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The demand of web designing services has augmented much that business offering web design services appear to have flourished everywhere. If you browse on the web today to find web design companies in New York, you will see millions of search results of companies offering web design services in New York City.

Today you can easily find web design companies which offers web design and web marketing services in New York and Chicago which suits your requirement. In order to design an award winning and user friendly website, it is very important that the business owners have clear understanding of what kind of website they want to get designed and information they would like to share with the potential customers. It is very important that you freeze well in advance the kind of website you want to get designed and the target market.

Once you have a clear picture in your mind what is the intention of your web site, you need to find a web design company which can transform your ideas into concept and from there on a web site which can be viewed by millions of surfers online. Few things which you need to take into account while finalizing a web design company are given beneath.

Out of the web design companies you contact to finalize, it is very important that you take into account the years of experience of the web design company. Companies which have worked in this domain for years have better understanding of client’s requirement and they create websites which meets client expectations. Also it is very important that the company has experience in the industry which the business owner belongs to. Experience in other industry does not have much relevance. Finalizing a company with good experience ensures that the websites would be good and can be created well within allocated time and money. This is very important for the success of the web site and good return on investment.

A lot of business owners finalize companies which quote lower rates and others think that since the charges are less, the quality of websites designed will not meet expectations. There are many companies which charge less but the level of services is really bad. Whereas there are many companies who charge less but design websites which are award winning and does meet your expectations. Therefore you should finalize company which gives you best rate and have good experience as well.

Web Marketing
The company which you finalize should be ace in web marketing as well so that your website can be promoted well on the web and can be out in front of your target audience.

If you are looking for web design companies New York and Web Marketing Chicago, browse through the web and finalize a company which help you create a great website for your business.

Stoode Web Solutions is one of the leading web marketing Chicago and web design companies New York company, which can help you attain success through different online mediums.

In web marketing, how to write successful marketing article…?

how to write successful marketing article that convince people to by from you ,,
how can you write article promote affiliate link
and make people by from you
Need tips , advices

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So let me start with the DONT’S  and finish positive with the DO’s. Because they will indeed get you ahead in affiliate web marketing and provide you with a good foundation to start. And as we all know a good foundation can provide you a continuous business instead of doing it quick and dirty

 DONT’s in affiliate web marketing:

1)      Do not think this is a business you can start doing yourself. As in any business or employment you have to learn things and that needs a teacher. He will learn you good skills tips %26tricks which you need to understand the business

2)      Do not fall for websites, teachers, programs that claim that you can earn money within 24 days by lying on your couch doing nothing. It is simply not true; they only want to try to sell you something.

3)      Do not run to fast. Indeed you will be able to earn money BUT take your time. Once your foundation of the business is good, the harvest can be done.

 DO’s  in affiliate web marketing:

1)      Start  with some research on Google, Fora, YouTube and Social media to see what I mean with scam teachers and programs.

2)      Be sure you have enough time to invest the first months in your affiliate web marketing

3)      Sign-up for a program which gives you free content/ videos to start the basic principles.

(the most reliable programs come from easy going normal people with honest comments and tips and free content. Not fast cars, quick money, holiday vacations and big cigars J )

So, I hope this helped you a lot  and have a sound start in affiliate web marketing! For more information on further steps and free content please visit my website which you find below my name and feel free to mail me. I will be doing a lot of research the next months and post on my facebook page. I think you can benefit from it. Would also be nice if you participate in the topics I discuss!

Have a prosperous affiliate marketing business ahead!

Jan marc Swinkels




Quality online marketing with Janmarc Swinkels

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Branding + Marketing – Do you need a degree for that?

I’m in the design/web field and want to get in to branding and marketing / advertising.

I want to be able to discuss with clients how to market / advertise their business as well as branding their business.

Do I need a degree in marketing or advertising to do this? or do people just sorta go with the flow. I got a degree in graphic design/web design but not marketing.

Tips from industry people would be great too.

Thanks 🙂

No one just goes with the flow. That’s the sort of thing that could send a company bankrupt. No, you need a Bachelor’s degree in business, with a major in marketing.

