Small Business Online Advertising

Who else is trying to make money from home? Do you find yourself struggling trying to learn simple strategies that the “gurus” have overcomplicated simply to have you fork over your hard earned income to them? If you have, you are NOT alone! Some estimates say that ordinary people like you and I will shell out over 1 BILLION dollars in 2009, just to learn Internet marketing secrets and strategies to build our businesses.

Want to know what\’s TRULY shocking about that figure?

The very same study shows that not ONE in 100 (less than 1%) will EVER make a full time living online. (or from home) And even MORE shocking? Less than 5 out of that same one hundred will ever make a measly $100 for all their effort. (Yes, I said $100 dollars)

So if all of this is true, why should you learn to build a real online business, and why should you start today?

Because the future of commerce is going to be online. And because direct response marketing, the very sort of stuff I\’m doing right now in even writing this article for YOU, is where ALL of the smart money continues to go to earn that fortune.

People buy because of relationships

And as the world gets “smaller” on account of connectivity, and because of blogs and social networks FORCING big businesses to have REAL relationships with average people like you and me, the next tidal wave of fortunes is coming – and it\’s not yet even BEGUN to really build. But it will…and you CAN start to learn simple techniques that 99% of marketers never will, all but guaranteeing you a place at the table when the REAL loot is being made, counted and divided accordingly.