December 2011

Are you implementing SEO for your website? If yes, then you already know the reasons of doing the same. Others who are still not aware of SEO, they are already lagging behind the race. Search engine optimization is the process of improving and enhancing the visibility of a website in search engines. When we talk of search engines, the first name that comes to mind is Google. It is one of the leading search engines today, and most SEO strategies are based on its algorithms. Listed below are some powerful SEO strategies that can help you immensely in fetching traffic and ranks to your website.

Content is King: SEO is incomplete without the mention content. Most websites do not fetch traffic on Google because their content is vague and not optimized. If you are running a website and implement SEO in your daily work, you must pay adequate attention to content analysis and management. Your website should have quality and meaningful content in all pages.

Keywords enriching: Ensure that you have done keyword research well and have articles that are enriched with those keywords. However, do not confuse keyword enrichment process with keyword stuffing. Ensure that you have placed the keywords at the right places and have optimized your content with even placing.
Pay attention to titles and subtitles: Titles are of prime importance in SEO strategies. You need to make titles and subtitles that can be crawled by spiders of search engines. Your tiles should be precise, clear and easy to understand. Google is always searching for H1 and H2 tags, and placing these tags can fetch you decent rankings over a period of time. While titles are supposed to be in H1 tags, subtitles should be H2 tags.

Linking building: Links are of prime importance in SEO strategies. Experts create two types of links- back links and out bound links. While back links are placed in other websites, out bound links belong to other websites that are placed on your website. Both kinds of links are an indispensable part of SEO strategies and need to be of high quality. Ensure that you have selected the right websites for the purpose, as forbidden websites cab blacklist your website forever.

While you can think of implements these SEO strategies, there is another option of hiring a SEO firm. These firms are highly professional in their services and can be hired for fixed amount of monthly charges. The charges charged by optimization firms are dependent on the services and SEO strategies they offer. A robust and reliable firm will never guarantee results but will offer reports on services. Try to check the services that are being offered before entering a contract. If you are thinking of concentrating in core areas of your website, you can also opt for giving all parts of SEO including blog maintenance, article submissions and forum posting. The prices are often decided by the SEO strategies and other services that are being offered. The members of this website true professionals of their field.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, I have web site at, Listing of Free SEO Tools,
Let me know what are good Seo strategies I should use to rank high in search engines?

Well, do you think people are going to use seo tools on a site that doesn’t rank well???

traffic exchange sites actually hurt you with the search engines because they are only on your site for 15 seconds.
I would hope your site would rank #1 when you put in the exact domain name. lmao!
What we failed to mention is that the site isn’t even in the top five for any of the keywords in the meta tags! You better drop the traffic exchange and start doing some real seo.

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There are many facets of Internet marketing and it’s important to stay current on all of them. Whether you’re the marketer for a company or an entrepreneur, the Internet is an amazing resource for getting the word out about your company. However, it’s important to have a marketing plan and goals set before you begin your Internet marketing campaign. It’s also important to understand that online marketing is an ongoing process. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, you must constantly promote your brand on many different networks online. Here are some Internet marketing tips that work like a charm.

Respond to your fans/followers/customers online. One aspect of Internet marketing is social media marketing. When you create a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter account, your main goal is to attract fans/followers and turn them into returning customers. One key way of doing this is to interact with them. If a fan or follower asks a question, recommends your business online or posts to your wall to thank you for your great product or service, it’s important to respond. When you respond, it shows your customer that they are doing business with an actual person, not a company. When they start to look at you as a person rather than a company, they’ll relate to you more and therefore be more likely to buy from you again.

Really understand the concept of corporate blogging. Many businesses use corporate blogging as a way to get the word out about their product. However when your business blog is nothing but an advertisement, people will not want to return. It’s important to make sure your business blog is full of information your target audience actually wants to read. Then you can throw in the occasional promotion or sale announcement while you have their attention. For example, if your business is a hair salon, don’t only use your blog to advertise the specials of the week or the services you offer. Instead, write blogs that tell customers how to do different hair styles, different beauty tips, routines and more. That way, your customers will want to return back to read the interesting content of your blog, but they’re still visiting your site, therefore subconsciously keeping your business in mind. Then when it comes time for them to get a haircut or manicure, guess who they’ll be contacting.