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Video is the most popular form of marketing in the latest age of the Internet. It is something that continues to grow, despite the perceived ubiquitous nature of online video platforms. Anyone can get some footage made, and uploaded to a social media website. Digital cameras, web cameras, and other technologies allow the average person to get in on the explosion of digital media. The downside that comes from going the ‘diy’ route is simple, it doesn’t look professional, which can really detour viewership. If you haven’t started working with this type of advertising, or you need more eyeballs on your ads, consider the following video marketing tips that will help you gain a foothold in a crowded marketplace.

Create More Than One Video – The very first thing that you will need to consider is the option of creating more than one video at a time. If you gain a great deal of attention with one ad, make sure you have a proper follow up so that you’re continually growing. The more you continue to stay relevant, the more market share you will create for your endeavors in the long term. One downside to the current internet marketing plans is that viewers can have short term attention spans, so following up is crucial to the overall plan of staying current with technology minded individuals.

Get An Actor or Spokesman – The second major tip that you are going to want to use is not only get a professionally made video, but also an actor and spokesman as well. By having a professional voice and face to your visualizations, you will be able to establish a more clear picture for your product, business, and services. Major companies of all types hire celebrity endorsements and spokespeople all the time, and you can take advantage of this structure at a lower cost by aiming your sights a little lower. You don’t need a major actor, just someone that has clarity of sound to voice your message with gusto.

Blanket The Web – The last tip to consider in regards to video marketing is to blanket the web with your media. Do not just stay stagnant in where you place your videos, but rather be vigilant and find sources to house your media footage. Go with all the free options available at first, then move forward to pay options as well. First exhaust your free resources, then make sure that you’re making plans for other greater opportunities that might present themselves.

The above tips are going to help any size business thrive. It starts with professional assistance, and moves forward with greater visuals, sounds, and purpose. Take the tips into account when you are looking to market anything you might have on a professional level.

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How do I select an affordable web affiliate program/service? Any recommendations?

I’m starting a web-based business. I’d like to create an affiliate marketing program to find and implement a program for referral agents and link backs. Any tips, suggestions or referrals for same?
I’m selling a professional marketing service to small business clients. Transactions are available by credit card payment on the site or by phone. No storefront. It’s national in scope.

I would look for all the rotator programs I could find. Free banner ads that you can add to your site. Free classified ads. Usually they want you to add a small button of their site to your own.

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There is a lot of direct marketing tips, tricks, and opinions that abound on the World Wide Web today, and it’s only fitting to turn to expert advice for some direct marketing help. In a 2007 CNN article, Lois K. Geller, president of Mason and Geller Direct Marketing, dishes advice on one very important part of the job: finding new customers. She says that a personalized letter offering a $1,000 discount can go a long way. To make a long story short, her direct mail campaign for Ford promoting several car models helped sales skyrocket. How will you be able to do this for your own business or campaign?

There are ways to make the most out of the money you invest in your direct mailings, whether it’s an in-house or outsource initiative. Geller then presents seven approaches to do this. First, use a classic enveloped letter instead of a postcard. It has the potential to be much more engaging. Most consumers, too, associate seriousness with a letter, which is sealed and has an element of privacy.

Set a deadline. Tell your recipients that a substantial freebie is up for grabs when they respond now. Your add-ons should also fit what you are selling or offering. Potential customers who dislike or downright get ill from procrastination will act fast. Geller adds that you should also emphasize your product’s benefits, not just its feature. Among the best direct marketing tips you can get is knowing what your prospects will value most about your product, and how the current ones they are using can be improved.

What can be of better direct marketing help that outdoing the competition? If you are a dry cleaner, and ABC Cleaners down the street is offering 20% off to new customers, give your regular customers 25% off as an incentive to stay loyal, writes Geller. You should also include photos of actual employees or customers rather than models in your mailings. Response rates go up this way, and the photo shoot and total costs can even be more inexpensive.

Rent the right list, too. Enlist the services of a list broker who’s a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). There are also Web-based services that integrates with online Web forms or applications to provide customer insight on demand. They tap into an extensive database of more than millions of small-area segments and instantly append user-input addresses with the most accurate, timely, and location-specific demographic data available.

Finally, here’s one simple yet highly effect direct marketing help from Geller: get personal! Create a letter and envelope that looks like it has been through the hands of a real human being. Pay attention to the ink and stamp you use. Let your creativity get to work!

