July 2011

one. Intensive Keyword Research

Search engine marketing commences with a stable keyword research and sorting. Most of the Search engine marketing pros are impatient and often in a hurry to put into action their concepts.

Effectively, that retains them revising their Web optimization Companies efforts and eventual loss of time and targeted traffic. Keyword exploration for useful Seo final results desires a whole lot of persistence and intelligent calculations. Above all you really should be making use of the best possible resources to execute keyword study for a powerful search engine optimization.

For example Google Keyword Device, Google Insight and Google Tips. You will get the precise amount of month-to-month searches on Google Keyword Device. Right here is what you need to do then;

a) Download them in an excel sheet.

b) Locate out your sort of keywords and phrases (that match your site material and items).

c) Kind them by everyday searches.

2. Original and Optimized Material

Search engine marketing centered material writing is the very best aspect on a live internet page. The two, search engine crawlers and human beings really like to study unique and efficient subject material crammed with helpful facts. Nevertheless; there has to be an effective use of Web optimization material writing tactics as properly. A good and optimized material consists of the suitable balance of the key phrases utilized all through the material. Normally it ought to be 5% to 6%.

a) Use two to 3 search phrases in the whole content material.

b) Get started the content with the most crucial keyword and stop it with the identical keyword.

3. Net Page Optimization

Search Engine Crawler reads only the HTML of the net-page and so it have to be properly optimizes to manual the crawlers to the proper places and content material of the internet site. Place the keywords and phrases in Title, Description and Add additional keyword phrases in the keywords and phrases region. Do not overlook to place H1 to H6 utilizing the keywords. Alt Tags ought to be placed on the images wherever probable.

4. Write-up Syndication

Write articles and Press releases about your internet site, it’s items and services. Submit the posts into as a lot of guide submission and press releases into key press releases internet websites. Do not neglect to depart anchor texts so that readers can come to your website as very well.

This practice is effortless and extremely efficient. It assists the website gets crawled by the search engines inside two days which reinforces the normal ranking of the internet site.If you depart anchor texts for the internal pages as well then you can count on to get your website’s internal pages caches (identified to search engines). This boosts the website’s presence even far more.

five. Social Bookmarking

It is quite essential to be a hugely actively involved into social bookmarking actions. Join all the significant Social Bookmarking sites like dig, scrumptious etc. Bookmark your personal content articles and press releases more than there, make pals and share your bookmarks.

Social bookmarking websites are incredibly well optimized and are cached by search engines each day. If your website’s written content, website link and so on is bookmarked more than there then you can anticipate your web site to get cached by Google inside twenty 4 hrs as properly.

Try the above pointed out Seo suggestions in your everyday Search engine optimisation work and encounter the change in the benefits your self.More info of website traffic


How to get your resume out there…?

I will be graduating in May and want to get my resume out there. I know you can post them on job search engines such as Monster.com but wonder if this a good idea and how effective it actually is. Do employers actually search these sites for employees. I would assume in a market like we are in now there would be no need to search for employees as they will come to you in the masses…. Any tips or ideas on how to get my resume out there and increase my chances of avoiding the post graduation unemployment period would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the advice.

Make your resume stand out.

Don’t make your resume look like everyone else’s. Don’t use a standard word program format or something online.

I look at lots of resumes and more than half of them look exactly alike.

Think of something more creative for your Career Objectives than the standard pat language they teach you in school. As I’ve said before, the next time I see “I am seeking a position in a company where I can utilize my skills and have opportunity for advancement,” I’m gonna hurl.

One of the most impressive presentations I’ve seen was from a gentleman who sent his resume in a clear presentation folder. It had only four pages in it – a cover letter, two-page resume, and a list of references, so it didn’t NEED a presentation folder, but it sure made an impression it was something I should look at.

Gotta think outside the box. Don’t try to get too cute or flashy, but try to stand out from the crowd.

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Giving away something for free is often a method that people shun, as most people want to sell products at a price. People also perceive that giving away things for free devalues the product.