Give your fans/followers incentive to follow you. This includes offering them special daily, weekly or monthly promotions, specials or contests. Make sure the information on your social media network is interesting and fun so people will want to check back often. Ask your followers questions and comment on their responses. Remember, people do not join social media networks for any other reason then being social and communicating. You can sneak in advertisements, such as highlighting or announcing a new product or service, but don’t spam people with ads or you will lose followers fast. Instead focus on providing your target audience with information they care about as well as specials and encouraging conversation. Once you get people talking, they’ll start expressing how they really feel about that new product you just launched, and you’ll be able to use their opinions to make the next product launch even better.

Use decoy offers. A great strategy to encourage customers to purchase your product is to place another, less appealing offer next to it. For example, offer one of your products for $20, but also advertise your weekly special as $25 for two products and free shipping. The consumer will want to go with the weekly special because it appears to be a much better deal than the first offer. People are more likely to buy when they are getting a deal. So even if you were initially going to offer your product 2/$25, putting a less desirable option next to it will give them the extra push to buy.

Put in the time. It’s important to put quality time into your Internet marketing campaign. You cannot just set up online ads and let them run. It’s important to analyze what worked and what didn’t in order to keep improving for next time. It’s also important to pay attention to your social media analytics. Check out which tweets enticed people to click the link, then reformat them and tweet them out again. Which Facebook posts or discussions generated the most ‘likes’ and responses? After you complete the research, post more information that is similar to encourage more discussion. It’s also important to keep posting fresh content on a daily or weekly basis. The Internet allows for information to travel very fast, so staying up on everyone’s content can be hard. However, it’s important to stay up on the current trends in order to keep your information relevant and attract new people to your social network page and Website.


Wendy Suto is president and CEO of Search Circus, Inc., an ethical SEO firm specializing in organic search engine optimization, blog marketing, Web site copywriting and article marketing solutions. As a certified search engine optimization consultant, she teaches SEO seminars in Cleveland, Ohio.

What are the best blog SEO and traffic tips?

I am wanting to start blogging full-time, in order to drive traffic to my website, however am stuck with how to optimize and increase my blog search traffic! What are the best SEO, traffic and exposure tips for bloggers, and are there any online companies that specialise in offering search marketing solutions to bloggers? I’m especially wanting to save time and money (in order to concentrate on my blogging and not my blog marketing!). I would appreciate any opinion or response! Cheers

I am sure everyone can earn full time from blogging. It’s just the first steps that are difficult as is the same as any other businesses.

Here are my answers for your question.

1. Use blogger platform if you want to be listed in search engines fast.
2. Blog the topic you are expert in. If you have many topics, divide them into categories. Know what is the keywords you wish to focus on.
3. Always update with a lot of relevant content. I would say update it daily. Content is the king.
4. Submit your blog to RSS directories when you have build up your content volume.
5. It is also good that you tap on the social bookmarking sites like, digg, furl, squidoo, stumbleupon, reddit, just to name a few. These are the latest trend in web now.
6. When you think your blog is decent enough with good content, now is the time to move out and contact other bloggers with similar topic as yours. Link building here is the key. It will shoot you up the search engines if you link properly.

I am sure there are companies doing that. Just do a search or visit some article directories for details.

That’s my take for your question. Do visit my blog,

Cheers! 🙂
Jackie R.

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Times have changed and women in some regards are still not paid as adequately as men. However, the internet has somehow leveled the playing field. Today many women who still provide the care taking functions of the family can come online to run a business. They can maintain a household and a business all during the course of a normal days work.

It is well known that women make the best buying decisions. This is because we have always had the necessity to research products and services for their value. It comes natural to us. We know how to do what’s best for our family’s bottom line. So it makes perfect sense that when researching online business opportunities women look for value.

This does not mean that women want a cheap way into business. What it does mean is that women want to know and understand a business venture before they jump in. So what is it that women want in an online business?

Here a few things:

1. A quality product or service

2. Customers/prospects/sales

3. The ability to share with others

4. Time with family and friends

5. The ability to continue to grow

Women want online business just as any business owner or corporation. We want loyal customers, sales, and financial freedom so we can have quality time with loved ones. The internet has provided the ability for us to achieve just that.

Running an online business has its obstacles just as any business and requires a lot of hard work. Work to produce content that will allow you to build trust with your potential client base. Work to generate traffic and leads to your website so you are visible online. Your online business will also need to go viral through social media marketing strategies.

The internet revolution has enabled women to achieve the results in business ownership that may have evaded them in the past. It has proven to be a great equalizer. Discover online business success using leading edge marketing strategies that will explode your business today.

