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When you think about the world of internet marketing, you should be sure that you are not thinking about many traditional or conventional marketing strategies. While there is certainly is much in the way of overlap between the old forms of marketing and the strategies of online marketing, it is essential that you think about the ways in which these models differ. One way in which they differ is that the new kind of online marketing is more concerned with some complex methods, such as list building, which can actually be simple once you actually get the hang of it. At the same time, you need to make sure that you are using your best sales and marketing strategies.

So what exactly defines internet marketing as opposed to other kinds of marketing? This might be a good way to start. In short, if you are interested in this new kind of marketing, it is essential that you think about more than just the sale. Instead, you need to concentrate on some exceptionally important components, such as capturing email addresses, ensuring your prospects of your ability to keep their personal and sales information completely secure and confidential, and creating subscription lists so that your prospects and customers can keep up with your business. It also is a great idea to think about social media and how this new kind of communication changes the game.

Let’s go over some basics about internet marketing. This is at the core of all smart online marketing strategies.

Online marketing should be all about developing relationships with prospects who become customers.
In most cases, you only have one chance to convince your prospects that you are a trustworthy and knowledgeable business person.
Your goal is not always to make the sale, but to generate interest, which later leads to sales.

When you think about the strategies for internet marketing, you learn that there are many different concerns, which is why most people need to have some kind of expert advice. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a small fortune using an online marketing guru, but you can find affordable and even free information, such as e-books, which can help you to develop a great squeeze page, create wonderful email lists, and improve your contact and network information. In other words, if you want to get to the core of your niche market, you are going to have to get the most relevant information to make sure that you get your customers the first time around and keep them.

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What is the best marketing strategy for online mahjong?

Hong Kong Mahjong

Hi, perhaps you can try Google adwords to market your service/product.

Google adwords is a text-based system for advertising on its site and its partner sites. The service allows you to create your own ads, choose keywords to help match your ads to your audience, and control the cost of your advertising—you pay only when people click on your ad (a cost per click plan). Anyone wishing to promote a product on Google can enroll in this program.

you can get a 5 detail pages information about Google adwords at :

Good Luck && Best Wishes!

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If you want to start an online business and be successful doing it, you need to do a lot of planning. Starting an online business and doing it in a haphazard manner is a prerequisite to disaster. After all, there are many variables that you have to consider and contend with. If you make decisions that are unfounded, chances are you’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel before your online business gets far. To have a profitable online business, sound online business ideas have to be employed. This paves the way to having an online business strategy that works and contributes to the development of your online business.

The first order of business you have to pay attention to is to set up your own website. If you still don’t have much capital to pay for a website, remember that there are free ones that you can take advantage of. But nonetheless, paying for a domain is relatively cheaper nowadays. And if you’re just starting out, you can settle for the cheapest plans initially since your website won’t require advanced online tools yet.

So think of a catchy but relevant name for your online business and set it up as a domain name. Once you’ve built your website, you only have to employ the right online business ideas and a sound online business strategy in order to get leads for your online business.

The following are the most effective online advertising methods that you can use:

1. Article Marketing
People will always look for relevant content when they’re checking on a particular product or service. Posting informative articles is a great way to attract customers since it showcases your knowledge about the particular field. If your articles are of any help, those who have benefited from reading them will want more information from you. And since you’re already a trusted source of information, your products and services will get a big boost as well.

Aside from being informative, your articles need to cover a wide range of topics relevant to the niche. This will sustain the interest of your site’s visitors.

2. PPC Marketing
Google is one of the most important tools in marketing today. What you do is set up campaigns or advertisements for your online business and then bid a certain amount in order to get a high ranking. Higher ranking translates to more website hits. If you have more online presence, profit should come in droves. The most popular PPC program right now is Google Adwords. You should however take the time to monitor the trends in order to find out which program is best suited for your online business.

3. Banner Exhange Sites
Two or more sites can strike up an agreement to post each other’s banners on their own respective sites. This can be done with a company whose products and services aren’t competing with your own but are related somehow. This method increases traffic for your website and doesn’t cost that much since it’s a mutual agreement.

4. Classified Ad Sites
Ads that are classified are where people go to in order to look for something specific. When you put up an advertisement in one of those sites for a fee, you are able to attract visitors who are interested in the products and services that you have on offer.