However, strange as it may be, experts in online marketing have shown that giving away free e-books can help to increase your sales in the long run online. Giving away something of value free often gets it spread around the internet quickly and widely, and this helps you to gain awareness and credibility at a pace greater than selling e-books initially.

Yes, it may be heart wrenching to lose so many customers that you could have gotten if you have sold the e-book instead. However, what you gained are lots of potential customers for your upcoming products.

You need to get the process right, and do not rush into things without proper planning. Here are the top 2 tips on online marketing with e-books, and how you can gain valuable viral marketing.

Tip #1:
Look for JV partners or affiliate marketing partners that can help you to distribute these e-books faster and wider than if you do it alone. Check out your list of online friends, or approach suitable website owners to do it for you. Often you need to provide them with attractive incentives, as popular websites are often approached by many other competitors.

Tip #2:
You need to create a powerful landing page to capture all the leads that the e-book has generated for you as it makes its way throughout the internet. Input links to your websites into the e-book itself, and pre-sell messages to your other products can be placed strategically among your content so that it does not seem that you are selling too much in your e-book.

The whole internet marketing game takes time to master, so learn from those who have been there to shorten your learning time, and avoid painful mistakes.

Gab Chu has helped hundreds of Internet Marketers create wealth from their own online information product empire using strategies to better product creation, traffic tactics, secrets and techniques.
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Need some marketing tips?

Im selling my music online im geting plently of views but no one is buying it how can i get some sells

Reduce your prices, offer 30 sec listening, buy 1 get 1 free or 50% off, purchase one at regular price and the next purcahse 20% off, create a fan page so you can communicate with them, jazz up your site, give them your my space page if you don’t have one then create one.

That should get you started and will led you to more ideas

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One of the biggest dilemmas that most affiliate marketers face is deciding what product or service to sell online. All affiliate marketing tips stress that you should be passionate about your product and your product should be a hot-seller online.

However, most affiliate rookies will make either one of these two basic mistakes. Some will choose a product only because it is something they are passionate about whereas others choose a product that is getting sold right off the shelves at the moment even if they know nothing about the product. If both these approaches are essentially in keeping with all affiliate marketing tips they’ve read, why then are they not super successful in their Internet marketing endeavor?

If you read this article more carefully, you will see that the key to being successful lies in being passionate about your product AND in finding a product that is popular ONLINE. Here’s why both these factors are equally important.

The Passion %26 Online Popularity Factor in Affiliate Marketing

Being passionate about your product will make it easier for you to be persuasive and write informative and in-depth articles. Equally important you will want to write about it for a long time too. It can be very difficult to try and write about or sell something that you know nothing about and even if you do, you are likely to get tired of it a few months down the line.

On the other hand, if you are passionate about race cars you could write tomes on the topic. However, if this is something that is not a hot seller over the internet, it will be an exercise in futility. Successful implementation of affiliate marketing tips requires a deft combination of both, passion as well as popularity.

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internet marketing tips and advise?

Can anyone please help me by your kind advice about online marketing tips? I have a garments shop for child and women. I like to promote my product and attarct customer through my website.

Do any one have any tips for my begining? Or do you suggeset me any reliable website from which I can learn useful tricks for successful internet marketing, please?


I recently found a very helpful Internet Marketing Report which provided excellent content. It has a video on the home page which is worth listening to, but it’s the free ebook and report that you would be interested in.

The eBook that’s on the site is how to create a website for making money online and goes into more than enough detail for even a complete beginner to be successful in getting their first website up and running.

One thing to remember about Internet Marketing is that it takes dedicated work to be successful. It’s not get rich quick that so many marketing “Gurus” on the internet would have you believe. Be cautious of those claiming quick cash, or quick rankings for your website on Google. Sure there are some excellent tips that can be had that do offer some very good short term results, but short term is all that they are, and does not build a real business.

I’m hoping the link to the free eBook shows below. You may have to copy and paste into the address bar on your browser.

The eBook really does offer excellent content and the free report on Internet Marketing which is delivered to your e-mail inbox weekly also provides very good information to help you get started in Internet Marketing the “right way” and for the long term.