I’m Kathrin Luty and I am on a mission to teach as many as I can reach the power of marketing YOU INC! I have a goal of connecting the online dots for those in the home business and network marketing industry who need help with online business strategies. Subscribe to my blog and please leave a comment.

Jane Sanchez is an expert professional on the topic of %26lt;a href=’’%26gt;Women winning at work%26lt;/a%26gt; and %26lt;a href=’’%26gt;Women in business%26lt;/a%26gt; due to to her extensive research and experience in dealing with answering clientelle with the same problems or questions.

What is a good way to network online?

I am in school for Graphic Designing and I have 2 semesters left. I am always told that networking is very important, especially since I obviously want to get a job and I want to start my own business.

What are some good tips and strategies for networking online or in general for that matter?



I think it,, all are smo site and social bookmarking site ,

this is the better way 2 increase network


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‘I want to start an online business, but I don’t know what to do.’

This is something that happens a lot. People want to start making money on their own with their own online business but they just don’t know what kind of business to create. Well, luckily, all you have to do is take a look on the Internet to find a variety of online business ideas.

Online businesses are a great idea for many people today that already spend a lot of time working with the Internet. It is a very easy way to make a good amount of money by taking advantage of the popularity of the Internet and the increase in need of operators. It is a business operating in a very high demand market at this time and one that is very easy to get into – once you know what kind of business that you want to get into, that is.

This is where many people get a little lost. They just don’t know what kind of business to start. They may have a lot of skills that could be formed into online business, but they have just as many questions preventing them from forming credible online business ideas. So they just sit there and wonder what they could do. They know about how they could make money using their own home computer, and they may even have an idea how to run a successful business, but they just don’t know what to do with the skills.

There is an easy way to figure out what to do, though. You can find online business ideas using the tool that is right in front of you: your computer. All you have to do is get ahold of a search engine and get started. This can help you get some great online business ideas that can get you started in the right direction to forming your own online business.

Open your search engine and type in something about online business ideas. This of course will provide a long list of sites that may or may not provide the information that you need. To fix this, type in your own skills or something very specific that you want to do in your business, such as a certain amount of money to make or an easy business to run. This will narrow your search results to something that will work for you and give you a direction to go in, even if it only presents you with general online business ideas.

If you are one of these people that want to form an online business and has the skills, but just doesn’t know what to do with a business, you can find answers using your computer. All you have to do is know your skills, use your favorite search engine and find online business ideas that will work for you. And you can open an online business that you will love and be very good at. And of course, you will make money.

Michael Force is a Online Business expert who has averaged over 7-figures a year online for the last 10 years and has trained tens of thousands on how to create profitable online businesses. Learn more about how Michael can help you too at

Anyone have ideas on team building/marketing exercises that can be done via an online meeting?

My architecture company has four offices and we meet weekly using a web-based meeting program. It’s my responsibility to host the next meeting but I am looking for something fun/creative to do in the area of marketing/team building. It’s a challenge because the people attending the meeting are not all physically in the same room. I want everyone to leave the meeting with a better understanding/buy-in of how they can be part of marketing the company.

The VMdirect solution:
VMdirect’s exclusive web-based products are designed to help you manage your digital life. With so many ways to record our lives digitally, people need to manage their digital content from one easy to use application. helloWorld, available only through a VMdirect affiliate, is that application! Finally, it’s easy for all of us to create, publish, store and share our digital lives.

Cordially Yours
Roger Mazerolle

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Each day I talk to small business owners and marketing managers about the advantages of video marketing and what it can do for their businesses. Most of the time they associate video production with the cost, not the benefits. Big mistake. One video can be reused for numerous marketing channels. It is a cost effective method to generate more leads. Here are 11 reasons why you should produce an online video and successfully use it for various marketing channels.

Higher Return On Investment potential. Early video adopters found out that video is very cost effective since increased sales outweigh the production cost and bring higher ROI.  Businesses hesitate to add video to their marketing mix due to a high video production cost, which remains an obstacle to greater video adaptation. Animated video can be a solution to that since it doesn’t require live action video shooting, extensive equipment and onscreen talent.  

Improve SEO ranking. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL Search Engines give priority listings to websites that host video content. Research shows that webpages with engagement objects such as video, enhance the user experience and therefore rank higher in search results. Uploading Online Video to the second largest search engine – Youtube, and linking back to your website will add even more weight to your Google search results. Videos in universal search results have a 41% higher click through rates than plain text (source: ReelSEO).