These four online advertising methods have been proven successful, especially when done right. Remember that there are other online business ideas that require your attention. The key to achieving success in your online business is to use the tools necessary and employing a relevant online business strategy. The rest, as they say, is easy.

Dreaming of your own business to be successful but having some doubt into it because you know that it’s not easy to do? Worry no more because of the help of the latest and effective Online Business Ideas in Australia from DreamPushers your dream will surely come true. Making your dreams into reality.

If you have any online business ideas or strategy please don’t hesitate to share it with us. Thanks.

Looking for a qualified business certification online that could improve chance to find a job?


Is there any online service which offer certification for business subjects like business analyst, consulting, strategy, branding, business development, six sigma, etc that is acceptable by multinational company.

Example, in IT area, there are CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, etc, certifications.


I have used them and it was an affordable and good experience, I would recommend them.

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A key component of running a successful website is an online marketing strategy. The key goals of the strategy are to achieve increased traffic on the website, increase brand awareness for products and services and ultimately increase customer sales. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) provided by a professional SEO Company is a key component of any online marketing strategy as it improves the internet visibility of a website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Most websites are viewed by people who have entered a query into an internet search engine and selected the website from the list of links displayed. SEOis a method of optimising a website to facilitate it being ranked highly in search results. The higher the website appears on the list the more visible it becomes. This then translates to more website visits and potential customer sales.

SEO Companies

An SEO Companywill work with a website owner to implement effective Search Engine Optimisation.They will identify the ways used by the relevant target customers to search and then analyse the use of that method to determine the best optimisation strategy to improve online visibility of the website.

Important factors are what relevant keywords users enter (what are they searching for?) and what methods the search engine uses to match the query to a relevant website. It is then essential that the website and its content are modified to match the queries and the methods that the engines use to find websites. An optimised website then allows your online marketing strategy to more effectively target the right type of potential customer who is actually looking for your relevant product or service.

Importance of Key Words

Keywords need to be chosen that will cover the main searches entered by the target market. The selection of key words must also be supported by actually providing content that matches what the potential customer was originally searching for. If the relevance of the website to the search is correctly matched then the anticipated result is a financial reward through the conversion of the website view into a sale.

The success of keywords can be monitored. If they are not returning the results expected then the same process can be used to determine a better choice of words to meet customer expectations. This may be the result of a change in demand which also helps direct your overall strategy on what products and services to offer and market based on what customers are searching for.

The correct choice of an SEO Company will ensure effective Search Engine Optimisation that improves the visibility and traffic of a website.  These improvements form the linchpin of achieving the objectives of an online marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and convert website views into increased sales.

It is important to discuss online marketing with an experienced professional to ensure that the best strategy is put in place for your website. Search Engine Optimisation forms a major component of this strategy and all potential options can be discussed in detail with an SEO Company to implement an effective campaign.

need your feedback on my resume?

Mr. XX
xxx Eglinton Ave.W. #999, Toronto, Ont.
Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Objective: To obtain a Marketing / Project Coordinator position within a progressive company that offers friendly environment with opportunities for growth and professional development.


•Over 8 years of marketing and communication experience managing many projects worth over a quarter of million dollars per annual.
•Prepared and managed the annual marketing budget of $5 million
•Full process knowledge of print and web advertising.
•Excellent verbal and written communications.
•Problem solver and excellent organizational abilities.
•Extremely sharp at quickly assessing needs and priorities.
•Effective working both independently and as a team member.

Work Experience:

Senior Project Coordinator – Marketing2008
Toronto, Ont.

•Planned, developed, and executed print and online advertising activities with an emphasis on acquiring new audience.
•Assisted in developing goals, objectives and strategies for the Marketing department.
•Worked closely with Media Relation and Sponsorship department to promote xxxxx and enhance its image in the corporate world.
•Measured results and evaluated the effectiveness of the marketing plan for each program and project upon completion.
•Recommended and managed marketing budgets for each program.
•Worked with web and graphic departments to update and maintain the company’s website content.
•Supervised and trained 5 seasonal assistants.

Print Production Coordinator 2007 – 2008
Toronto, Ont.