Find out how demographics by zip code data can help improve you campaign performance. 

What does a Pre-Sales Consultant do?

I have recently gained my MSc e-commerce, and am struggling to decide what career path I should take.

I took the business stream of the MSc e-commerce in part 2 of the course. Areas covered included e-commerce law and web-based marketing, but also included web system design and implementation, internet security and internetworking.

At first I persued Web Development jobs, but have now realised that this is not my forte. I do love technology, and embrace all new technologies, but I feel I don’t have the aptitude for web development.

A friend of mine suggested Pre-Sales Consultancy as a career. I don’t know much about this area, but it does appeal to me.

Can anyone shed any more light on this profession, and any tips on getting that elusive “foot in the door”?


Pre-sales consulting in the tech industry means you work with sales on defining the technical requirements of a project and deliver a proof-of-concept project or demo to help close the deal. It requires in-depth product knowledge, the ability to talk to customers, and speed.

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Whenyou become more adapt in online marketingall these network marketing tips will certainly makeyour blog siteuser friendly. Employinganchortextmakes it easier for anyuserto obtaindetailsrelevant to your written content. In addition, itprovides you withenhancedimprovement to rank higher on Google. So just what is an Anchor text? Anchor text is a blue colored text inside aweb page link. When the blue url is clicked on it supplies the user with information and factsregardingthe content of the hyperlinksdestination. Anchortext is also a key factor in search engine algorthms since the link text is relevant to the landing page it takes you to.

Network marketing tips on adding anchor text

Exactly how do you add Anchortext to your wordpress blog? First, look on your toolbar for a ‘dumbbell’ looking symbol. After you hold the cursor over it will state ‘insert/edit link’. Thenopena 2nd page and follow these steps to add an anchor link to your wordpress blog.

For this situationwe’re going to make aanchor-text to Google’s main page. For instance: if your phrase read ‘Finding out information on anything is easy when you use Google’. 1st, go to www.Google.com and copy and paste( Ctrl C) the Link showing in the toolbar. Second, highlight the Word Google in the sentence on your blog where you want the anchor text to go. Third, click on the anchortext icon. Next two boxes will come up. The box on top will say ‘URL’ the bottom box will say ‘title’. Simply copy and paste(Ctrl V) the Google URL into the URL box. Click ‘add link’ and your highlighted word/words ‘Google’ will now be in blue anchortext.

Network marketing tips to verify your blog optimization

To verify the anchor-text was finishedproperly click ‘CTRL’ and ‘left mouse button’ and it willopena web linkin yourinternet browser directly to your selected web site. Frequentmistakesaregetting rid ofthe written textwithin the ‘URL’ box and then copying and pasting the anchortexturl in. Don’terase any text inside the box when you open it to add your anchor-text. Simply copy and paste your Link in and click ‘add link’

Adding anchor textis simpleand should take you only afew minutes to accomplish your 1st time. Be certain to start adding anchor-text in all your blogs to better optimize your page rank with Google. If you would like the anchor text code needed to add backlinks in the resource box of Article Marketing Robot e-mail me at jam@jacksaffiliatemarketing.com. To find additional free resources for network marketing tips click here and go to ‘free resources’ and discover tools to make your blogging easier.

To your success,

Jack Barnum

To get the html code for anchor text click here For great resources on artcile optimization

click here and go to free resources %26 SEO tools to get your bag of googies.

I’m thinking of starting a small web design business, and tips or ideas?

I’m thinking of starting a small web design business.
I was laid off at work and need to do something. I would love to work from home and have to use what I have for hardware and software to start.

I have FrontPage, digital camera, scanner, fast connection, and understand the basics. I have put up a few basic sites but nothing for money to this point.

I have no real design skills, as far as page content and layout. I don’t really like the templates in FP but know that what I have done can be a lot better.

Also, any marketing ideas for this type business on a very short shoestring?

I’m going to use the few examples I have, put together some marketing materials, and hit the street.

