Online content may be sexy, but even on the internet, turning a profit as a publisher isn’t always easy, particularly if you rely on ad revenue to pay the bills.

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If you asked most marketers whats the biggest draw of online advertising, youll often hear is that it is highly measurable.

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Clickable announced today that ProStores, an eBay company, introduced Clickable’s online advertising solutions to its merchants. ProStores is a full-featured customizable eCommerce solution for small- and medium-size businesses.

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NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – 10/27/10) – Advertisers may be missing a key opportunity to engage holiday shoppers, according to a PointRoll study of retailers’ online advertising campaigns from 2006 – 2009. The study analyzed performance of online advertising campaigns and consumers’ interactions with the ads and found that shoppers begin engaging with holiday-related retail advertisements now, in …

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October 12, 2010 — Domain registrar and Web hosting provider Go Daddy announced on Monday it has launched AdSpace, a marketing product designed to help small businesses launch an online advertising campaign without making significant investments in time, money or technology.

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Go Daddy Launches Local Ad Service for Hosting Customers


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Move over, Yellow Pages. Good riddance pricey online marketing. Go Daddy introduces AdSpace, a marketing product designed to help small businesses conquer online advertising without huge investments in time, money or technology.

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‘AdSpace’ Innovation Puts SMBs in the Online Advertising Game


Yahoo has launched a new portal dedicated to online advertising. It’s called, you could’ve guessed: Yahoo! Advertising Solutions

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Yahoo Launches Advertising Solutions Portal


AUSTIN, Texas—-Click Forensics®, Inc. today released advertising audience quality figures for the second quarter 2010 from the industrys leading independent online advertising data reporting service.

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Click Fraud Rate Rises Slightly in Q2 2010 to 18.6 Percent


In order to achieve article marketing success, you need to be aware of exactly what article marketing is and how it works.  Just to define it, article marketing is where you create website content articles and submit them to article directories for their own content. The articles they publish on their site are also available for other website owners to use as website content on their own websites.  This helps you get lots of exposure and visitors to your website.

The most essential part of the articles you present to the directories is the resource box.  The resource box, which contains your biography or sales message, should contain a link back to your website.  When someone reads your article and requires more information, they click on the link you supply and you gain not traffic to your website.  You also have a possibility to make money online when your advertising promotion is seen.

Also, sometimes the person reading your article will re-publish it on their own website.  When they publish your article they have to agree to use the whole article with your link attached.  When the article appears of their website, you have another source that your website is linked to.  This presents a whole new audience for your article with new people who can back-link to your site.  You get even more people clicking through to your website, which gets your sales message seen more often, and again you have a better chance to make money online and achieve internet success.

There are lots of article directories online for you to choose from—probably about 2,000 or so. If one of your articles is rejected for any reason, you can submit it to one of the other directories and probably get it published there.

Articles may be rejected for length (or word count), but can also have issues with grammar or spelling.  Even the content of the article you create may not be in line with what that particular directory’s subject matter is.  For instance, some article directories deal only with internet marketing or health related issues.

You will have more success with your article marketing campaign if you submit lots of articles—the more the better!  Lots of articles mean they will be seen by lost of people.  This increases the number of back-links to your website.  And the more back-links you have to your website, the better the search engines like it, and you will receive a higher ranking from them.

Having a successful article marketing campaign does not mean you have to do a lot of work yourself.  You can still do article marketing if you are not a skilled writer yourself, or if you don’t have time to write a lot of articles.  You can choose hire a writer to write your articles for you.  Alternately, you can buy PLR articles (private label rights articles) to submit to article directories.  You can buy PLR articles in packages and get a number of articles all on one topic for a very low cost.  This helps you solve the problem of getting a lot of articles to submit to the article directories.

Just a not for when you buy PLR articles:  It is a good idea to change the articles around a little to make them one-of-a-kind creations.  PLR articles have most of the writing and research already done for you so you only have to make little changes in the wording to make them unique.  That way you can be in compliance with all the article directories’ rules and they will have no problem accepting your articles.  If you buy PLR articles in packages in this manner, you definitely have a head start in your article marketing campaign.

Any article marketing campaign is a good way for to get links back to your website.  This helps improve the number of people visiting your website who are exposed to your advertising message.  You also get more links to your website, which in turn helps to improve your rankings with the search engines.  A good article marketing campaign is a great way to improve your internet success and help you make money online.

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