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Google’s mobile advertising business continues to fuel impressive growth for the online search engine pioneer. The company estimates its mobile advertising revenues will likely generate in excess of $2.5 billion a year and growing. Google generates 97 percent of its $34 billion in annual revenue from selling advertising and new CEO Larry Page promises that mobile advertising, including search and social media, will be a prominent part of its growth strategy.
Although Google’s assertive foray into mobile advertising has paid off royally, other technology powerhouses are challenging the company with highly competitive business models. Apple and Facebook promise mobile advertising and pricing strategies, and online audience reaches that rival or exceed Google’s. The year 2012 promises to be a pivotal year in which a few companies could dominate the mobile advertising platform competitive landscape.
This research analyzes Google’s emerging mobile advertising strategy to enable marketers to leverage Google’s platform to reach consumers with targeted messages. The report aggregates and synthesizes important metrics and trends on mobile advertising and marketing to inform executives making critical spending decisions during a down economy. The report evaluates key Google competitors in the mobile ad space.  It supports advertising buyers to ensure they can optimize their mobile ad dollar spending. The report focuses particular attention to the competitive strategy of Facebook and Apple in the mobile advertising space.
Key Findings:
•    Mind Commerce estimates that global spending on mobile advertising and marketing initiatives will reach nearly $37.5 billion in 2012, a near 15% compounded annual growth rate since 2008. The Asia-Pacific region is leading the mobile charge and will chalk up an estimated budget of $15.8 billion in 2012. In comparison, Europe’s spending on mobile advertising in 2012 will be about half as much ($7.9 billion) while North America’s spending for 2012 will be $11.2 billion.
•    Mobile search, especially localized search, will be the dominant activity platform for marketers to engage consumers with branded communications but they should not ignore the potential of downloadable applications, streaming video, WAP and, most certainly, mobile messaging.
•    Facebook is expected to roll out mobile ad services by the end of March 2012. Facebook originally planned to introduce the mobile ad platform earlier this year and the project could face additional delays, one of the sources adds. Facebook’s advantage is that it reportedly has over 800 million users with the company expecting to break the billion mark through mobile devices.
•    Apple originally required marketers to commit to a spending limit of at least $1 million, but this was later cut down to $500,000. Also, Apple was charging marketers every time a user tapped an ad, which would quickly eat through the budget. But Apple is now making some changes in order to beef up its failing ad service. For starters, it reportedly plans to drop the spending limit from $500,000 to $400,000.
Companies in Report:
•    Admob
•    Apple
•    Facebook
•    Google
•    ICrossing
•    Jumptap
•    Madvertise
•    Millenial Media
•    Mogreet
•    Rhythm New Media
•    Third Screen Media
•    Vdopia
•    Smartphone and PDA manufacturers: They provide the hardware that enable next-generation mobile content possible
•    Mobile advertising networks: The suppliers enable different types of mobile ads to be broadcast over mobile networks, in videos, and in other mobile premium content.
•    Mobile search and content aggregators: Many are chasing Google but the smaller vendors offer localized search capabilities.
•    Cellular phone providers: They carry the millions of text messages, some of them sponsored, and are looking at ways to leverage mobile marketing campaign data for their own use.
•    Mobile platform developers: These suppliers create videos, games, downloadable applications for mobile that they in turn use to recruit sponsorship opportunities.
•    Traditional media outlets: Broadcast television stations and Internet properties are leveraging mobile to stream newscasts and other premium content.
•    Marketing and Advertising Agencies, and Corporate Marketing Departments: Chief Marketing and Advertising Executives are determining how best to allocate their budgets for 2012 and mobile is certainly on their radar.

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Should I quit my awful job and start my own business?

I have been thinking about this constantly, about a month now. I hate my job, which is early in the morning and I train jiu-jitsu late at night, so I can never sleep, plus my coworkers are old and mean, and it only pays minimum wage. It gives me just enough to stay there and not leave, by draining my energy and giving me just enough money to live like a dog. I hate it!
Anyway I am a recent college grad, what do you think about this:
I want to start a private music studio in my apartment. If I put in my two weeks notice, I have three weeks pay to get it all set up before I am out of work. Do you think that is enough time to establish enough students? Any marketing strategies? I want to advertise online as well but I don’t know how.

One thing’s for sure: If you hate your job, then quit. Nothing is more terrible than waking up in the morning with the thoughts of going back to the same place which you hate. I had the same experience. I had a job which I didnt like, but kept it anyway because i thought I needed the money. and every time I enter the office, I felt like i’m going inside a prison! I’m sure you felt the same way too. When I quit, there was not regrets, I’m happier as ever. There’s no need to let yourself suffer.

Well, about the business, I think there’s always a start. Start posting ads on the internet and see if you can get some replies. That way you can have an idea if people will be interested on your product.

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Does anyone care what consumers think about advertising?  They should!