Increase profile views within business directories. Create a short introductory video about your company, products and their benefits. Post video on business directories – Yellow pages, Google places, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp and others and drive more traffic to your websites, get more calls, and increase store visits. 

Improve email marketing. Are you constantly looking for new ideas to improve response rates? Consider including video in your email marketing campaign. Integrating video can increase click-through rates 2-3 times (source: Forrester) and lift conversion by 50% (source: Constant Contact).

Track results. The success of a video campaign can be measured accurately in real time. Detailed analysis of how many people viewed the video, who watched it, what behaviors the video generated, and more can be displayed. When you post videos on other websites, you can keep track of the number of visitors it brings to your website.

Enjoy Viral Effects. Online video has a great potential to become viral and be seen by the masses, creating an online word of mouth effect.  Viral video became popular through the process of Internet sharing through Youtube, Facebook, blogs and email. Video is a great way to encourage interaction, fun and enjoyment amongst the online community. 

Support sales. More companies incorporate videos into their sales presentations that can help sales people to more effectively deliver their marketing messages and sell products.  These introductory videos demonstrate how products work, dissolve common objections and show the testimonials of satisfied customers. 

Utilize Mobile channels. As many users are switching to smart phones, online marketers are looking for ways to be able to reach them through their handsets. However, not all videos can be played on mobile. E.g. Flash videos cannot play on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad.  The problem can be solved by uploading Flash video to Youtube, which uses HTML5 technology to display various formats of video and then embed Youtube video on your website.

Motivate viewers. Great stories combined with music create a powerful emotional overtone, capture and motivate audiences. Rich content and entertaining stories give consumers editorial reasons to return more frequently to website or blog. Made-for-web video is the most effective online format to positively influence purchase decisions.  

Educate and build trust. Video is suited for many forms of presentations to inform and instruct customers about your products, their features and benefits. Audio and visual presentations can accelerate learning by 78% and increase comprehension (source: S. Cartwright, Preproduction planning for video, film and multimedia). Focus your script around the most important points you want your viewers to remember and do.

Reach your audience in any language.  Video helps you tell your story in any language and motivate viewers to take action across all time zones and borders. Either record voice over talent in different languages or add translated subtitles to your video to reach broader audiences.

Online Video is a no brainer for any business. Start with one video, upload it to various channels and get results. 

Laura Brazinskaite – The Online marketing professional and a founder of Videyah! LLC. I am passionate about marketing and how it can help small businesses grow. My goal is to raise awareness and educate about new methods, techniques and trends in Online Video Marketing. I am always interested to hear your opinion. Please contact me –

Intro Business Questions?

With your new found business savvy you have decided to take on the challenges of becoming an entrepreneur and have opened a Marketing and Communications firm call ‘Rev Communications’. The Rev Business model involves creating marketing plans and consulting businesses on what their advertisements, promotions and marketing messages should be to optimize their marketing expenditures. You have surveyed the local market, secured the funding, leased a building and have the foundation in place to start your company and make big dollars. Now you must take on Human Resource activities.

You will require a staff of six people;

Two business development officers to find, meet and communicate with clients. Business development employees should have in-depth experience in networking with private businesses and governments and must be very strong with communication skills; one to one conversations, group meetings, presentations, interacting with government officials, etc. BD officers must also be well-organized, be clean cut and presentable and must also be willing to travel extensively. One BD officer will be the senior development boss with the second person serving as supporting staff.

Three graphic designers to develop concepts, sketch ideas, develop marketing slogans, etc. Graphic Designers must be well schooled and experienced in all the latest IT programs and technologies (‘photoshop’, adobe PDF readers, publisher, etc) and industry experience is a huge advantage. Designers must be reachable 24-7 as customers requiring communications are usually demanding and make requests at the ‘last minute’. The designers should know how to design logos, be creative with slogans, be highly skilled with printers and scanners and should also be frugal in using company resources (paper, colored ink, etc.). Rev communications will have a senior graphic designer in charge of all concept development, followed by a junior designer. The third designer will be a young student, preferably directly from school with little experience and lots of energy (who can be paid a very modest wage to save company costs).

An office assistant to manage calls, emails, pay bills, monitor spending and budgets, etc. There is no requirement for this person to have communications/marketing experience as they will deal with generic office administration matters. This person should be experienced in an office setting and comfortable with managing and flagging budget lines. The office assistant must also be efficient and effective in letter drafting, file management, email correspondence, preparing mail-outs and invoices, handling logistics for meetings and conferences, etc.