Best Regards,

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The internet has evolved a lot through the years and has well proven its significance in the finances of every company or individual. Various entrepreneurs have discovered a new and a more effective way to do business and that is through internet marketing.

The key advantage to this type of marketing is that it is very well capable of introducing your business to all the consumers worldwide providing you much greater chances to achieve better sales. Global online marketing has been every online business’ major step towards achieving its success.

Having an unlimited access to the global market is the one thing that every entrepreneur wants. This provides you an edge for your business among the rest of your competitors. However, pursuing global online marketing is not that easy at all. Any online entrepreneur has to have all the significant components such as right knowledge, strategies, tools, and techniques for him to enjoy the benefits his business can give.

You primarily have to consider how to jump-start your online business. Being able to do so provides you the exact direction to where your business is heading. A good start definitely means better outcomes in the future. The internet is packed with a whole lot of information resources of various subjects especially when it comes to starting an online business.

Once you have come prepared and have successfully made a good start for your online business, you can now introduce it to global online marketing. To succeed in this aspect, you have to be acquainted with the strategies and techniques to use for global internet marketing. This includes the following: article marketing, blogging, ezine publishing, online networking, email discussion groups, message boards, social sites, joint ventures, podcasting, and many more.

Nowadays, there are many global online entrepreneurs that make use of article marketing to efficiently promote their online products and services. Effective article marketing needs to have articles that are simple to read yet very informative and extremely helpful for its readers. An online marketer then submits the final product to different article publishers to make your article accessible for global customers.

The rest of the said techniques are also equally effective as that of article marketing. Global online marketing is easier to accomplish and faster as well through the use of some top techniques, tools, and software that will introduce your business to the whole world. Being successful in your online business needs you to be very functional and effective in global online marketing. Find the best resource online that would give you accurate information about achieving success on online business through global online marketing.

It’s Important To Learn Global Internet Marketing Tips To Grow Your Own
Money Making Business
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Online marketing in indonesia?

I want to try to promote/market a couple of websites/youtube channels toward the chinese in indonesia. does anybody have any ideas to help me out?

Chat on ICQ or MSN Messenger or Skype and then when you find suitable persons forward the sites

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Here, I will give you a brief overview of one of my search engine optimization strategies that I have been using on two of my websites with excellent results. It involves creating a particular page on your website that is highly optimized for one individual keyword, and then using an external linking strategy that will help your page to rank high in the search engines for this keyword.

First, use the Google Adwords keyword tool or a tool that I like called Keyword Country, and create a list of 3-5 keywords that you would like to target. You can certainly pick more, but it is important not to be overwhelmed right from the start so I suggest starting small with only a handful of keywords.

Note that you do not want the keywords to be too general, as there will be way too much competition. For example, if the topic of your website was on stock investing, then you would have a much easier time getting a higher ranking for ‘trading small cap stocks’ than for the term ‘stock market.’

What you will want to do is create a page on your website with an article or some other content that is centered around this keyword (for our example you would want to write an article about picking and trading small cap stocks), and make sure that you put your exact keyword within the body of your article at least a few times. I could talk more about keyword density, but quite frankly I think it is much more important to put your energy and creating a quality visitor experience, so all I will say is that you should have this exact keyword within the text of your article at least four times.

How to Optimize Your Webpage’s Design for Your Particular Keyword

By this point you should have chosen a particular keyword that you want to target, as well as created an article based on the topic of this keyword. When it comes to the internal structure of this page, there are four main things that you will want to focus on, being sure to use your keyword:

1. The Title
2. ‘Description’ and ‘keywords’ meta tags
3. Headings
4. Other pages on your site linking to this one with the keyword as the anchor text

(By the way, I am assuming that you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of HTML. You do not need to be able to code in your sleep, but it would really help if you know the basics)

You can continue reading this post on my blog, The Internet Mogul. Here is the link:

An Effective SEO Strategy


what’s the easiest and fastest way to learn quality SEO?

links / books welcome, but I am mainly looking for a STRATEGY, meaning first do this/talk to those ppl/read those blogs. whatever comes to your mind. thanks alot!

experience is the best way to learn. unfornately this isn’t so easy and it takes time.