•Coordinated the completion of projects in accordance with the quoted specifications, on time and to the customer’s satisfaction.
•Analyzed problems and implement solutions in the most cost efficient manner.
•Reduced annual production cost by 7% through contract negotiation with outside suppliers.
•Coordinated the development and implantation of clients’ online order form.
•Planned and developed innovative “We Care Program” to better anticipate and satisfy customers’ needs and promote better customer relations.
•Prepared purchase orders for outside suppliers.
•Liaison between customer and all internal and external departments.

Project Estimator 2004 – 2007
Toronto, Ont.

•Prepared project cost estimates in a professional, timely and efficient manner.
•Worked closely with V.P of sales & Account Managers and developed sales strategies that resulted into annual sale of $32 million in 2006 (company’s highest ever).
•Worked with the sales and marketing team to help maintain sales objectives and remain price competitive in the market.
•Analyzed and coordinated programs to identify and preserve company’s corporate advantage.
•Recommended operating practice and process changes to senior managers to improve requirements planning, procurement and vendor management processes.
•Located vendors of materials/supplies and interview them in order to determine product availability and terms of sales.

Junior Marketing Manager2001 – 2004
Scarborough, Ont.

•Managed the timeline and production of all customers’ printed materials such as brochures, direct mail, flyers, etc.
•Run weekly, monthly and quarterly marketing reports for executive review.
•Increase customer satisfaction rate by 15% by closely monitoring and adjusting to their special request.
•Helped Identify desirable new business opportunities and market expansion potential by conducting sales and marketing competitive analysis.
•Responded and provided assistance to incoming inquiries via telephone, fax, e-mail and web.

•Ryerson University
Marketing Management

Computer Skills:
Adobe IllustratorQuark Xpress
Adobe PhotoshopMS Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)

Wording is well done.

The order of events i’d change.

The employer is going to look for WHO You have worked for first and what you did there first and foremost.

Profile can go to the bottom its fluff.

Fancy up your degree. Degree is important now-a-days. (Bachelor of Science (BS): Sales and Marketing Management Degree … or whatever)
Don’t mention GPA, you didn’t but just fyi

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SEO experts and SEO consultants agree it’s best to get started on some sort of SEO marketing campaign while in webpage preparing . A SEO company can give the most suitable assistance.

Search Engine Optimization, or alternatively SEO, is the process of reaching an improved page ranking in different search engines for a web site. The higher a web site rates, the more page views it’ll attain without the need of buying a strategy. Search engine optimization practices do need a certain amount of investment of time and frequently a financial expenditure to boost the particular page ranking of a web page. There are various objects on your webpage that will be utilised by search engines like google to figure out where every single website should really be placed on that specific search directory.

The particular website name of your website is an essential factor by which search engines determine the particular page ranking. It’s good practice to choose a domain name that is relevant to your website content. The label of your web site is a crucial element considered by the major search engines when figuring out the particular ranking of a website. The more appropriate the exact webpage title, the greater weighted the actual webpage should be placed. The actual title is often offered considerable weight for position purposes from the major search engines.

To end up being well positioned webpage managers have to use a lots of high class written content. High quality information which is original is more desirable for the purpose of ranking purposes. These search engines can and will decipher excellent articles hidden around the ‘filler’ written content. Practices that could initially give a website a very high page ranking but then later a decreased page rank, are utilizing filler articles. Content re-writing and also keyword filling use content which are grammatically inaccurate , nor make sense.

Web owners need to cautiously think about what internet websites they link to. Backlinks to an individual webpage are actually another thing the major search engines make use of to position a web site. Back links by top quality web pages with at least somewhat similar articles are provided far better page ranking compared with links back via internet websites that are hyperlink farms: web sites that do articles rewriting or even sites which do keyword filling. An often debated Search engine optimization method is having a domain that has been in existence for a long time. The industry is split to whether employing a fresh internet domain is best or whether using an older web address concentrating on the same webpage written content is the greater expenditure.

A seo company will offer the most beneficial information for SEO strategies. SEO experts along with SEO consultants agree it is smart to begin a SEO campaign during web site preparation stages.

seo company,seo consultants,seo experts,search engine marketing,search engine optimisation,Google adwords

Does anyone have any SEO suggestions for my site?

I’m a small fish in a big real estate pond. I just recently put together a new site and I wanted to see what people recommend regarding good SEO strategy. Take a look at my site and even show some comment love if you will.