A few of my thoughts and ideas are to:

since I am small I will focus on small and micro businesses that do not have sites

I am going to focus on target markets – used car lots, auto repair, carpenters, masons, etc. Get a feel for there needs and go one market to next as I use up leads

You are entering one of the most competitive fields in Internet services. There are hundreds of thousands of people offering their web design services. If you go to onfocus.com and use the googlesmackdown tool you can see how many web sites are currently offering a web designer (666,000 as I write this). And the number of web sites advertising as a web design business, 34,200. You will absolutely need to develop a very specialized skill set and it would be to your extreme benefit to have many thousands of personal contacts to help spread — word-of-mouth advertising.

My business contracts with web designers, web developers, and web programmers almost daily. There are very few who actually know how to design a web site that provides customer loyalty, sells a product, provides search engine compliance and marketability, provides Internet directory compliance and marketability, and promotes brand awareness. All of which are absolute musts for an online business.

Hope that helps stimulate your business ideas.

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By now you need to have a fantastic network of individuals designed up. You need to use them to talk to with when you discover on your own caught or missing motivation. In some cases all it requires is a fresh new perspective to acquire the energy to preserve heading with your web advertising endeavors.


3. If you want to obtain some new tips and perspectives then you need to consider checking out a good net advertising and marketing forum. You can stage outside of your private realm and collect some hints and tricks from other people in other spots. Obtain out what has worked and what has not for others and understand to utilize this information and facts to your own journey.


You will need to be an active participant in your thriving journey as an world wide web marketer. If you are not then you will obtain oneself falling behind and not creating money as you meant. Stash away some of these simple and common ideas to pull out when you locate yourself struggling to move forward. You will come across that it is the very little issues that preserve you shifting along with your internet advertising and marketing objectives.

Generating brand awareness for your little local business would be the icing on the cake and for some, this would generate their company to a brand new degree. In this write-up I am heading to break down a number of net promoting tips you can use to brand your organization title and generate much more gross sales and consumers to you like a magnet.


Are you missing product sales, consumers, and targeted visitors to your retail outlet? This may well be due to the present shift that is taking location in the globe of enterprise. Years in the past, you could place a good ad in the yellow pages and generate a full bunch of leads like clockwork.


These days, the web has taken more than this particular advertising and marketing technique by storm. It is only less difficult to do a speedy search on the web than it is to choose up a hefty yellow pages book to lookup for a products or support.


So, the first suggestion to develop additional sales for your little business enterprise is to establish some type of internet true estate. Hopefully, you have established a database of your existing repeat clients who completely really like your provider and would not brain checking out what you have established on the world wide web.


The ideal system right here would be to create a simple capture page with video clip on it telling your present-day and potential clients your Best added benefits you have to offer.


For instance, if you individual a restaurant, do an actual video exhibiting the complete entire world your finest dish and how to put together it. Also, it’s possible you would like to give away your leading 3 recipes in exchange for your potential customers name, email tackle, and cellphone range. This will commence the communication course of action, which ultimately should lead your possible consumers to check out your establishment.


Secondly, if you want your area enterprise brand name identify to go viral, create a fan page on Facebook. Facebook is absolutely in the new light of successful internet promoting.

Elvin Stanton the guy who have been behind several multi-million dollar launches,most famous one made $1 million dollars and now the time about to reveal the exact strategies that helped marketers get that wealth.

How can I go about building a web site that sends emails matching each customer to certain products?

The web site (call it XWZ.COM) should match each customer with products s/he is interested in, if/when these items become available. In detail:
1– Each subscriber is assigned a password that is sent to her personal email for security/ verification. Once subscribers receive their passwords and log on to XWZ, they identify their desired product/s and receive emails telling them to check their XWZ-inbox for product availability.
2– When they logon, and before allowed to the inbox, they are given subscription options.
3– Payments are processed automatically (credit cards. PayPal ..etc)
4– Once subscribers pay and reach their XYZ-inbox, they are told if the product is available. If product becomes available after a week or month, subscriber receive email.
What programming language, sever, database, firewall and other technologies should I use to get this without paying an arm? All technical or marketing tips or references to similar small sites are appreciated.

Depending on traffic and quality.

Java/JSP – High quality (less chance for bugs), expensive and scales well.

PHP – Messy, but there is a lot of stuff written in it already.

Perl – Not quite as bad as PHP, but still has some of the same problems.