As consumers, we are used to ads being all around us – it’s a part of life.  One stat (found on says that by the time we are 65, we will have seen more than 2 million TV ads.  Then think about the number of online ads, mobile ads, print ads, billboards, and on and on…!

So, ads are a given.  We understand that brands need to fight for ways to get through to us and make us love their products.  But, I would argue, at this point people are so inundated by advertising messages that messages are either a) not getting through at all, or (even worse) b) totally annoying people.

Brands are always looking for the places where consumers are gathering and doing their thing, in order to pop ads into the mix.  But is that really the best way to go? It makes sense in a way since there are lots of people, but… is that where/when consumers want to be hit with messaging???  I see lots of stats about which types of ads are the most effective, which are most used by advertisers, and so on.  But I’ve seen little to nothing regarding what the consumer thinks of those ads.  So adpropo did a consumer survey in the fall, and guess what? People are annoyed by online advertising, and want to see things happen in a different way.  Here are 2 charts to summarize the consumer side of the story:

Now, there are definitely some good ad strategies out there, and consumers can certainly benefit when they get the right/relevant info at the right/appropriate time.  But if I had a nickel for all the stories I hear about how annoying it is to have to watch a 30 second ad while waiting to see a video, or how annoying brand posts on Facebook can be, I wouldn’t be writing this, I’d be relaxing at a fabulous beach house.

It seems to me that in general, a new dynamic is needed.  Things seem to be tracking along a path that is more habitual than right.  With so much money being spent on advertising (about $31 billion in US online spend in 2011, according to eMarketer), there has to be a way to funnel that investment into fun, entertaining engagement that is truly valuable for both sides.  As a consumer, I say to brands – be very careful allocating your ad budget to sites/apps where you will be a distraction or interruption to my main goal.  Give me your message in context, where I know exactly what I’m getting and am open to it, make it fun, and make it worth my while.  That means special info, prizes, entertainment, interaction, deals, and more.  I don’t want to hear scattered messages all over the place.  Why not all come together and integrate messages and interactions within one platform where I know to come to engage with you?

We consumers need products, and we need to know what’s out there.  But please, tell us about it in a new and better way! 

Would love to see any comments from all the consumers out there about what you’d like to see – what will make you listen and pay attention?  What will make you act?  Where do you want to see brand info?  What would be the best way for you to engage with brands and have fun with them?  Comment here or email me at  We are launching the beta site soon and will be testing lots of cool concepts to address this issue, letting consumers get what they want from brands, while making sure they learn what brands want them to know.  I’d love input from brands and marketers as well.  Input from both sides is critical to achieving a new balance with greater value.

‘adpropo – Bringing consumers and brands together in a fun, entertaining, and much more valuable way,’

Advice/ tips on starting an online ad agency?

I have great passion and a very brief/general understanding of ‘most’ online advertising methods such as SEO, Banners, Pay Per Click, etc…

What would be the best exercise or strategy to do, to be very confident enough to start up an online agency? I do not feel confident for some reason, is it a problem due to lack of in-depth knowledge in certain areas/tactics?

don’t do it. get a real job. never depend on others for your income.

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Advertising your business is very different than it was in the past. Now that the Internet has taken over as the medium of choice for a large segment of the population, online advertising is highly popular and is growing in size and usage. If you’re going to advertise online, there are some things you should be aware of, like how much to spend and what you’ll be able to get for free. It’s always nice to get something for nothing, but not all free advertising has much value. Avoid what won’t work for you, so you can spend your time focusing on what will.

Anytime you consider online advertising, you should look at social media sites. It’s possible to build up a huge following on some of these sites, and the more people are paying attention to you and what you have to say, the higher the chance that you’ll sell your products or services to them. Another huge advantage to using social media for advertising is that it’s completely free. Unless you choose to buy advertising space on the site, you won’t pay anything at all to have an account and write about your products or services.

For some businesses that are just starting out, free advertising is all they can do. Other businesses have more money, and they want to take their online advertising beyond the social media sites. To do that, they may start buying ad space on various sites and blogs. If you have a product or service you want to market, you can often do that by locating sites that write about your product or service and asking to purchase ad space. That gives some revenue to the site owner, and you get to display your information in a place where more people will see it.

For people who are really serious about online advertising, there are many different sites to consider. Some might work better than others, but there is always some trial and error involved. It’s worth considering several different options, or trying a mix of different kinds of advertising, until you find something that works for you and that brings in revenue. Advertising often costs money, but it should result in more customers and increased profits. If it’s not, it’s time to rethink your advertising strategy and find something that works better for you. That way, you’ll see an overall profit and an increase in customers.

 Dan  McG.

If you want more info about this topic go to my blog and find more ways to find traffic for your buisness.

Can you please translate to Spanish?Please not with online translators?

50+ Extremely Clever and Impressive Advertisements

One of the best way to draw attention for companies is the clever advertising strategy .

50+ Avisos extremadamente inteligentes e impresionantes.