Thanks : )
Correction is the link

It seems as though your link is broken or incorrect, i cant get to it. I have a few good SEO strategies that I use on all of my sites and would be glad to help you out. My contact info is in my profile. Shoot me a line and maybe I can help.

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Anyone. You don’t have to be a pro to be able to launch an online business. Everybody starts from scratch. It is how you strive until the end which is important.

Affiliate Marketing: Get paid by promoting other businesses or their products and services. If you feature or advertise goods, you can have a share of commission from the sales produced.

Blogging: If you like writing that much, why not use it to make a profit? You can get paid by using your blogs to advertise about a new Spa Salon by writing a review about its exceptional services or reveal the good effects a certain beauty care product you have just tried.

Buying and Selling Online: If you have goods to sell, post them in websites which allow free product displays and auctions. You can also buy items at negotiated prices in those websites and even get commission from acting as a sales agent for others.

Freelance Service Provision: You can work in a virtual office for outsourcing companies. There are a lot of available freelance service providing-websites nowadays. Just make sure they are legitimate and you will not get tricked into doing professional services for people who will disappear after you submit your deliverables on time.

Website Design Service and Website Hosting: Every online businessman such as yourself is in need of a website to promote his products or services. Website design and web hosting services will be a good way to earn dollar profit.

Social Media Strategy Consultation Services: People who use social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar sites to promote their business need professional social media strategists to help them build reputation among the said social media site users.

I ALREADY KNOW THE LATEST ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS RIGHT NOW, WHAT ABOUT ONLINE BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR NEWBIES LIKE ME? The following basic online business strategies will be applicable for starters:

Select a direct and unique niche to start up with to make your business more competitive. Do not target general audience like DOCTORS. Be more specific, like choosing BRAIN SURGEONS instead.

Try to learn more the business you selected. Research more about it and get/purchase all the tools you need for it. If you lack resources, find business partners who can help you.

There are a lot of online business strategies to make your website and business fresh and more striking to customers. Make use of SEO. Using catchy, compelling articles to describe your products and services will help you attract more traffic. Load your website with photos and videos to give more information to site visitors.

Be careful. Enough said. Don’t trust easily unless you fully researched for a company offering services to your business.

Learn from every experience you gain. Build a system of goals and counteractions that will guide you all throughout your business.

Dreaming of your own business to be successful but having some doubt into it because you know that it’s not easy to do? Worry no more because of the help of the latest and effective Online Business Ideas in Australia from DreamPushers your dream will surely come true. Making your dreams into reality.

If you have any online business ideas or strategy please don’t hesitate to share it with us. Thanks.

How to get my business up and running successfully?

I have an online retail and wholesale business selling educational 3D wood puzzles ( ). I am looking to expand and grow my business quickly and gain a larger customer base. Ultimately, what sales or marketing strategy could I use? What do you suggest I do? I have limited capital but would like to hear suggestions, recommendations, opinions from all. Thanks!

Post your business info on free classified ad websites. It doesn’t cost anything and gets lots of exposure for your business. Here’s a short list of some good ones I use all the time: (it’s owned by eBay and it’s FREE)

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With the passengers at the airports getting multiple transports options to travel, the airport taxi service companies have now had a challenging task of marketing their services to the potential customers. This is why many of these airport taxi service providers need to adopt an effective online marketing campaign strategy to promote their services and secure new business opportunities from time to time. 

Today, passengers at the airports have multiple options such as public transports, taxi services, rental cars and even limousines to choose from. Every passenger has their own preference to use a specific transport service. Therefore, attracting passengers to airport taxi service has become much more challenging that it was ever before.

By adopting and implementing an online marketing campaign strategy, airport taxi service providers can ensure better business opportunities for them. Although there are quite a few online marketing techniques available to promote an airport taxi service, the following techniques are considered to be the most effective in the marketing arsenal.

Press Release Distribution:

Writing press releases can be very effective for promoting your airport taxi services to the new customers. You can issue press releases about the new offers or special discounts and allow your potential passengers to take advantage of them. A large portion of your prospective passengers are looking for your services online and read your press releases. Therefore, you have a bright opportunity to attract their attention to your special offers and secure potential business opportunities.

Ratings on Google Places/Yahoo Local:

While devising a robust online marketing campaign strategy for your airport taxi service, remember to include a plan to improve your ratings on Google Places business and Yahoo Local as well. As a matter of fact, your potential passengers search for your services using tools including Google Places and Yahoo Local and tend to choose your services based on your online ratings.