Personally, I would try to use perl or consider using PHP for the web front end and perl for the email functions and any control panels when possible.

You might look around for some of the technology already out there, inspect the source code to determine how viable it is to modify it for your needs.

For subscription stuff, you could consider:


It’ll confirm email addresses for you, but, won’t manage the mailings. (you could write code specifically for that later) Full disclosure, I own GenieGate.

As far as the ecommerce, there are a lot of shopping carts out there, look for one that is simple (don’t go for “lots of features” go for “written well and can be modified) I sometimes see people go for whatever has the most toys, this is a mistake for this kind of software, you really want “easy to code in”.

You’ll probably want to interface with the product catalog to generate the email, so, your ecommerce package should have a nice table structure and/or good, object oriented code for accessing the products.

It goes without saying, once a package is modified, you can’t “upgrade” it.

It’s important to start off with a decent one that is relatively bug free (or at least, written so that you yourself can fix bugs as the crop up.)

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Online world is changing at an extraordinary speed. Along with the web markets and businesses taking a high pace too. Earlier businesses ad organizations were active only till the website is created on the web. Nowadays it after the creation of the website the real work for the concerned business starts. SEO New York in this regard helps small, medium and large sized business grow with effective Search engine techniques. Just having a website is not enough to successfully implement your business policies. Sooner or later the realization of an effective web presence websites is required to be on the top. So choose the best for your firm to be listed in the web as a real-time brand.

So are you in a dilemma that your website not getting enough or relevant traffic? If you really feel so then the best possible way out for this is to contact a reputed search engine marketing firm which can make a possible difference and bring your site on the forefront on the web. There are no other better tools then search engines for the promotion of products and services you offer online. This is through the search engine marketing that brings relevant traffic to your site. Now as you know the tool here the question is How to implement? SEO New York firm brings effective tips for you that you are seeking for.

The first thing SEO NY starts with is to plan out a specific strategy as per the clients’ demands and requirements. For this a proper analyses of your business type is necessary. After you get an insight on this to strategize your online marketing campaign becomes easy and simpler. Thus getting popularity among the users becomes quicker after you plan out for your entire goal from the roots. It is also recommendable that you need to be very careful for your content in the website. You do not forget in chasing more traffic and popularity, that content of any website is equally important to pour with relevant leads. Content must be keyword rich and targeted with suitable tonality that any visitor may easily comprehend your view point. Otherwise all your effort will become complete futile. Again one of the other important things SEO firm suggests is to take of the title of any page in your website. It must contain relevant keyword which helps to bring viewers attention. The overall vision for any business is to make online presence in an effective manner that visitors who visit your web site turn into your esteemed clients. As a result, your business flourishes in the right direction that SEO Firm NY directs you.

This article is a perfect piece to make people realize how effective is search engines for any website to bring popularity on their site. Moreover, it is also well-defined how SEO New York helps in transforming your business into relevant conversions and leads.


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I’m from India and have recently an Insurance company as Sales Manager, but I don’t have much knowledge about?

Insurance and market but still I want to be Number 1, please tell me web sites from where I can get all basic knowledge of insurance and market also tips of being good insurance sales manager

Let me get this straight, you are the Sales Manager, yet you know nothing about insurance sales?

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SEO is a powerful tool to increase brand visibility and presence on the web. As the Internet is now a primary source of information and goods, it only makes sense to be as visible as possible in order to attract and meet the needs of your customers. There are many ways to approach SEO efforts, and it can be difficult for businesses just starting out. Luckily, there are many resources available to assist in SEO efforts, especially for small businesses. In this week’s top five we’re providing some tips for effective SEO marketing.

1. Set a Goal

Search engine optimization efforts will not go far without a specific goal in mind. Before you dive head-first into these efforts, make a plan for what you want to accomplish. Whether it’s to increase the number of views each week, increase your page rank, expand your customer base or have a story picked up by a certain number of outlets, having a goal will help you plan better, and also provide something to compare and measure your results with.