Una de las mejores maneras de atraer la atención de empresas es tener una estrategia inteligente de publicidad.


50+ Avisos extremadamente inteligentes e impresionantes.

Una estrategia inteligente en publicad es la mejor forma de atraer la atención de las empresas.

Both are ok, but I like more the second one because of the way it sounds.


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Online advertising also known as Internet Advertising is one of the opted means of promotion among brand owners these days. Online media is considered the fastest means to connect with a wider target group. In today’s blog, let us find out a few reasons that explain why online advertising is ideal for your brand.

It’s pretty obvious that we are living in a fast world today where everything needs to be fast. Therefore, fast food, fast fad and fast communication are three norms that define the modern generation. Brand communications are also meant to be conveyed through fast mediums such as online or mobile devices. An online advertising or internet advertising campaign is the fastest means of reaching out to a large target group. It is also established that online advertising is pretty affordable for every range of business owner. Big and small advertisers can choose from a range of online advertising options.

Banner Advertising, PPC Ads, E mail marketing, social networking ads, bookmarking, classifieds etc. are some forms of online advertising. Banner advertising is one of the most adopted means of internet advertising among brand advertisers. There are various sizes and types of banner ads.

With internet media becoming the fastest means of communication among individuals across the world, internet advertising practices are going to be the future means of communication for brand owners (as per some marketing experts). An additional advantage of internet advertising is that customers are given the choice to go through the website of the brand and find any detail. Customers can also avail of useful brand information on various social networking sites.

These days, social networking ads are becoming a raging practice among brand owners. Creating and maintaining a social networking account has therefore become an important marketing strategy for maximum number of brand owners. Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Google Plus, Myspace etc. are some popular social networking sites where brands continuously keep in touch with their target customers.

Advertising industry provides employment opportunities to various individuals. It also increases sales and profits of various companies or organizations. The overall effect of advertising is thus an economic progress for the entire nation. A boom in advertising industry affects other sectors as well. For developing nations, advertising is an effective tool to create economic boom.

MAD offers exclusive advertising solutions through Mobile and Internet media. Mobile and Internet Advertising with MAD–Join the largest Digital Agency .MAD is a largest online advertising and banner advertising agency.

Can you help, I have writer’s block?

I need the following details included in the copy:
Date: Aug 15th
Time: 6PM-8PM (6-7 – Networking) (7-8Pm the program)
Topic: Bridging the Gap between Traditional & Online Advertising
Panelists include:
Mary Sinclair & Mike Reid, Time Magazine
Rob Haas, Rodgers Townsend
Some copy points could be:
How do you add Online Advertising into your Media Mix?
How do you leverage Interactive to make traditional media more efficient?

Here’s what another organization used for their copy:

“Today’s consumer has infinite choices always available on-demand – a trend that has created a nation of hyper multi-taskers who are likely to be watching television while surfing the net. How are marketers adapting to this ever changing media landscape?
We’ll hear leading brands describe how they’re integrating multi-platform marketing including creative strategy, organization structure, and media planning. ”
I need something similar to that quote with the above details included. HELP!!

Multitasking is the need of the day.

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Advertising has a vast scope. It requires thorough research to understand the scope of advertising. Besides, the ability to understand advertising in any of its formats is one of the most important prerequisites for the growth of an acute understanding or inquisitive attitude towards advertising. An intense competition is observed among brands. Business owners are spending billions in product marketing and merchandising to reach out to their target groups. The developing countries are specially targeted for the latest strategies implemented in advertising sector. Amidst all the strategies and plans, advertisers are equally focussed on studying more about the mediums or formats of communication used to convey any brand message to customers. In the following paragraphs, let us take a look at some benefits of advertising.

Benefits of Advertising

Advertising establishes a close link between manufacturers and consumers. A form of mass communication, it is only through advertising that a brand owner reaches a vast number of consumers and makes his product familiar to them.
Advertising makes it possible for a brand owner to introduce and share new ideas and products that would be of customers’ interest
An advertising campaign is important to keep customers well-informed about the product and services and their significances.
Advertising inflates a market, provides share and productivity.

One of the most adopted formats of advertising at present is online media. Online advertising which is also known as internet advertising is a rampant practice among various advertisers. Targeting a wider audience with a global appeal, it is easier for any brand owner to position his brand through online advertising. Marketers have so far predicted that internet advertising will rule or replace other advertising media in the future. Customized and interactive, internet advertising trends are spreading far and wide. Big and small business owners are equally benefitting from the various benefits of online advertising.  Online Advertising practices include banner advertising, PPC ads, email marketing, SEM activities, classified ads, bookmarking etc.

Another major advantage of web advertising is that any online ad targets a wider target group. Anyone who accesses internet can watch any online ad display which is live on a particular site. Advertisers have therefore more chances of targeting a wider target group through a single ad campaign.

