right? For your internet marketing efforts and getting free traffic, there is nothing that tops article marketing, right? However, how much attention do you spend on your resource box, if any at all?

It seems that many people believe that the resource box is just to give your name, rank and serial number (just the facts, mam!). If that’s your method, then you’re missing out on a lot of traffic and eyeballs on your site! If you put something that really sizzles in the resource box, don’t you think it will make people think more about clicking your link? Of course it will, so don’t waste this precious piece of web space.

So what can we put in those little resource boxes? Depending on the article site,  you can put up to 250-300 words (not letters!) in this box. I know for a fact that EzineArticles.com allows 300, and they are the premiere article site around. So why not utilize this space to do a little selling, too? If you are concentrating your articles on a particular product, you can have one resource box that continues to sell that product. At the end of the article, use the resource box that relates to your product and continue the conversation! Just keep it natural so it doesn’t sound too pushy, but provides more information on the product and some really tempting words that will get them to click your link, sign up for your newsletter, or download your special report.

So what not to put in your resource box? Well, I would stay away from bragging too much about your accomplishments, as most people really aren’t there to hear about you, believe it or not. They want to know about the product you sell, that’s it! And by the way, the picture of you in your dirty undershirt posing with a beer plays well to your frat friends, but not too cool to put online with your resource box. If you want to have a picture of yourself, you should keep it somewhat conservative, and even professional looking. After all you are presenting an image, right? Don’t stress too much about it, just use something tasteful.

I’ve also heard that some article sites (I won’t mention which ones) will allow more than one link to a website. Should you try it? Sure, it they are at least somewhat related. However, be careful not to use a link to a pet affiliate right above one for some product like adult toys. You know what I mean, don’t try it! It just isn’t professional. I guess the main rule for this is, use your best judgment, and don’t push it too far. After all, you can increase traffic on both sites, which is a great benefit, right? Keep that resource box tight, and you will see better results.


<p>In this article I’ll discuss the importance of having the right network marketing system. But first, let me ask you a question. How long have you been in the network marketing industry? A month, a year or maybe several years? Okay, so how is it working out for you? Well, if you are a part of the majority, it’s just not working at all! But that is about to change. Many people see network marketing as the perfect opportunity to become financially independent, and that is certainly achievable. But, with that being said, you need to know that the failure rate in this industry is higher than most people think. 97 % of the hopeful people who join a network marketing company end up failing.</p> <p>But why is it that SO many people are failing? There are two answers to that question:</p> <p>1. The techniques and methods you are being taught to use by the company and your upline are just not working – it is as simple as that! Working your "warm market", talking to friends and family, going to b&b cavan meetings and handing out things as free samples, business cards, flyers, DVD’s, magazines etc. are just not going to make you succeed. Trying to grow your business this way will just end up being a huge waste of your time and money!</p> <p>2. People don’t have a network marketing system – a system that has been proven to work again and again, a system with a huge success rate instead of an enormous failure rate. People in this industry don’t know that they need to find a network marketing system like this in order to make it in this industry, and therefore most end up failing.</p> <p>So what is it that you’ll learn with a network marketing system? You’ll learn to treat your business as a real business; you’ll learn what it takes to grow a huge downline and how to become as successful as you want to be without any limits. Among other things you’ll learn how to master the internet (this is really the best tool you can use, so take advantage of it!), how to make information hungry people come to you to get more information on your products and opportunity, how to prospect them and just as important how to close the deal. These are things you’ll never learn from your network marketing company or your upline. Till now you’ve probably been told that "everyone" is your prospects, and that is as far from the truth as it could ever be.</p> <p>This industry can without a doubt be a great opportunity and you can make a lot of money, but whether you are going to become successful with it is really 100 % up to you! If you just start recognizing, that doing something that has a 97 % high failure rate to prove it wrong just don’t make any sense, and you start looking for a network marketing system to help you do things right, you are good to go!&nbsp;</p>This article <p> 'll discuss the importance of the legal system of network marketing. But first, let me ask you a question. How long have you been in network marketing? One month, one year or longer? Okay, how is the job for you? Well, if you are a part of the majority, that 's not just work at all! But that's about to change. Many see network marketing as the perfect opportunity to become economically independent, and that is certainly possible. But with that said, you need to know the failure rate in this area is larger than most people think. 97% of people hoping to join the end of network marketing failure. </ P> But how is it that so many people do not? There are two answers to this question: </ p> 1. The techniques and methods that are taught to be used by the company and their upline not just work – it's that simple! Her work "hot market", talking to friends and family, going to b&b cavan meetings and distribute things like free samples, business cards, brochures, DVD 's, magazines, etc., not just going to do to succeed. Trying to grow your business in this way only end up being a huge waste of time and money! </ P> 2. People Don 't have a market of network systemstry Don 't think they need to find a system of network marketing like this, so that in this area, so most end up failing. </ P> So what you 'll learn a system of network marketing? You 'll learn to treat your business as a real business, You ' ll learn what it takes to produce a huge downline and how to become as successful as you want to be without limits. Among other things, that 'll learn to master the Internet (this is really the best tool to use to take advantage of it!), How to make people hungry for information from you for more information about their products and opportunities, as the p