2. Add a Blog

Research has shown that a static Web site will get you nowhere. A blog is a way to change that. Having a blog as your main SEO priority can help drive traffic to your site. A blog also adds credibility to your company, shows customers that you’re Web savvy, and can help your company stay on top of current trends. Make sure the blog has a purpose and is providing content that will attract readers from the beginning. This will add to the credibility of your company’s site. It’s also important that the blog is relevant to your business, and that it can continue long-term. Blogging is a commitment, but is also a worthwhile investment.

3. Produce Valuable Content

There is an increasing trend for companies to form with the intention of making money simply through advertising and second-rate content. While these companies do provide keyword-rich content, they do it for all of the wrong reasons. Search engines respond to the number of times a term is repeated on a site, as well as the number of other sites that are linking back to it. Inbound links from these sites are what really drives up page rankings, and what many SEO link builders focus on the most. Providing interesting and valuable content that will stand out from the fake sites is surprisingly easy to do. Google offers this insight for webmasters:

“The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community. The more useful content you have, the greater the chances someone else will find that content valuable to their readers and link to it. Before making any single decision, you should ask yourself the question: Is this going to be beneficial for my page’s visitors? “

4. Use Free Resources

The Internet provides a number of resources and tools for analytics and web marketing, and many of them are free. Installing tools such as Google’s Analytics can help you track traffic, and also give reports of where visitors are coming from, how often they visit, and keyword searches that bring them there. Additionally, Twitter has long been a tool for Web marketing and SEO efforts, because…

To read more about seo tips, go to Sparxoo, a digital marketing, branding and business development blog.

Sparxoo is a business blog that inspires breakthrough by tomorrow’s leaders. We are a strategy consulting firm with a pulse on marketing, branding, and development.

What books, resources, and web links, helped you become a successful home-based Travel Agent?

Is there anything else you would recommend? Start up, marketing, or creating a web site tips? I’m looking into books by Susan Sweeney, Kelly Monaghan, and Anita Pagliasso.

This weblink assisted me to become a successful home based travel agent http://www.cassandralane.org
When you’ve logged on. click “view the company presentaion”.

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Internet network marketing tips are now sought after as a lot of people have now joined the online world. In fact some of these people have already thought of the online market as too competitive for them.

But the truth of the matter is that, it can never get crowded at all. It is a known fact that a lot of people are still building huge businesses offline when everyone is saying otherwise – people think businesses build offline are dead and that is because those being successful work to a plan and are consistent.

It is no different with network marketing online. The best internet marketing tip you will ever get from anyone is that people are looking for the ‘how to’ rather than being sold on the dream and those who know this reality will definitely make it to the top.

Listed below are the five things that you must accomplish for you to make your own personal impact in the Internet through your own Internet network marketing business. These are online promotional strategies that will let you stand out from the common ones.

1. Start with Article Marketing

Don’t just write one article and hope it brings in a flood of leads. Write articles on a consistent basis. Write a minimum of two a week for the first month and submit them to at least six of the major article directories on the web. AND, last but not least, when you write articles, write quality articles. The web is crowed with thousands, maybe millions of poor quality articles, so make sure you articles are worth reading!

2. Create your own Web Campaign

At the average, have at least 2 websites but make sure you build your sites focusing on one subject. For instance if you focus on the word internet network marketing, then that is what your site should talk about.

3. Create a Blog

There are a lot of blogs that will give you the opportunity to brand yourself. Branding is often overlooked by network marketers. You would want to do this because this will provide valuable information to your readers. You can then start earning their trust and respect as being someone who knows what they are talking about.

4. Get Proper Exposure

Comment on other people’s blogs as much as you can, BUT do it in a non self-serving way. Only make honest and valuable comments. Look for blogs that are closely related to your niche and read the content thoroughly. When you feel that you have something worthwhile to contribute, leave a comment with a link back to either your blog or a website. This is a very good strategy for personal exposure.

5. Join a Community

Join respected forums related to internet network marketing tips and get involved. Forums allow you to leave your signature at the end of every post but don’t add it right away. Make a few posts and earn some respect within the forum before adding it.

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I’m a beginning freelance web designer and looking for a few freelance sites to start biding on some work?

I would like to enter the freelance web design market but need some good website references and maybe some tips on how to choose a site that offers projects on a bid basis.

You can register at freelance website like http://www.getafreelnacer.com/ and start bidding for all web designing projects posted there. Initially bid as low as possible.

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