Before You Build That Internet Marketing Web Site: Stop!

I know you.

I was once like you a few years ago.

Back then, I was just getting started learning about internet marketing and exploring all the possibilities of a money making internet business. I chuckle when I think of myself back then, eager and trusting, absorbing all the marketing gurus excited chirpings about how easy it was going to be for me to make big money online.

All I had to do was sign up for their affiliate program and promote their ebook (or various other products) about how to teach people like me to be successful online. Now what to you think one of the first things I did was?

If you guessed that it was to set up my own internet marketing web site, you’d be right!

Even though I knew squat about making money online, I pretended I knew something—well enough to promote those guru products like I was a pro. You see, I hoped that other newbies (like me) would see these wonderful information products and get out their wallets and buy, buy, buy!

I mean, why wouldn’t they?

I had bought this guru’s wonderful information ebook and special reports. I just knew the money was gonna come pouring in because this guru was well-respected and knew his stuff, plus, I was posing like I knew my stuff.

Let’s see, there’s one little thing that I didn’t count on back then.

All the other gazillion newbies setting up similar internet marketing web sites and selling the same money making products for the same gurus. Yep. It took me a while, but I finally realized that we were all competing with each other, and worse, the pool of potential prospects that would really be interested in this information wasn’t as large as I thought. I mean, the potential was huge if you were a guru and had hundreds of little affiliates selling one or two products for you a month. The gurus made money regardless of how poorly each little affiliate did.

So, it’s basically a numbers game. A game that you can’t win. You are competing with thousands of internet marketing web sites of all shapes and sizes, many started by newbies like yourself, touting how to make money online—except, most of these people are NOT making a dime!

You see, I know. I was one of them.

Even though it’s tempting—don’t do it!

If you’ve already set up your internet marketing site, change it to a niche product or niche information site. There are literally thousands of subjects to create a web site about these days. You will have a better chance at making a profit from just about any other type of web site other than an internet marketing site.

Of course, you can ignore me and continue down that road—a road littered with the failed marketing to marketers web sites of countless newbies that came before you. Or, you can see the light right now and avoid this common mistake.

If you must promote a favorite guru’s products, there are other, more effective ways of doing this. Trust me, the gurus aren’t going to suffer because you’ve decided not to build that marketing site.

Oh yeah, this reminds me of one more category of poorly performing web site you should avoid. The cookie cutter, turnkey web site business. I’ve had a couple of those too and they are duds. I don’t care if they are free turnkey web sites that look all polished and ready to make good money. What I’ve learned over the years is that one thing online web visitors like is uniqueness. If they see that you and thousands of others have the exact same site, you will not be taken seriously.

I suggest that you brainstorm a list of possible topics of interest that you can create a web site theme around. Think about how you can build a unique looking site, even if you use a standard template. Remember, it’s the human touch that’s important.

Thanks for reading this. I’m hoping that this article does a service to the online community by cutting down the number of internet marketing web sites floating around in cyber space, unattended and unloved.

Donna Monday

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