Given the positions above, answer the following questions;

A. What would your recruiting strategy be for the Business Development, Graphic Design and Office Manager positions? Where would you post the job offerings? Would your recruiting be internal or external?

B. How would you select your human resources – using interviews, tests (online or paper)? Explain.
C. An important HR consideration is evaluating your Rev employees. Would you choose the simple ranking, forced distribution, graphic rating scale or critical incident method as means of evaluating your people? Could you use the same option for all six employees or would one be preferred over another depending on the job?

D. Everyone loves payday. Explain how you would pay your six employees using one or a combination of the following; salary based on industry standard, merit pay, skill-based pay, knowledge-based pay, sales commission, gain-sharing program, profit-sharing plan.

E. In many cases potential employees are as attracted to the benefits package as they are the salary level. For Rev Communications would you see the value in establishing a wellness program and/or a cafeteria-style benefit plan? (Keep in mind these programs can get to be very expensive, especially for a start-up company such as Rev).

F. Employee turnover is a fact of life in the private sector business world. What would Rev’s Replacement chart look like?

good luck.
the big bucks makes me laugh, though it could become true

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It is extremely essential to change marketing policies according to the changing needs of time, if you want to keep one step ahead from your competitors. In the current situations, the business class people of the society have started feeling a strong desire to find different ways not only to sustain in the highly competitive environment, but also to make identifiable position for their brand names. This necessity provokes them to spend ample amount of time and money in advertising their products through mass email marketing. This is comparatively a new way of advertising the achievements of the company, and spreading awareness about the quality of products or services being offered by it. Some entrepreneurs hire the services of Internet marketers who offer all the required services related to SEO and email marketing under one roof, while others employ some special software to carry out email marketing on their own, as a part of employing cost-effective strategies for managing the tight budgets.

If, you are determined to employ email marketing strategies on your own, you can seek the help of email marketing software for speeding up the entire procedure. Obviously, you will have to make one time investment to buy right software for sending mass emails, but it will be a cheaper option in comparison to employing a full-time worker and pay him appropriate salary, month after month. Thus, if you haven’t made up your mind regarding a special way of carrying out mass email marketing, you should start thinking about it seriously from now onwards. The sooner you take the final decision the better will be your position to get used with the right way of using the software for mass mailing. Also, it will certainly be a brainstorming exercise to find suitable email extractor software that can accompany the mass email sending software. However, if you have a database of email addresses, you can start using email marketing software for sending bulk emails.

There are some software products that come with some pre-designed templates for drafting an email in a perfect language, and in an attractive format. If, you are employing any such software for email marketing, you must also be familiar with the following tips and tricks for achieving the desired results from your mass email marketing policies:

Try to include your website address in the signature, along with your email ID on the chat enabled email websites. If, you use Skype, MSN or G Talk for chatting, you should also provide your ID regarding these facilities, as a part of your signature.

You must try to send an email in text, and HTML version, because that helps in those cases when the recipients do not use the emails that are supported by HTML capabilities.

When you share newsletters or some simple emails with your probable customers, you must not forget to maintain continuity. This will help you to gain some reasonable responses.

Myself Maxina Blake webmaster of providing Email Address Generator, email marketing software and email sender software and Email Generator for your websites.

Who can I email about Yahoo!’s decision making process when it comes to globalization?

I am a university student writing a paper on Yahoo! and its decision making process, more specifically in terms of globalization. If possible I would like to conduct an email interview with someone. I have tried calling the Yahoo! Hong Kong office but have not received any real help. Any suggestions? This is the email I would like to send.

Dear Yahoo! representative,
My name is Karina Tin and I am a business student at the City University of Hong Kong. I am writing a research paper for my management class about Yahoo! and the company’s decision making process. This is especially in terms of globalization. I am aware that you are all very busy people, but I would really appreciate it if someone would be willing to help me with an email interview. I have a few questions.

– Who is in charge of strategizing, is the company centralized or decentralized in its strategy making?
– How does Yahoo! go about deciding where to open a new office or website (for example Yahoo! Hong Kong)?
– What does Yahoo! have to take into consideration when trying to enter a foreign market (for example, Yahoo! China when there are Baidu and Sogou)?
– Does Yahoo!’s organizational culture remain strictly American or does it adapt to the culture of the country that it is located?
– Once a new office is established, can it make decisions on its own or does the company need to report back to headquarters in California?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.
Thank you for your time,
Karina Tin

I can’t promise anything, but this might be some help.