How Your Small Local Business Can Get More Customers on the Internet shows small, local business owners and professionals how to attract more local prospects and customers from their online marketing efforts, and helps those who want to develop a web presence, but dont know where to begin or who to trust.

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New Marketing Book Shows Small Business Owners How to Get Local Customers Online


When it comes to generating revenue from your affiliate marketing business, you must be aware that you need to apply the right strategy so that you will see the profits. The whole business system can be simple if you have a good understanding the big picture view of the business and you know the things that you need to do. You must bear in mind that you will still need to work hard in this business so that you can see the results. Here are the 2 effective strategies you can use to get more affiliate revenue.

Strategy #1 – Choose High Converting Affiliate Product

As you will be investing your time and effort into driving the traffic to the merchant’s website, you will want to be earning maximum profits to get maximum leverage. If you are operating your business in a profitable market, there is high possibility that there will be many different affiliate products that you can choose to promote. Most of these affiliate networks will provide you with the stats and you will be able to have good estimation which product is selling well. The product should have good sales copy and the website presentable must look professional. Choosing a product that is proven to sell will increase the number of sales that you can get.

Strategy #2 – Exposed Your Offer By Using Content Distribution

The number one commodity on the internet is unique content. You will want to be a content machine where you will be creating and distributing unique content on a consistent basis. Remember to ensure that you are providing good content from your website so that your reader will be interested enough to get more information from you. You will want to place your articles in websites where your potential customers are gathering so that you can leverage on it to direct the traffic to your website. Using content distribution strategy alone on a long term basis will enable you to drive consistent traffic to your website.

Here are the 2 effective strategies that you can use if you are genuinely interested in improving your revenue from your affiliate marketing business. Understand the strategies and most importantly is to apply it so that you will be able to experience the positive results. Start taking action today so that you will be one step nearer to success.


Study this article regularly to easily focus on your Internet career.

1. There are lots of rewards to building your online Empire. Lets take a look at a number of of them:

You can decide your hours.

Begin at the time of your choice, stop at the time of your choice.

Even while you are fast asleep, your business is working.

There are loads of everyday tasks that can be run on auto pilot. Lots of tedious jobs can be set and performed automatically with a number of software programs, leaving you with time for  free time activities, and most importantly, your family.

Working from home gives you a more relaxed working environment. You will be able to take a pace back and have a break if you want to. This gives you a certain amount of control in  your own fortune.

When starting out, you may be tricked by some marketing sites. You might be led to believe that you actually will be able to “Get Rich quick”. This is just not the truth.   view your business as you would any sort of business, even offline businesses. You need a positive way of thinking and you need to be dedicated to your business, in particular in the early days when you are perhaps struggling to make ends meet.

2. Working from home requires you to be focused exclusively on your business, although it will definitely be beneficial to spend some of your spare time learning about software apps or Website design.

Try to learn about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) or picture manipulation.

Try setting up a website. Try online tools like hubpages or Cloudcitysites – A Free online website builder to build a website. Find out how straightforward it can be. You will be able to try it in your sparetime – if you get any!

3. You have to be earning an income before dismissing the Boss. If you stay focused, building an internet business will undeniably be worth the effort, even though  there’s a colossal amount for you to discover.

Don’t throw away your time or capital with “Get paid to read emails” opportunities, they are most certainly scams and you will never receive a penny. And don’t  bother complaining to  them, they won’t respond as they’ve already moved onto the next victim.

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) ought to also be approached with care. You won’t get wealthy overnight. Just the people at the top of the chain (The instigators) will get  any cash.

