7 Secrets to Implementing a Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to grab your customers’ attention and send targeted traffic to your website. But are your strategies working? If your open rate is slipping and your conversion rate isn’t as good as you’d like, read on to discover seven ways to transform your email marketing strategy:

Keep it Personal

First and foremost, you should refer to your clients by name as a personal approach will dramatically increase your open rate. You should also target emails to customers depending on recent purchases to make them feel valued. Make sure you sign off with a name, even if it’s ‘Sam and the team at My Business’ as this will add to the personal touch.

Subject is Everything

Your email subject has to encourage your audience to open the email. ‘URGENT – OPEN NOW!!!’ screams of spam emails and will send your readers running. You have to tell them in as few words as possible what they will gain by opening your email.

Consider the Copy

Once you have encouraged readers to open your email, the copy needs to keep them reading. Tell them what they are gaining and what is on offer to them. Keep a tone that is consistent with your business and direct mail marketing, so you become a friendly voice in someone’s inbox.

Less is More

With more and more people reading emails on smart phones while on the go, your emails need to be kept brief. Using snappy copy, web-friendly sentences and simple points will make your emails much more appealing to busy professionals.

Plain Text vs. HTML

When adding images and HTML to your emails you’ll need to consider your mobile audience. Images are effective on a computer screen but will result in gaps and lots of scrolling on a mobile. It may be wise to stick with mainly plain text emails to increase your conversions.

Call to Action

What is your email trying to achieve? Increased website traffic, the sale of a product or competition entries? Whatever your goal, make sure you have a snappy and appropriate call to action. Tell your readers what they can do next to find out more.


Before you send any email – be it through a third party system or your own – make sure you proof read. Spelling and grammatical errors will look unprofessional and are a huge turn off for readers. Make sure that everything is perfect before hitting send.

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What is the best way to get traffic to my website?

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