Digital advertising is also considered as the most customized means of communication. Unlike television commercial, the ad cannot be switched off. Customers are also given a choice to watch the ad display only when they are interested to do so. No force is exerted on their side. No one pesters or compels them to read any brand ad display. They do so at their own will if only they find the brand message interesting and attractive.

MAD offers exclusive advertising solutions through Mobile and Internet media. Mobile and Internet Advertising with MAD–Join the largest Digital Agency .MAD is a largest online advertising and banner advertising agency.

How can a small business with a tight budget reach new customers both on and off line?

There is leg work to be done for advertising off line and leg work to be done for advertising online. What are the best ways to accomplish effective marketing strategies with tight budgetary concerns?

I own a now successful carpet cleaning company, and what I did to get started was to hire a couple of students from the local university to telemarket, hang fliers on doors, and also to post frequent ads on craigslist. I would monitor their hours and commison and have them sign off on each others hour sheets when necessary. Also i would not pay them for their time spent passing out fliers if I did not recieve any buisness from the assigned area to prevent “fraud” if you will.

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So you’re at that phase in your business where one wish to start harnessing the power of the world wide web and learn exactly how to begin internet marketing so you are able to arrive at the masses.

Well you are in chance since today I are actually heading to lay out the 3 procedure formula for how to start on-line advertising so one can start generating populars, constructing a listing, making sales as well as building your establishment online.

Depending on what business model you are in there may be some alternatives such as if you’re in network marketing you’ll have to choose up the phone as well as access your populars but typically communicating these three measures are actually exactly how to begin on-line marketing from scratch.

So before we access this formula I are actually visitting assume you’ve some kind of item to offer such as a network advertising item, company option, affiliate item or also an item that one created you because its is evident one want a product to market.

The Three Procedure Formula With respect to Exactly how To Start Online Marketing

Just how to begin on-line advertising: Step 1– Determine The Target Market

Step one of this formula might need to be actually the most crucial procedure because if one obtain this incorrect as well as one target people who have no hobby in your item or products then all of the online advertising would be a lost opportunity of time.

So it is actually fundamental to take a long tough look at the product or product as well as ascertain just whom is actually browsing online with respect to exactly what you have to offer and by looking online I suggest typing keywords that are actually linked with your item or service into google.

For Example: If you’red marketting a weight loss product you would like to find keywords such as exactly how to diet quick, etc as well as by accomplishing this you can easily tailor your online marketing to target the prime customers.

There are some devices that one can easily make use of to perform the keyword investigation such as the Google External Key phrase Device and Keywords Magnet.

How to begin internet advertising: Measure 2– Online Advertising Tools

If you are serious over begining the online company you require the core online marketing devices that go with it such as an auto-responder as well as a solution to grab populars so either a lead capture website or a weblog with an optin form or also better still both.

If you are not familiar by having what an auto-responder is actually it’ses pretty much an on the internet product where you can save folks’s labels, emails and phone quantities so you are able to build a listing (A database of customers), one are able to additionally design emails as well as send them out to the whole entire list in addition to develop an e-mail follow up series where one can craft an e-mail series as well as need e-mails leak on your customers email inbox.

A capture web page is an effortless one page web site like this one that’ses just created to capture your target markets details so you can build a partnership by having them as well as turn them into either company lovers or very long time consumers hinging on the company style.

There are a couple of auto-responder services to select out of yet I personally make use of Aweber.

Exactly how to start internet advertising: Measure 3– Online Marketing Strategy

Now that you have explained the target market and you have your online marketing tools in location its is currently time to select an online advertising technique so one can start producing populars and building a listing.

Picking an internet advertising strategy genuinely descends to your advertising budget as well as what type of individual you’re because in order to market online you should take consistent activity on a daily basis so if you really don’t pick a marketing method that you seem comfortable accomplishing at that point there’s no usage studying exactly how to begin internet advertising because you may give up prior to one view financial success.

Two Marketing Strategies With respect to How To Begin Online Marketing

1– Facebook PPC: If you’ve an advertising spending plan as well as you desire to begin generating leads and constructing the company TODAY then I would exceptionally suggest Facebook’s Spend Per Snap platform.

You can easily access training on how to utilize Facebook PPC here.

2– Blogging %26 Social Media

Blogging integrated by having social media is actually an excellent manner to begin constructing the company online because one are able to accomplish numerous features having a blog and simply to name a few:

You can have a decide in box on the blog to grab leads

You can easily need a popup that pops over your site to enhance your leads

One are able to design key phrase targeted content and have it on the initial web page of google (Highly Targeted Traffic)

You can easily construct your own private label

You can easily build a partnership with the customers by keeping them up to date by having your website

One are able to raise the product and relationship by having the populars and customers by placing video clip on the blog site.

The listing happens.

Also if one accomplish make a decision to perform Facebook PPC or another form of on-line marketing I HIGHLY suggest scheduling yourself up a weblog considering the blog is actually genuinely the nerve center of the online establishment.