there’s plenty of free reports/articles/e-books you can download to teach you the basics of SEO. you can find these on google easily

then you have to apply these techniques yourself and experient and toy with them to your liking

and you never stop learning about SEO in my opinion

I’ve learned and applied several techniques of SEO over the last months, at one point I focused on article writing and submission, and then forum posting, and then link submission, blogging, who knows what I’ll be working on next month

this is the strategy I use and am still using

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Online marketing is a term synonymous with internet marketing or web marketing. It is defined as the marketing and promotion of the products and services you offer in electronic market through your website on the Internet. Though all the product and service promotions are done through the Internet, the quality of both of them cannot be taken for granted. As in traditional marketing and advertising, the emphasis is on the quality of the service and the product, along with the benefits that it promises to the consumer. The same applies to online marketing and advertising, too. So the main idea behind online marketing is to make the prospects believe that their interests will be served.


Online marketing has become the most successful method of advertising for any kind of business. The reasons behind it are:


* It is fast, targeted, cost-effective and highly efficient.


* When you are marketing your business online whole globe can be your customer base, as Internet is having such a wide reach.


* Online marketing is based on pull marketing effects.


* Online marketing have lasting effects and require less efforts and time. As once the website is designed, you need to maintain it and bring out minor changes with time.


* With online marketing there is uninterrupted flow of information and data collection and interpretation is easier.


All these reasons make it a specialized form of marketing and hence, require a professional online marketing agency to do the job for you. An online marketing agency creates best and innovative strategies to promote your services and products. The combined use of these variables ensures the efficiency of any online marketing business. The online marketing consultants utilize diverse tools, extensive expertise and cutting edge methods, to design compelling and functional sites that are result-oriented and gets you maximum ROI.


If you are looking for a Dallas online marketing then the Square One Agency is your best choice. The Square One Agency offers online marketing in Dallas, which includes affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, etc.


The factor that makes the Square One Agency different and better from other online marketing consultants in Dallas, is that we add value to our Dallas online marketing by understanding your goals, making you reach them in an organized and measurable way.

Square One Agency is a professional online marketing agency offering affiliate marketing, pay per click advertising (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

afiliate marketing online..good or bad idea?

My son says he’s found a new way to make money with affiliate marketing online. is this a good idea or something that should concern me?

It’s good, shows he has entrepreneurial skills.

All he is doing is advertising products for other businesses on his site. He will be paid ‘per click’ or a %age of sales generated by referrals off his site.

Some are good and some are crap though, Google Adsense is one of the better ones and Amazon is brilliant !!

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Learning and Using Internet marketing tips is a way for people to reach financial freedom especially when they hate the constriction of their corporate or regular day jobs. It has been a life saver among people because the internet has opened up a big opportunity for anyone willing to learn.

Learning is the key to success… In fact it is the Secret of success Get all the training before investing your money and time building an online business… Believe it or not, Some of the best training are even Free…

Most work-at-home concepts that are successful rely on starting with relatively little cost. Only with low-costs, can profits easily be realized. For example, if one were to start a brick-and-mortar business, the expenses of offices, inventory, and paying suppliers would be massive.

If we look at internet money making concepts however, you’ll see that it is not this difficult to begin. Without the need for inventory, your business reduces down to a mere internet connection and need of nothing more. Keep it simple as possible…

With this in mind, one can also attain not just financial freedom, but also geographic freedom by making money through concepts like Internet marketing tips /secrets. There is also the advantage of speed to reaching markets online. On the internet, you can reach millions of people without hours. It truly is this powerful. ‘The World Is Yours’

This is among the many reasons that people love working online. As an added benefit, you get to spend time with your kids, family, friends or whatever you wish. One can even be on an exotic island and continue to work hassle free of bosses or corporate hierarchy.

If we look at some of the biggest companies out there today, they include internet companies such as eBay, Google, Amazon, Yahoo and others. The thing to remember is that just 15 years ago, many of these companies did not even exist. It is amazing what the internet has done for the founders of these companies.

The same benefit applies to you if you start working online and see how easy it potentially can be to generate a lot of money. Even extra income can be gotten through things like Internet marketing tips / secrets.