Therefore, having positive ratings across these places are critical to getting more business. Although there is no established procedure to achieve positive rankings, you can always try to offer the best of your services to your passengers and encourage them to offer positive feedback whenever possible. Whether your existing passengers offer your positive feedback depends largely on the quality of your services and the level of your hospitality as well.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing:

We are living in a world driven by mobile devices with people breathing social media tools like Facebook and Twitter at the break of dawn. Therefore, the word-of-mouth marketing has assumed incredible significance for your small businesses such as airport taxi services. Make sure you establish a good rapport with your existing passengers and leave them with a great deal of satisfaction. They will, in all probability, spread the word and help your service promote on its own. Moreover, you can also have a Facebook Page and Twitter handle for your airport taxi service and mention the same across all your marketing materials.


Blogging is most effective of all online marketing tools available to you to promote your airport taxi services. Technically, blogging serves a greater purpose than just promoting your services. It is a marketing tool that lets your customers interact with you, allowing you potential insights into what your potential customers are looking for. Try to be a bit more creative with your blogging strategies and share your experiences apart from talking about your new offers. You can also publish photos of satisfied customers and publish them on your blog and share the same across social media platforms to create buzz around.

When building an online marketing strategy for your airport taxi service, remember to help your campaign carry a clear message i.e why airport taxi service is a better option than any other means of transport at the airport. Once you’re able to start off your campaign on a good note, it will pave the way for a brighter future for your airport taxi business. 

TraveList is a specialized travel press release service website. You can submit travel news to TraveList. It is recommended to become a member of this online marketing platform to boost your travle business at

Where can i find some good online information about “internet marketing strategies”?

look in business directories and research marketing strategies in general and then this can easily be applied to the Internet. or maybe im thinking about the wrong thing i just done a report in a leave about marketing stratagies and lossly applied it to tesco.

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Regardless of what your business happens to be or how many employees you have, it is dependent upon sales in order to be successful. Of course, there are going to be differences in the way that you get those sales as well as the methods that you use for your sales strategies. There are some, however, which are more popular than others and tend to be good for almost any type of business. Here are a few of those strategies that you may want to incorporate into your business as well.

Regardless of whether you own an online or off-line business, having an affiliate program in place is going to be to your benefit. Affiliate programs give you the benefit of having other people act as a sales force for you, and they will receive a commission from the sale once it is completed. If you are doing this online, it is going to be relatively easy for you to track the sales that come in because of special affiliate program software that is available. If you are doing it off-line, you are going to need to use some other type of tactic in order to trace those sales effectively. Don’t overlook this method as a way to successfully increase your bottom line.

Advertising is also an excellent way for you to increase your sales, but the way that you do this advertising is going to differ, depending upon the business that you offer. If you are targeting people in your local area, you may find that you are getting the most success by placing ads in the local paper or perhaps purchasing radio spots. If you are targeting a larger audience that is in various areas, the Internet is going to provide you with the ability to do this most effectively. You can have newsletter ads or perhaps have an email campaign that is going to draw people to your business effectively.

Have you considered using social media to increase your business? This is something that is becoming more and more popular, especially considering how many people are using Facebook and the other social media networks. The beauty of using social media in order to increase your business is the fact that you can contact people effortlessly to provide them with coupons and other items of value that will help to attract them to your business effectively. You may also find that it is a good idea to mix the marketing with some genuine information that is going to be of benefit to them as well. This will help you to increase your success.

Regardless of the type of business you operate or the type of advertising you do, be sure that you are looking into one of the sales training courses online that are available. These courses will give you the opportunity to increase your business through effective sales technics, regardless of whether they are taking place on the telephone or over the Internet. Increasing your sales has an obvious positive effect on your business that will be seen for the long-term.

James Dorn is the author of this article about online sales training courses and the different sales strategies you can learn from those classes. James now writes about his sales experience in order to help others out there like him.

i got a check for a job off craigslist and was told to cash it!?

i just recieved the check should i cash it or what?