Your blog is where you deliver individuals to get to know, desire as well as reliable one.

Constantly try to remember that individuals patronize folks they recognize, like and faith.

There is no greater manner to target your market and build a relationship having your likelihood at that point having a blogging where folks can easily familiarize the actual you.

One can have a potent weblog setup in seconds that is actually not only all set to capture populars but to make purchases as well as prevail over the 1st pages of google just by snapping here and going using that internet site.

Before you can learn how to make residual income online you need to learn how to start online marketing.

Why are the Gaede Nazi twins permitted to make music with veiled threats in it, but rap is always censored?

The Gaede twins are two teen girls who sing and sell white power white hate/Neo-nazi music, to children and young adults. The producer from Resistance Records helps the teens advertise online and by going to school yards. Basically, a skinhead goes to different schools and passes out cd’s to children and teens that are white. The cd’s are intended to make young children into future Klan members, and encourage them to wish hatred and death upon non-white people. In the music, the songs are all about: “i hate black people” and “the world will be better if black people were not in it” and then there’s some: “let’s kill the black people so our environment will improve.” The teens were on ABC for a documentary, and they were talked about, but in a positive way. Apparently “Aryan Man Awake” is not so offensive to the media as much as The Ying Yang twins are. Now, all we hear the media, and people complaining about is Rap music. Rap music is evil, rap is degrading and violent. Congress even had hearings on some rap singer’s lyrical content. But white power music is never brought up to congress and you never hear anyone complaining about neo-nazi musicians and their violent lyrics do you? People act as though these bigots do not exist, as if they are not there. I believe this is done as a power strategy to help the white hate movement grow, but stay hidden in the shadows. It is said that the greatest trick the devil ever played, was making you believe he does not exist. If rap is going to be talked about like it’s trash, than i think the garbage of neo-nazi pop and rock should be cleaned out too.

Obviously, rap is hated more because it comes from black people. But for me, yellow hair, blue eyes, and european bar maid dresses does not make hate and violence cute.
Lyrics are always talked about when it comes to rap music, because it is violent and degrading to women. But what is so attractive about songs like this one:

“Victory Day” basically a song about how happy the white people will be after they have murdered all non-white people and the celebrations that will take place. Now, as a black woman, if i write a song about how happy i will be if i kill all white people, you can guarantee i would be in court facing obscenity/assault charges. Because assault is the act of talking about hurting someone, battery is when you actually commit the act. So just because these girls are blonde with blue eyes and they “sing” with soft voices, is no excuse or exception. They sing about hurting people for the joy of it and that IS violence, that is assault, a veiled threat, no matter how cutesy they try to act.
It is clear that America is basically saying that it is ok for white people to sing about violence and create nasty lyrics, because it is only considered offensive if a black person sings about violence and creates nasty lyrics. The song “oi oi oi skinhead boy” is considered “wholesome” and “sweet” but if you spit a little Mobb Deep or Too Short then it creates social tension.

I agree, upto a point -obviously these twins are nutjobs or have been brought up by nutjobs (I actually saw a documentary about them in the uk, which showed they were pretty much pushed into doing this by their mum, but anyway). But some rap (definitely not all) is quite offensive to women, which to me as a woman is nearly as bad as race hate. But like I said, the nazi’s shouldn’t be allowed to do this any more than the women hating rappers.

I mean you talk about these girls singing about killing people (again, you’re totally right, they shouldn’t be allowed to) but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard rap songs talking about rape and things…they shouldn’t be allowed to do that either. If I were you I’d stop comparing the two, you are a woman yourself, one must be as bad as the other to you.

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With the world economy in a fairly fragile state, more and more marketers are looking for ways to get the most bangs out of their buck while creating an advertising model with predictable ROI. The internet, being a global network of more than 2 billion users, affords them the ideal platform to achieve these goals. Most online advertising predictions foresee an influx of over $15 billion into online advertising and branding over the next five years.

This article should help you gauge what to expect from the online arena in the near future (read that as 5 years).

Video Is The New T.V.!
While TV may still hold one of the largest advertising shares in the world, video, its online counterpart, is quickly catching up. With online video ad spend increasing by 52% in 2011, video ad views have grown by 128%. And, according to eMarketer ‘by 2014, video will account of 15% of total online ad spending’, although Forrester Research places their estimates much higher at almost 30%.

This flurry of increased activity in the video advertising sector points to how marketers are coming to the realization that video is an excellent way to elicit an emotional reaction than display, sponsorships or any other format of online advertising.

While spending in alternative marketing avenues retains growth, video is rapidly gaining ground fueled by a number of developments including YouTube’s addition of pre-roll video ads and analytics, increased bandwidth and the opening up of the mobile market, and the modern consumer’s tendency to ignore banner ads.

Go Mobile!

According to, global mobile ad spending will explode in the next 5 years, reach over $20 billion by 2015. With over 700 million mobile internet users, smart phones are set to overtake the laptops and PCs as the primary way to get online.