Learn all you can about your new trade, is the key to internet marketing success… Business is Business… The better you are the more money you will make… Focus and learn… ‘The Secrets Of The trade’ 


My goal is to create articles that will help others find what they are looking for in life… Life is a Great Gift… Let’s make it even better for all….
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How much funding will I need to start an online business, i want to sell fashion items?

I have the ideas and can afford to pay for a website monthly and have ideas for marketing and how to target clients. I may be able to get funds from family to help start but how do I go about figuring out what I will need? Have any of you started your own online business that can give me any other important tips? Im trying to think realistic, can I do it.

Where will you get your products to sell? You will also need to consider how others are pricing similar items, where will your customers come from and who are they? Are the items you want to sell being sold by brand named stores, like Target, Macy’s, Norstrom’s? How will your store make money? What will make your store ‘the place’ to buy your products?

First step, write down everything and you’ll have a better picture of what’s missing.

Good luck in your new venture!

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I Love writing articles. One of the best and most powerful ways to generate highly targeted traffic and prospects for your business is through article marketing.

There are a number of ways I use my articles to generate traffic. My top 5 article marketing strategies are:

1) SEO – Search Engine Optimization – I write keyword focused articles that are written around specific keywords. For example the main keyword I’m using in this article is ‘Article Marketing’.

In order for me to find good keywords I first perform research online. I like using Google to find out how much competition I will have for my keyword.

After I decide on a specific keyword I then begin writing. I make sure the keyword is in the title of my article and throughout the body. Doing this will make it easier for the search engines to pick up my article. SEO results in free traffic from the search engines.

2) Ezine Articles – I love posting my articles to the ezinearticles.com directory. I currently have 58 live articles that generate passive traffic. I also like posting my articles to Goarticles.com, Articlebase.com, and Article Pile.

3) Social Networking – I love sharing some of my articles to my friends on myspace. I have over 7500 friends spread out over five profiles. I sent out bulletins everyday to all my friends. My articles have been a great way to network with others.

I also love posting my articles on Magnetic Sponsoring.com

4) Autoresponders – I love taking a specific article and putting it in my follow email messages. It goes out to all my subscribers and helps me build the relationship with my list by adding valuable content.

5) Press releases – I like writing articles that promote a certain product or system and post a press release to free-press-release.com

All of these strategies working together has been generating on average 5-10 prospects a day that are very motivated to take action.

If you would like to know more about me or how you can benefit from an online marketing system, check out my link below.

I used to believe 100% in my company’s marketing system until a 26 year old punk kid online showed me how he recruited 95 people into his network marketing business in 3 days without picking up the phone. http://www.TopMLMProducer.info

I used to believe 100% in my company’s marketing system until a 26 year old punk kid online showed me how he recruited 95 people into his network marketing business in 3 days without picking up the phone. http://www.TopMLMProducer.info

How do you find facebook as a marketing channel?

There are various ways to market your product online and social marketing is just one of those. In comparison with other strategies such as article marketing how heavy do you use facebook as one of your strategies to market a product?

Facebook can be a lucrative internet marketing strategy if used effectively. You can’t just use one strategy though, and you have to know that Facebook is more of a branding opportunity, and most successful businesses will not use it to sell products directly, but indirectly (if that makes sense).


Because building a successful online business isn’t about using one channel, it’s about using multiple internet marketing strategies together. Lately there is so much hype about using Facebook to market products online. This is completely wrong. People are on Facebook to connect with people, not businesses.

The way people use the internet is much different than old school brick and mortar business. It’s not selling to users, it’s users having the option to make there own decisions…just a click away.

You need to look at marketing on Facebook as permission based and 99.99% of people will not buy products or services if they “like” your business, or friend request you. Top internet marketers will agree that successful online business is not about getting, it’s about giving. That principle even holds more true to Facebook marketing. This is a direct channel to provide value to potential customers, free reports, thoughtful information, humorous tidbits of information sometimes seemingly unrelated to your business.

If potential customers see you as not selling, there more likely to look into what you do, consequently resulting in more traffic and more business.