Yahoo! Customer Service
(408) 349-1572
8am – 5pm M-F (Pacific Time)
The E-Mail address for Yahoo! customer care is
1 877 469 7847
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089
Phone (408) 349-3300
Fax (408) 349-3301

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Even though there are several companies that are undertaking online marketing, very few can actually guess the true objectives of it. That is because those companies have a good team that sits awhile, thinks and plans up on some great ideas and online marketing strategies that would set their marketing practices apart from others. The strategy developed needs to be comprehensive. Even though there are a number of strategies provided by a number of online marketing enthusiasts, you need to be selective and make a choice on few strategies that would be useful to you.


Achieving the aims in Internet marketing is vital, but some companies get so confused with what is right or wrong. This is because there are so many marketing tactics being put up everyday, that it gets truly difficult to choose between the good and the bad, the right or the wrong. Whatever you do, just don’t go for some outdated online marketing strategies that would prove to be a total disastrous affair.


Here are some top Internet marketing plans and strategies that you should not overlook:


Never forget to add proper meta tags, meta description and meta title and keywords associated to your website. It is important that you check and re-check before you can finalize on these. These are one of the most important aspect of online marketing. This would ensure that your audience recognizes your uniquely developed website.


Always ensure to hyper-link your keywords. This would contribute towards optimizing your website to the fullest in the search engines. This should e applicable not only for your blogs or articles but also on the web pages of your site.


Make use of the search engines as much as possible. It is vital that you work as much as you can on your SEO campaign. Both on-page and off-page should be equally worked on relentlessly.


Promote your business online, along with traditional marketing. You should have visibility on all social networking and bookmarking sites. You have to learn to blog and create a good blogging site where you can post regular updates.


Participate in all online forums and discussions, where you can provide link of your site with the comment that you post. This too would be immensely helpful for the optimization. Let search engines recognize your website.


The above are five top online marketing strategies that you ought to follow religiously.

Amanda Stewart is a prolific writer who has authored several articles mainly on online marketing strategies. She is a renowned author, teacher, and entrepreneur who has helped aid many small companies with the right kind of content development process and policies.

what’s an excellant book or resource for developing online marketing strategies?

Check out the operations and style of Ebay and any other sites that have proven successful. They have done ALL the research already. Use the KISS formula: Keep It Simple Stupid!
Good luck.

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If you have just started off network marketing or you have been in the business for a while, you could be thinking that there are a few things you could be doing easier or faster, and can even be wondering if there are some ways of network marketing that you’re not even aware of. You know, those super secret insider ‘network marketing tips’ you’ve been hearing about.

Everyone loves to get useful data whatever they do! Here are one or two proven network marketing tips to help you get even more successful.

Network Marketing Tips

Treat your business like a business. Your network marketing business is a business, not a spare time interest. If you remember why you started your network marketing efforts in the first place, it was likely to earn additional money and possibly you wished to give up your real job and become a full time web marketer. After several months of toiling along without any actual results, you may be just doing it half-heartedly and now only when you are in the ‘right mood’.

Remember the reasons why you started net marketing and put down your list of goals. Stick it somewhere where you can see it all of the time as a reminder.

Set your working hours. Whether or not it is an hour every night and a few hours at the weekend, write that down too. Treat your business rather more like a job than a past-time and be dedicated. Particularly at the beginning. At the start almost all of your results is going to be produced by you. Ask? Would I want to hire me to work in my business?

Join network marketing forums and spend one or two minutes every day reading the various tips and helpful information you’ll find on good forums. When you’ve learned a few things, share your ideas and become concerned regularly. You’ll be astonished what quantity of other tips you’ll pick up in a good forum. But do not waste all night ; just spend say 20 minutes every morning or evening. It’s easy to lose lots of time on forums, and you should be working!

Be knowledgeable and excited about the product you are promoting. The more you know the better. It is impossible to get some other person enthused about a product if you’re not yourself.

The last 2 tips above are part of teaching yourself. Learn from your upline – they ought to be your mentors, and in turn become a trustworthy leader for your downline, they should be energised and electrified by you in turn.

Proved Network Marketing Tips

Never be frightened to ask for help. Once you have established goals, they make it a point to find someone that is producing the results you are looking for. Ask for advice. Ask about their systems. Ask for proved network marketing tips to get you started. Success leaves clues. Find the clues!

If you want network marketing tips for your company visit valuable network marketing tips.

What books, resources, and web links, helped you become a successful home-based Travel Agent?