The ability to connect with consumers anywhere in the world at anytime is the primary reason mobile advertising is taking off right now. Additionally, the medium is a rapidly growing networking platform that is likely to dominate the market as the technological bulk of laptops and PCs continue to disappear in favor of sleeker, smarter mobile devices.

Rich Media Display Ads
While display ads are being seen as an increasingly ignored form of advertising, marketers are capitalizing on rich media and higher bandwidth to create even more engaging banners and roll-over ads. Hover ads in particular are gaining increased prominence with some websites, while overall banner ad growth is poised to remain steady for the next five years, especially with the emergence of mobile platforms as a critical future revenue source.

Instead of looking at a profusion of banners ads taking up increasing amounts of space, we’re likely to experience some highly creative content with super-interactive banners leading the charge into the future of online advertising.

Brand Power

What with display advertising including video and banner ads likely to be on top of the every marketer’s to-do list, there’s also likely to be shift toward increased emphasis on branding. Instead of the massive influx of direct response ads that have been the hallmark of the past few years, anticipate increased spending on brand awareness campaign as well as guerilla and viral marketing strategies.

Geo-Targeting And Local Ads

With massive advances in geo-targeting technology and consumer analytics, more and more local businesses are turning to the internet in bids to drive more customers to their stores. These developments are especially crucial with the explosion in smart phone usage and the continued expansion of commercial opportunities within social platforms.

I predict that retailers and other commercial institutions will continue to engage in more sophisticated forms of targeted marketing and enhance their capacity to analyze individual consumer preferences.

Social Media

Enough has been said all over the internet and it’s safe to say that the near universal appeal of social media has real significance in marketing terms and is something that marketers simply cannot ignore. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are and will continue to be major forces when it comes to branding and customer relations.


Demand-side-platforms are emerging as a great way to accurately and efficiently target qualified prospects. More importantly, as the world of online marketing becomes increasingly complex, DSPs offer marketers the chance to make individual bids on highly desirable customers. I foresee a distinct need for more DSPs advertising budgets get tighter and marketers come under pressure to develop models with measurable ROI.

That’s about it for the most important upcoming trends in the world of online advertising. I hope this article helps create a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Cheers!


John Duff is a published author and senior marketing manager for Thomson Data, a data management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale. With over 11 years of experience in online marketing techniques, John has authored articles for several leading business journals, worldwide.

What is the best way to promote my band online?

I’m in a punk/ska band from the UK and we’re doing alright but I want to push advertising on-line further but have no idea how to go about it.

We have our website ( ) which is currently pointing to our myspace profile until the website design in finished. We’re also on Facebook, ReverbNation and Twitter but I can’t seem to get people to take notice.

What is the best strategy for advertising a band on-line?

There are alot of ways. 1.facebook 2.blogs 3. Q&A’s like this or band related 3. LinkIn 4. Merchant Cirlce 5. Create a account with your Band Name 6. Create a Youtube account with your band name. And most importantly CROSS LINK all of you accounts.

It may be time consuming, but it will pay off. Look into Google adwords when doing you blog to help increase the traffic. Let me recommend Easy to use & quick response. i attached my blog to show you as an example.

Hope this helps.

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Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to attract customers. The service of online advertising is mostly provided by online advertising companies. In their service model online advertising companies serve a client by varieties of online promotional methods. They use contextual ads on search engine results pages (SERP), banner ads, rich media ads, social networking, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing. Online marketing companies use Ad server for all these promotional activities.

Working with an online adverting company provides many advantages over traditional advertising. In online advertising, the content get published immediately irrespective of geography or time. With advertising on internet, there are better chances of ROI (Return on Investment). It provides improved scope for the customization of advertisements. AdWords, Yahoo! Search marketing and Google Adsense facilitate ads to be displayed on relevant web pages or on alongside search result.

Another benefit of working with online advertising companies is the control enjoyed by a client over the campaign. A client is always free to choose whether to get into or check out from the campaign. An online advertising company use various revenue models to arrange a campaign for the client. CPM, CPC and CPA are three most popular methods to purchase online advertising.

CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPT (Cost Per Thousand Impressions):  Under this method a client pay for exposure of his message to a specific audience.  Per Mile here refers to thousand impressions, or loads of an advertisement.

CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay per click):  Under this method, advertisers pay every time a user clicks on their listing across internet directed to their website. Digital experts use this method for searches and obtaining information about the market.  On Pay per click pricing system advertisers pay for target keywords listed on network of websites with relevant traffic towards their site.


CPA (Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition) or PPF (Pay Per Performance): This is aperformance based online advertising concept and is in vogue in the affiliate marketing sector of the business. In this method a publisher takes all the risk of running the ad, and the advertiser pays only for the amount of users who complete a transaction, such as a purchase or sign-up.