If you have any questions about that let me know.


The Wealth Kid

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Search engine optimization (SEO) mainly deals with what is labeled on-page optimization – placing key phrases as well as terms in different areas as well as in the code of a webpage. On-page SEO is great for letting Google as well as the additional search engines make out what your web site is regarding, but it’s as well critical to let them understand how main your web site is. You are able to achieve this via a broader branch of on-line promotion call search engine marketing. One area of search engine marketing is essay writing and syndication, and it works miracles for increasing backlinks to your web site, as well as providing high-quality text for your site’s visitors.
There can be many celebrated motives to start writing articles as well as publishing them, but you can get three most important motives. The most obvious incentive for writing articles is to fill your web page with germane and instructive content. Browsers to your internet site are in search of massage. By adding articles to your web site you can be appending value to their experience as well as they are more likely to return as well as tell other people concerning the money of massage existing on your website. Another great cause for writing your individual text deals more with seo – search engines will believe your web site more main if it is filled with novel and germane content. The last reason deals with link building. By refering your article to an writing syndication website, you create the essay offered for added internet site proprietors to comprise on their web page, and in return they supply a link back to your internet site.
Content Is Sovereign
Given the advent of community bookmarking websites just like Digg.com and Del.icio.us, Web search is depending increasingly upon the preferences of existent Net browsers.In the last days it had been undemanding to create the search engines ‘think’ that your web site was central, but these days, authentic people will play an escalating role in determining how ‘fine’ your site is. It creates intelligence too – if some hundred Internet customers consider that your website is a amazing reserve for massage, it possibly is. Google and the others will increasingly give more attention to these community bookmarking sites to make out essential web pages. Consequently for the prospect of SEO, it is essential that your web page have first-rate content.
Search Engines like Fresh Original Content
Google and the other search engines include the ability to settle on if a hunk of content is original, or has been copied from an additional site. At what time search engines crawl your website and find extra original content, it exhibits that the web site is updated often, not ignored, also that plenty of time went into making the website, as opposed to cutting and pasting text from other websites. This is one of the methods the search engines decide if you have a ‘high-quality’ web page. Normally, a web site with a great deal of germane, original and recurrently updated text ought to do well in the search engine fallout.
Article Syndication and Link Building
After you’ve written your essay and posted it on website ,you could take added benefit of the essay by allowing other site owners use it as text on their web site as well. This is executed by submitting your article to an article directory. These directories run much similar to a standard web page directory, but instead of listing web pages they list articles. Just do a search for ‘writing directory’ and you are limited to find hundreds of these websites. Web page proprietors are allowed to use your writing on their web page so long as they involve a resource box at the base of the essay that offers you credit and also provides a link back to your internet site. Building backlinks to your web page is one of the more central issues of search engine marketing since the search engines amount that, the more web pages that link to you, the more central your web page have to be.
Optimizing Your Essay for the Search Engines
A part of search engine optimization involves using linked key terms as well as phrases, not just on your web site, yet also on website that link to you. Remember to include your key phrases or vital terms as many times as probable in the article, but do not over do it or your article won’t sound ordinary. At what time search engines index your article and obtain a link to your internet site, they will associate your site with the content of the article.
The Resource Box
The resource box is the last part of the essay that consists of the author’s massage as well as a link back to their site. This part of information is key since, in fact, the entirety tip of essay syndication is to get backlinks to your site. Just including your web site’s URL is well but it is best to use something titled anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text that brings your from one web page or web page to another. Using your website’s name is excellent too, yet you ought to try to include your top key phrase or phrase in the link. This is an very key Search engine optimization method since the search engines place loads of value on anchor text when determining search results. A number of people will suggest putting anchor text in the body of your article. While the search engines might like this strategy, to humans it just looks ‘spammy’ as well as your article won’t obtain picked up by one highly regarded websites.
duplicate Text %26 the Value of Your Article
It is sensible that if we want other web pages to list your writtings and offer a link back to your site, then you ought to submit your essaies to as many web sites as possible. This seems like a logical tactic, and there are truly a lot of writing submission services on hand on the Internet that would present your writing to 400 or more writing lookup directories. There’s a trouble with this method, while. Even though you might achieve a entirety group of backlinks to your site, Google will most likely ensign your article as duplicate content, and it will in turn take much less worth. In other words, as more and more internet sites post your article its worth is being watered down. Plus, vital and respected publications don’t feel like to use text that is posted on an additional 100 or so web sites. One backlink from a respected source with high Page Rank is sometimes value a 100 backlinks from smaller site with little or no sheet rank. As a result, it is possibly a excellent strategy to merely submit your essay to 5 or so article directories – the top 5 in Google search will maybe do.
The Best Strategy
If you possess the time and interest, you could obtain more out of writing business by posting the earliest copy of the essay on your website, and then re-writing a copy for the idea of syndication. This way, your site will not get penalized for duplicate text. From here, it’s really your selection if you’d enjoy to put forward your article to 400 directories as well as find as many backlinks as possible, or focus on receiving your essay integrated in extra revered publications as well as accept higher quality backlinks. Personally, I like better the latter, but the selection is yours. Good luck!