Our Company Name is Waltham International. We are located in SWITZERLAND,
>Which has become the leading watch manufacturing company and offers better
>future opportunities. Walham revises its brand strategy by emphasising style
>and elegance, while manufacturing exclusive limited editions. The primary
>goal of the Administrative Officer is to provide local customer assistant
>to our clients within North America. You will be assisting our clients
>within North America, the assistance to be provided will include: payment
>collections and customer service.
>Your duties will include:
>- Collecting Local Payments
>When a buyer in United States decides to purchase an item through an online
>auction from our sellers he has the following payment options: Money orders,
>international wire transfer, international check, or local wire transfer.
>The quickest option of these is local wire transferring. Local wire
>transfers are the option that the sales support representative will provide
>to the clients.
>- Managing Data
>Along with the payments received from buyers you will be receiving details
>for these sales. These details will include items sold, price, and buyer’s
>information. You are to file and maintain these purchasing records and
>- Forwarding of the Payments
>Once you receive each payment you will be keeping 10% as commission and
>forwarding the rest to the seller or representative, whose information will
>be provided prior each transaction. It is crucial to complete forwarding of
>the payments in a time efficient manner.
>- Fees, and Transferring Procedures
>All fees are covered by the company. The fees for transferring are simply
>deducted from the payments received. No client will contact you during
>initial stage of the trial period. After three weeks of the trial period you
>will begin to have contact with the buyers via email in regards to
>collection of the payments. For the first three weeks you will simply
>receive all of the transferring details, and payments, along with step by
>step guidance from your supervisor. You will be forwarding the received
>payments by wire transfer.
>Additional Information:
>During the trial period, you will be paid 2,000USD per month while working
>on average 3-4hours per day, plus 10% commission from every payment received
>and forwarded. The salary will be sent in the form of wire transfer directly
>to your account. After the trial period your base pay salary will go up to
>2,200USD per month, plus 10% commission.
>You will receive a monthly invoice stating your total income. All applicable
>taxes are covered by the company.
>Your First Primary task (Collection of Payments):
>1. Receive payment from our Customers or Clients.
>2. Cash Payment at your Bank or any cashing facilities near you.
>3. Deduct 10 % which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed
>4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices
>you will be contacted to send payment to, you’ll have a lot of free time
>doing another job, because this job schedule is flexible, you’ll get good
>income .But this job is very challenging and you should understand it.
>Please kindly fill your details below, so that you can get started.
>Personal Information
>Full Name:
>Apt #:
>Postal Code:
>Resident Phone Number:
>Frank Walcott

This is a variant of the Nigerian 419 scam..


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A lot of people are wary of starting an online business due to the fact that there are many variables to pay attention to. And in a fast-paced internet arena, it is easy to get overwhelmed with new online systems that always come out of the woodwork. If you don’t pay attention, problems may arise out of unforeseen circumstances. If you are not aware of many of these circumstances, it’s more likely that the online business ideas you are implementing aren’t doing your business any good. Using an online business strategy that doesn’t coincide with current business variables and circumstances is a total waste of energy and resources.

What you need is to hire the services of a media agency that will stay abreast of new breakthroughs, online systems, and business trends. A business entity that consolidates all these new information and synthesize them into one big idea can be beneficial to your online business in more ways than one. Software or an organized protocol can be delivered for your disposal, and the fact that you are implementing an online business strategy and making use of new online business ideas, your online business will be more able to roll with the punches of a changing business landscape.

There are many sectors involved in an online business. If you’re handling an online retail business, you will need a virtual assistant that will help you in the processing of orders, deliveries, and payments. A dropshipper can do the handling of the stocks and can go through the deliveries on your behalf. And this is done in a systematized protocol that is easy for you to oversee.

An automated online business also makes labor more efficient. Delegating specified tasks to people who have been trained specifically for the task at hand will ensure that the work produced is of high quality.

Profits always come fast when using an automated online business model. You don’t make decisions that can incur bad consequences for your business venture. When business is organized, overseeing the aspects involved in running and managing it is made easier. This way, you are able to address the kinks that need solving and set up short-term goals that pave the way towards reaching the long-term goals.

An automated online business also works around the clock. You can go on a vacation and not have to worry about your business going into the rut just because you are not able to monitor the venture 24 hours a day. This doesn’t mean that you can just ignore your online business for months, but when your workforce personnel, virtual assistants, and market researches are doing their specific jobs in their own specific schedules, you are at least assured that your project is not straying off the rails.