Is there anything else you would recommend? Start up, marketing, or creating a web site tips? I’m looking into books by Susan Sweeney, Kelly Monaghan, and Anita Pagliasso.

This weblink assisted me to become a successful home based travel agent
When you’ve logged on. click “view the company presentaion”.

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Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to attract customers. The service of online advertising is mostly provided by online advertising companies. In their service model online advertising companies serve a client by varieties of online promotional methods. They use contextual ads on search engine results pages (SERP), banner ads, rich media ads, social networking, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing. Online marketing companies use Ad server for all these promotional activities.

Working with an online adverting company provides many advantages over traditional advertising. In online advertising, the content get published immediately irrespective of geography or time. With advertising on internet, there are better chances of ROI (Return on Investment). It provides improved scope for the customization of advertisements. AdWords, Yahoo! Search marketing and Google Adsense facilitate ads to be displayed on relevant web pages or on alongside search result.

Another benefit of working with online advertising companies is the control enjoyed by a client over the campaign. A client is always free to choose whether to get into or check out from the campaign. An online advertising company use various revenue models to arrange a campaign for the client. CPM, CPC and CPA are three most popular methods to purchase online advertising.

CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPT (Cost Per Thousand Impressions):  Under this method a client pay for exposure of his message to a specific audience.  Per Mile here refers to thousand impressions, or loads of an advertisement.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay per click):  Under this method, advertisers pay every time a user clicks on their listing across internet directed to their website. Digital experts use this method for searches and obtaining information about the market.  On Pay per click pricing system advertisers pay for target keywords listed on network of websites with relevant traffic towards their site.


CPA (Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition) or PPF (Pay Per Performance): This is aperformance based online advertising concept and is in vogue in the affiliate marketing sector of the business. In this method a publisher takes all the risk of running the ad, and the advertiser pays only for the amount of users who complete a transaction, such as a purchase or sign-up.

With purpose of promotion online advertising companies employ different formats of advertising proliferated around internet.  The most popular ad formats online are Floating ad, trick Banner, expanding ad, polite ad, wallpaper ad, pop-up, pop-under, video ad, map ad, superstitial ad, interstitial ad. Streaming video or audio is another very popular mean of online advertising method used by companies in a viral campaign. However, with advancement in technologies and with birth of new concepts online advertising companies update its method and strategies.      

The author of this article is Puneet Gupta and He is an internet marketer and has strong passion about digital marketing strategies and Internet marketing

What should I charge as an hourly wage for my small business?

I recently started a small marketing firm and acquired my first client. I began this for experience only, as I am in my last year of undergrad (Marketing Major at the University of Louisville). Recently my client insisted that I form a contract so that he may start paying me. I have the contract drafted, but I am unsure what to charge for my hourly wage. I have interned at a financial firm for the past 4 years earning 12$ per hour and will continue this job while also working for myself.

My services are as follows:
•Developing Marketing Strategies
•Implementing Marketing Strategies
•Managing Online promotional tools
•Providing consultation when necessary
•Communication to advertising medias
•Improve the company’s marketing yield
•Reporting to the Owner / Operator
Administrative duties & periodic, light in store help

Hours per week will fluctuate depending on work load, but remain rather low (Ave 7 per week). How much do you think I should charge?

Additional Details
The client is just starting out, (9 weeks in). 30 dollars an hour as suggested by my first respondent seems a little steep, and I have very little to no overhead to clear, also, I don’t have a degree yet. 30 dollars an hour equates to nearly 60K full time, and I have never seen any starting Marketing job offer that much. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to charge that, I just think my client will laugh at me if I approach him with a number like that. Am I totally off base by thinking I should charge lower that 15 an hour?

Aaron, I believe you need to get paid what you are putting into the contract. 60K minus all taxes (always estimate takes as 30%) and any benefits you would pay into…now you are really looking at 42K. That’s here nor there but a good rule of thumb I suppose to remember.

I know you are an upstart business but I have seen over and over again small business owners who under estimate what their time and knowledge is worth. If you don’t want to work with a figure of 30.00, then go for 18.00 and hour…I get the feeling you’d be more comfortable asking for that.

I’m a former VP in banking and a small business consultant as well as owning a few business of my own.

I recall starting out under valuing my knowledge and charging 15.00 and hour, I was working like a fool and slowly came to know I needed to not only protect my time (what I was going to bill for) and charge more. I knew I was worth the money.

Your clients don’t know that you have no overhead.

Consider charging 18.00 and see where that goes.

Hope it helps.