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How to popular My web site share420.com in online Mode ?

Hi Friends
I started My New (free Nifty Tips ) share Market web site www.Share420.com , i want to create more traffic in my web & also popular in google yahoo search engine.

Give any ideas and tips for my web site (wheather changes or correction)

well you can start by advertising your website through craigslist

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While implementing search optimization, it’s imperative to understand that SEO focuses on two factors, ‘On-page’ factors and ‘Off-page’ factors.

On-page factors include factors which are related to the website itself such as web contents, Meta tags, Alt Tags, Keyword density and internal linking structure of your website etc.
Off-page factors are factors which are not associated with the website but does influences its rankings. These are links from other website, Anchor texts used whiling linking to these websites etc. These factors are NOT in control of your website. Off-page factors play an important role in how your website ranks on search results.

To make our visitors understand these factors more clearly and understandably, we have listed below few useful articles for easy references.

Internal Linking – An introduction:

The web as they call it is a mesh of links. The wired world is now being counted for what it is. A Network. The more your pages are wired or integrated into the overall web linking architecture, the better it is from search engine ranking point of view. Google specially thrives on crawling on links. Its pagerank is a measure of this.

We will, in this article, measure the importance of good internal linking architecture on googles pagerank.
When setting up the linking architecture of your site keep in mind that links are of two kinds:

•    Internal links
•    External links

Internal links are the constituent elements of the way your web site is organized. They are the bridges by which one page of your site connects to the other %26 more importantly outlines, which page of your site will connect to which other pages.

External links on the other hand are the community tools by which the online community votes for you by linking to you. The more popular you get is a function of more incoming links into your website. This in turn is interpreted by search engines as a measure of your online value creation.
In essence, if your pages are orphaned (no one links to them) or lying isolated within your web site thats not good news from a pagerank point of view.

To enjoy a good pagerank for the pages it is imperative to have proper linking amongst various pages within the website as well as having good quality external links coming into the page.
A factor to be cognizant of while linking is that one should focus on quality links %26 not always quantity. Consider that, there is a huge difference from a link, to your page from another page with a good pagerank than a page from a low pagerank

Internal Linking: A Primer

Proper internal linking ensures that the web pages are accessible to search engines %26 that they are indexed properly.(This is not to discount the navigational ease of the end user) A good internal linking structure should be intuitive as well as functionality driven. That will benefit everyone.

Internal linking on the other level decides the pagerank flow within the website. The pages that are linking to that page get a pagerank benefit from that page. Then it stands to reason that if the maximum number of pages linking are internal pages they will retain the maximum pagerank emanating from that page. This will boost their ratings as well.

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Are webforms or contact forms bad for SEO on the homepage?

Does this confuse spiders? Do the negatives outweigh the positives given that my strategy is to A get number 1 for a keyword and 2 collect data from visitors…?

Absolutely not. Contact forms will not afffect rankings adversely. A contact form is a natural, and sometimes required part of Internet pages, and search engines have no problems with them.

You can find more information about Atlanta Online Marketing in Yahoo! Answers