Finding a good media agency that will automate your online business can be tricky. Just make sure that the website of the company you are targeting is showcasing an impressive portfolio. Once you find a media agency that you can trust your project to, your online business should benefit from new online business ideas and ensure that each online business strategy employed is relevant.

Dreaming of your own business to be successful but having some doubt into it because you know that it’s not easy to do? Worry no more because of the help of the latest and effective Online Business Ideas in Australia from DreamPushers your dream will surely come true. Making your dreams into reality.

If you have any online business ideas or strategy please don’t hesitate to share it with us. Thanks.

Anybody know a fun, free, strategy online game that I can ignore for long periods of time?

I just want to burn time, but I don’t want to have to sit and hold a mouse and whatnot.
Something turn based would be good so I can get up and take care of business and then come back to the little game and continue where I left off.

Cheap, silly war games are probably best. I just haven’t played much in a while, and I want to find one to help whe I’m bored.

Bloons Tower Defense 5. Definitely. You have to make an account in order to save your games but it doesn’t take long. Really fun strategy game involving tower defense style gaming. You can also put it on double speed to speed through easy levels. The towers all have explanations when you hover over them as well as explanations for the upgrades.

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Does anyone care what consumers think about advertising?  They should!

As consumers, we are used to ads being all around us – it’s a part of life.  One stat (found on says that by the time we are 65, we will have seen more than 2 million TV ads.  Then think about the number of online ads, mobile ads, print ads, billboards, and on and on…!

So, ads are a given.  We understand that brands need to fight for ways to get through to us and make us love their products.  But, I would argue, at this point people are so inundated by advertising messages that messages are either a) not getting through at all, or (even worse) b) totally annoying people.

Brands are always looking for the places where consumers are gathering and doing their thing, in order to pop ads into the mix.  But is that really the best way to go? It makes sense in a way since there are lots of people, but… is that where/when consumers want to be hit with messaging???  I see lots of stats about which types of ads are the most effective, which are most used by advertisers, and so on.  But I’ve seen little to nothing regarding what the consumer thinks of those ads.  So adpropo did a consumer survey in the fall, and guess what? People are annoyed by online advertising, and want to see things happen in a different way.  Here are 2 charts to summarize the consumer side of the story:

Now, there are definitely some good ad strategies out there, and consumers can certainly benefit when they get the right/relevant info at the right/appropriate time.  But if I had a nickel for all the stories I hear about how annoying it is to have to watch a 30 second ad while waiting to see a video, or how annoying brand posts on Facebook can be, I wouldn’t be writing this, I’d be relaxing at a fabulous beach house.

It seems to me that in general, a new dynamic is needed.  Things seem to be tracking along a path that is more habitual than right.  With so much money being spent on advertising (about $31 billion in US online spend in 2011, according to eMarketer), there has to be a way to funnel that investment into fun, entertaining engagement that is truly valuable for both sides.  As a consumer, I say to brands – be very careful allocating your ad budget to sites/apps where you will be a distraction or interruption to my main goal.  Give me your message in context, where I know exactly what I’m getting and am open to it, make it fun, and make it worth my while.  That means special info, prizes, entertainment, interaction, deals, and more.  I don’t want to hear scattered messages all over the place.  Why not all come together and integrate messages and interactions within one platform where I know to come to engage with you?

We consumers need products, and we need to know what’s out there.  But please, tell us about it in a new and better way! 

Would love to see any comments from all the consumers out there about what you’d like to see – what will make you listen and pay attention?  What will make you act?  Where do you want to see brand info?  What would be the best way for you to engage with brands and have fun with them?  Comment here or email me at  We are launching the beta site soon and will be testing lots of cool concepts to address this issue, letting consumers get what they want from brands, while making sure they learn what brands want them to know.  I’d love input from brands and marketers as well.  Input from both sides is critical to achieving a new balance with greater value.

‘adpropo – Bringing consumers and brands together in a fun, entertaining, and much more valuable way,’

Advice/ tips on starting an online ad agency?

I have great passion and a very brief/general understanding of ‘most’ online advertising methods such as SEO, Banners, Pay Per Click, etc…

What would be the best exercise or strategy to do, to be very confident enough to start up an online agency? I do not feel confident for some reason, is it a problem due to lack of in-depth knowledge in certain areas/tactics?

don’t do it. get a real job. never depend on others for your income.

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