You can find more information about Atlanta Online Marketing in Yahoo! Answers


When considering your Online strategy it is important to ask yourself – Do I need to run an SEO campaign? After all organic SEO is not a quick fix that you buy and hope to get to the top of the search engine listings immediately and then move onto the next marketing strategy. It is however a way of getting you noticed with Google and all the other major search engines. This is where all your customers are searching their products and services online.  It is also worth remembering that SEO can be run as a stand alone marketing tool or can be integrated within the bigger picture of your overall online marketing strategy.

As mentioned organic Google top rank listing doesn’t happen immediately and requires a certain amount of tweaking during the months of your campaign. I would recommend at least 3 – 6 months to achieve a successful SEO campaign. This enables proper analysis and monitoring and control of progress to provide optimum search results. By using any analytic reporting tool will enable you to monitor exact progress and see what keywords are most effective and those keywords that aren’t. This is all part of the strategy which is why it needs to be ongoing.

 First of all keyword research and competitive analysis are vital to ensure that proper keyword phrases are being to chosen to ensure best targeting for those visitors seeking your products or services online. This means that if you are an Italian Restaurant in London then you need to concentrate on phrases your customers will type into the search engines such as ‘restaurants in London’.

You need to be realistic about the competition and specifically look at how well your competitors are doing in the search engine results pages (SERPS). This will provide you with enough information to decide on what the best keywords should be used for your campaign. You can then decide how effective those keywords will be when you get to the top of the search engines. There is no point spending a lot of money getting to page 1 if no-one is searching on them your chosen phrases. Keyword and competitive analysis are singularly the most important activities your SEO team will undertake before they begin your SEO campaign.

Once you have decided on the best keywords to use then it is a case of optimising your website’s code. This means looking at content, keyword density, title tags, meta description, internal linking, title tags, etc. With Google’s ever changing algorithms in determining what websites are important enough for page 1 listings this is becoming more and more important nowadays. It is not just about building links, it is more about how well the search engines can spider your website, for example is the website W3C compliant, is the keyword density right, is the meta data correct, etc… If you have a poorly optimised website then it will take a lot more link building to get you to the top. So it pays to optimise the code as best as possible.

Remember the home page is fundamental and is key to Google’s robots finding your website easily as this is the first place that they look. By optimising the home page properly can help generate great search results that otherwise wouldn’t happen. This not only provides a way of Google finding you easily but will also help tell Google about the rest of the website through internal linking.

Other useful tools such as sitemaps will help tell Google about other pages in the website especially those pages that you are optimising. In the sitemaps it is good to set the priority on a handful of pages as this can negate itself if priorities are set on too many pages. This is a very handy tip because Google is constantly looking for important pages that it thinks it should be displaying.

The next important aspect to SEO is to look at page ranking. This indicates how important your website is in the eyes of Google in terms of length of time it is live and also how many good quality back links it has. Page ranking is Google’s vote of confidence  for a website starting at the lowest 0 and then going up to the highest being 10.

Any SEO campaign generally wouldn’t be enough just by following an onsite strategy especially true for the more competitive websites. To help improve your ranking in the search results pages will require manual link building back to your website. This is  an ongoing process that can takes months and is the reason why organic SEO can take to long. The length of time can be determined by how competitive the search terms are in the first place. The less competitive, then the less time will need to be spent link building. The more competitive however will mean that more time will need to be spent link building to improve ranking.

The quality of links is necessary as Google pays special attention to the importance of relevant links to your website, so beware and don’t get fooled into thinking that buying thousands of links is going to help you, because it won’t. Why because Google will only be looking at links that have a high ranking (relevant). It is also important to remember that Google may even penalise you by black listing you if it thinks you are building links purely for SEO purposes. This is rare but does happen.  Link building is time consuming because it involves manually submitting links to directories. It is this careful and slow process that ensures the best possible link building strategy is adhered to all the time.

Whatever your choice of online marketing nothing changes the fact that most (if not all) your customers searching your products and services go through Google or one of the other main search engines first. Coming at the top of the listing for relevant keywords in any major search engine means that you are more visible to your customers. This is probably the most valuable marketing tool any business should invest in.

Alex Mungo (Bsc) owner Mungo Design providing London SEO Services and search engine optimisation

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You could start with Google AdWords

I think that could give you targetted audience at affordable prices.

However, I do not have direct experience with that.

Another thing you might try:
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Good luck – again – I really like weedfullthings.

You can find more information about Atlanta Online Marketing in Yahoo! Answers