Concentrate on legitimate businesses and disregard the “too good to be true” claims. There are heaps of legitimate traders on the Internet and it’s not that hard to find them. Genuine businesses (By law in the UK) will have real world contact information. If you are able to find a land line telephone number or real world address on a site, it’s most likely authentic. Another good indicator is to send a business an email before commiting to anything. Judge how efficiently they reply to your email.

Have I mentioned avoiding “Get Rich Quick” schemes? They do not work and you’ll not make any money…

4. Think…. You’ve worked out a way to rapidly and easily earn a enormous quantity of cash on the Internet. Would you tell everyone else how it is done as well?

Absolutely not!

When you delve deeper into the Internet, you will encounter individuals who’ll attempt to tell you that they’ve discovered the “secret method”, and guess what? The only thing these sympathetic  benefactors want to do is share it with you. Believe me, it’ll cost you time and money and you’ll have exactly ZERO to show for it. You should  disregard claims of  vast profits, “secret methods” “Secretive techniques” and the like.

5. If you’re still indecisive, consider this.. If a person is earning 1,000,000’s each year, do you actually think he’d be bothered to write an eBook informing you how he did it?


Your first instincts are frequently  the best. This applies to online business also.

6. Have you ever found a website and seen photos of huge cheques or huge clickbank earnings, showing how successful the website owner is? Take them with a pinch of  salt – it’s not difficult to knock something up in photoshop. Also remember that the cheque may be legitimate, but the website proprietor could have spent the equivalent amount in  advertising!


Last time I shared with you #1-10 of my very favorite (not to mention profitable and practical) personal trainer marketing tips. That’s not it though. Now I’m back with tips #11-20 to help you grow your business, and I have many more that can help you bring in new clients to your fitness training business.

Today I’m going to share 10 more of the best personal trainer marketing tips that you can use to start bringing in more clients to your business, resulting in better profit for your business as well.

Tip #11 – Use the 10 x 10 method.

Tip #12 – In the workouts you do, raise the energy levels. Boosting your energy will boost your clients’ energy and enthusiasm about training with you! I have yet to meet a client who asked me to have LESS energy. Nobody.

Tip #13 – Consider wrapping your car. Look it up online. This will grab anyone’s attention.

Tip #14 – Make use of direct mail. Yes, it actually works if you use it right for marketing purposes. Just be sure that you can direct your mail to your exact target audience, limited to people in a higher level income area.

Tip #15 – Fill the groups you train with female clients that are fit and attractive. Of course, only do this is if the clientele you have is right for this option.

Tip #16 – Write an AWESOME blog. Using this you can direct your potential clients there on a consistent basis. This helps you to build up a relationship with your prospects by giving them great content that is FREE and fun. Probably one of the best personal trainer marketing tips you can use.

Tip #17 – Have a website with a great direct response style. This way you can take visitors and actually convert them into appointments. Make sure to have a phone number on your website – some potential clients simply want to hear a human voice before they sign up.

Tip #18 – Develop a phone script that works well to help you out when you’re on the phone with your prospects. If your script is good, you’ll be able to train almost anyone to answer your phones.

Tip #19 – Try public speaking. You may be worried and scared at first, but you’ll get used to it and it’s a great way to bring in new clients.

Tip #20 – Start working with these tips on full blast! Implement them into your business. Stay tuned. I’ll be back with even more of my favorite personal trainer marketing tips to help you out.

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P.S. If you are interested in learning more about developing or improving the online presence of your small business, help is available. We specialize in internet marketing consulting. I can help you with the tools and techniques that …

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Free local marketing with coupons combines with an easy to use email direct marketing tool to provide small and medium sized businesses a budget-friendly introduction to the powerful local advertising platform of Coupology.com.

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I have a writing and editing services company, and we currently have $4500 of our operating budget. We are planning to do direct mail marketing, advertisements in trade journals, and online marketing (pay-per-click, e-newsletters, etc). How much of my marketing budget should I allocate for online marketing?

You can test how well PPC works for you with a very short test, $100-$200.

I recommend going with Google/Yahoo Paid advertising for it’s wider audiences.

Create your most compelling ad copy and target popular keywords in your space.

Implement the conversion tracking code provided by Google / Yahoo on your "thank you" / sales lead page.

You’ll be able to determine the ROI of PPC within a short time, and short spend.

Hope this helps!


One of the ways you can improve your sales revenues is through the use of internet advertising websites and traffic exchanges. This is a great marketing tool that allows you access to hundreds of other web sites. ..

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