With purpose of promotion online advertising companies employ different formats of advertising proliferated around internet.  The most popular ad formats online are Floating ad, trick Banner, expanding ad, polite ad, wallpaper ad, pop-up, pop-under, video ad, map ad, superstitial ad, interstitial ad. Streaming video or audio is another very popular mean of online advertising method used by companies in a viral campaign. However, with advancement in technologies and with birth of new concepts online advertising companies update its method and strategies.      

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What should I charge as an hourly wage for my small business?

I recently started a small marketing firm and acquired my first client. I began this for experience only, as I am in my last year of undergrad (Marketing Major at the University of Louisville). Recently my client insisted that I form a contract so that he may start paying me. I have the contract drafted, but I am unsure what to charge for my hourly wage. I have interned at a financial firm for the past 4 years earning 12$ per hour and will continue this job while also working for myself.

My services are as follows:
•Developing Marketing Strategies
•Implementing Marketing Strategies
•Managing Online promotional tools
•Providing consultation when necessary
•Communication to advertising medias
•Improve the company’s marketing yield
•Reporting to the Owner / Operator
Administrative duties & periodic, light in store help

Hours per week will fluctuate depending on work load, but remain rather low (Ave 7 per week). How much do you think I should charge?

Additional Details
The client is just starting out, (9 weeks in). 30 dollars an hour as suggested by my first respondent seems a little steep, and I have very little to no overhead to clear, also, I don’t have a degree yet. 30 dollars an hour equates to nearly 60K full time, and I have never seen any starting Marketing job offer that much. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to charge that, I just think my client will laugh at me if I approach him with a number like that. Am I totally off base by thinking I should charge lower that 15 an hour?

Aaron, I believe you need to get paid what you are putting into the contract. 60K minus all taxes (always estimate takes as 30%) and any benefits you would pay into…now you are really looking at 42K. That’s here nor there but a good rule of thumb I suppose to remember.

I know you are an upstart business but I have seen over and over again small business owners who under estimate what their time and knowledge is worth. If you don’t want to work with a figure of 30.00, then go for 18.00 and hour…I get the feeling you’d be more comfortable asking for that.

I’m a former VP in banking and a small business consultant as well as owning a few business of my own.

I recall starting out under valuing my knowledge and charging 15.00 and hour, I was working like a fool and slowly came to know I needed to not only protect my time (what I was going to bill for) and charge more. I knew I was worth the money.

Your clients don’t know that you have no overhead.

Consider charging 18.00 and see where that goes.

Hope it helps.

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Before you expect your online business to succeed, one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration is proper advertising for your online page. Most online businesses have nearly forgotten that there is a need for them to advertise. Generally speaking, the most successful businesses that are out there these days took their time researching the most effective methods they could use.

Remember, you cannot expect people to suddenly recognize your site, as well as the products and services that you are offering. Your appearance to search engines plays an essential role. But, you have to put in mind that advertising is highly essential in this industry too. You can’t just depend on SEO services and other search engine optimization techniques. You still have to exert effort and advertise – this way, people will be able to easily see your business, both in search engines and through other online pages.

Before we discuss an ideal and effective advertising strategy, you have to know this: word of mouth is the most effective amongst the other techniques and strategies. This means that if you’re planning on becoming one of the most known companies in your industry, always think of different ways on how you can pass by word of mouth what your company is offering.

One of the common issues and problems that most people experience these days is that they think that advertising requires a lot of money and investment on your end. It is indeed true, that some strategies would require you to spend a huge sum of money – but not in all cases. As a matter of fact, there are many alternatives wherein you are not required to pay for advertising services. Take online advertising websites for instance. These online classified sites are not just for those individuals looking for jobs. It is not just for selling your old car, and definitely not just for those who are looking for maid services. For starters, posting your products, services and contact details into these online classifieds can play a very essential role when it comes to promoting your website, and showing everybody what your business has to offer. Just make sure that if you are planning on doing this as your primary advertising strategy, you have to think of catchy titles – this way, people will be more interested in reading your ad’s content and be attracted to try out your services.

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, most online classifieds allow you to post for free. This means, even if you are a starting online business, you can enjoy the traffic and the phone calls that you get with all those inquiries that you’ve been dying to have.

Register at Mozame and get started with your advertising campaign. Whether you’re selling cheap perfumes, or regardless if you are in the real estate industry, this site will help you get started in gathering all those hits that you’ve been dreaming to have. Online advertising is easy as 1-2-3; it’s just a matter of being knowledgeable on which sites to join and trust, and which strategies are perfect.

What is the best place to advertise an apartment?

I need to sublease my apartment, and I’ve posted (with pictures) on craigslist,, and some local sites. I am not really getting a response. What are the best strategies for advertising the place? Online, or should I post fliers everywhere??

Also, is it better to give a lot of details in an ad, or less details so you dont scare anyone off?

If you are not getting any responses it probably means your price is too high. Have you looked at the other ads on Craigslist to see where you are relative to similar apartments? I think some people are leery of subleasing. If the remaining lease term is too short or if you are renting a furnished apartment, you are likely to have fewer prospects.
In Chicago, a free weekly paper called “The Reader” used to be THE place for advertising in much of the city. Craigslist seems to have taken over as the first place anyone with Internet access will look for an apartment. You can try a local paper, and post signs in the neighborhood where allowed. Local colleges might be another possibility.
You want to list positives: location, new appliances and finishes, good light, pets allowed, etc. If you have flattering pictures, post them too. If you don’t want to list the address on Craigslist, at least put the nearest intersection. If I see an ad without a specific location, I assume its nowhere I want to live.

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On-line Advertising And Targeting

Online Advertising: Demographic Targeting

The old demographic targeting chestnut of targeting audiences according to important traits like age, sex, salary, location, socioeconomic class and marital status. Becoming a two-way medium, the world wide web has often been top-dog for demographic targeting simply because it allows for up-to-date and interactive collection of data.

A lack of consistency and poor preparing on media owners’ parts has confirmed to be the biggest drawback previously for online demographic targeting. In 2007 however, media owners have turn into smarter and a lot more effective at collecting and utilising user information for on-line advertising.
On-line Advertising: Contextual Targeting

Contextual advertising has usually existed but has come into its own with the emergence ofonline advertising. It is the placement of advertising subsequent to associated content for example a written webpage, user generated content, on the internet video or in search results.

In 2007 there have been important leaps forward in contextual on-line advertising that allow for advertising to be positioned in ways that had been never before potential. It permits for far more precise targeting resulting in far better attention from buyers equating to much better exposure for brand creating, higher clickthrough rates and ultimately elevated return on investment (ROI).

On the internet Advertising: Geographic Targeting

At the moment geo-targeted on-line advertising utilizes location based searches and sites with geo-specific content. These open up the selection for geographical targeting already in a similar approach to a regional newspaper. Google Maps as well as other comparable offerings enable an individual to enter their postcode to discover the location of local organization already including pizza deliveries.

Nonetheless, the net knows where you are – especially when using your mobile phone. While a user’s location could always be discerned roughly employing an IP address, it is now entirely feasible to pin-point a consumer’s location quite accurately. In 2007/2008 geo-targeted web advertising will start to be based on a user’s actual location, so advertising particularly to Bognor Regis will no longer be the stuff of marketers’ fantasies.
Online Advertising: Behavioural Targeting

Behavioural targeting may be the strategy of targeting individuals based on their past behaviour. By monitoring behaviour, marketers can find out patterns and attempt to predict ways to industry to user behaviour inside the future. The majority of behaviour is monitored anonymously with all data getting aggregated confidentially – so meaningful behavioural information will not be tracked back to any one individual.

Search engines and display advertising are leading the field in behavioural advertising thanks to their immense reach. Search engines including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft can monitor each search carried out and then supply trends based on the info provided by thousands of buyers with comparable search patterns.

On-line advertising (which includes wealthy media) can use behavioural targeting in an extremely potent way thanks to advertising networks and sales houses. These organizations deliver display adverts to thousands of publisher sites like the Guardian, ITV and Sky. At the very same time their technologies is able to monitor consumer patterns for example the content men and women look at and then how most likely they’re to be stimulated by particular types of advertising.

As these giant global on-line advertising networks continue to collect information from the millions of buyers that access their pages, patterns and trends will continue to emerge permitting marketers to know more concerning the consumer than the consumer will ever know about their very own subconscious getting patterns. Click here to visit my blog for more tips. Click here to learn how to advertise online.

Jens is a multilingual (Dutch, English, French and German) entrepreneur who has built several successful network marketing businesses during the past 3 years. Although he is still quite young, his knowledge of online marketing strategies has definitely helped many people to achieve the lifestyle they were dreaming of.

What is the best place to advertise an apartment?

I need to sublease my apartment, and I’ve posted (with pictures) on craigslist,, and some local sites. I am not really getting a response. What are the best strategies for advertising the place? Online, or should I post fliers everywhere??

Also, is it better to give a lot of details in an ad, or less details so you dont scare anyone off?

If you are not getting any responses it probably means your price is too high. Have you looked at the other ads on Craigslist to see where you are relative to similar apartments? I think some people are leery of subleasing. If the remaining lease term is too short or if you are renting a furnished apartment, you are likely to have fewer prospects.
In Chicago, a free weekly paper called “The Reader” used to be THE place for advertising in much of the city. Craigslist seems to have taken over as the first place anyone with Internet access will look for an apartment. You can try a local paper, and post signs in the neighborhood where allowed. Local colleges might be another possibility.
You want to list positives: location, new appliances and finishes, good light, pets allowed, etc. If you have flattering pictures, post them too. If you don’t want to list the address on Craigslist, at least put the nearest intersection. If I see an ad without a specific location, I assume its nowhere I want to live.

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