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From the Atlanta OnLine Marketing
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Subject Solving Your #1 Business Problem


Do you know the easiest way to solve your #1 Business Problem — on a permanent basis?

By grabbing hold of the hottest, most ultra-qualified leads in your market/niche.
(The ones who are searching for your products or services — at this very minute.) And… by grabbing hold of them FIRST. That’s how.

Hi. My name is Phil Alger. You may or may not know I am, but that doesn’t matter much, because this invitation is about YOU.

YOU, making a lot more pure profit in your business. YOU, creating a constant flood of new business. And YOU, grabbing hold of a world-wide exclusive spot for one of the leanest, meanest, most hands-off and profitable lead generation programs ever offered.

What I want to share with you is a FREE, behind-the-scenes, insiders-only look at our simple, effortless system for unparalleled lead generation profits.(Effortless for you that is.) We call it “Leads-By-The-Minute”, and no one ever sees it without a guided tour. It’s that valuable and that exclusive.

Listen. Within just a few short minutes, I can show you how to quickly, easily, and inexpensively force your lead-generation efforts to start churning out mind-blowing new levels of profits and success… without any of the hassles or expenses normally associated with pay-per-click advertising (PPC) or professional search engine optimization (SEO).

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And that’s just for starters

Just imagine……

Your PPC and/or SEO expenses instantly fall to ZERO while your lead conversions, sales, and profits go through the roof!. Well, our revolutionary system can make it all happen.
That’s right. 

We can do this for YOU…no matter what kind of lead generation results you’ve been getting (or not getting) up to now….and no matter how much you current efforts may stink at “converting PPC/SEO clicks to quality leads
Not only that, but… …

We do everything for you

Yep.  We automatically bring you exclusive, ultra-high quality leads — so you no longer have to get murdered in the PPC/SEO arena.  You’ll be dazzled by the results.

"Learn How Our Brilliant Lead Generation Strategy Can Quickly Make
A MAJOR Difference In Both The
Short-Term Profits & Long-Term Success Of Your Business”

Despite how good (or bad) your PPC/SEO efforts might be paying off presently, you’re probably still light-years away from the super-high-profit greatness you once had the desire to achieve. Right?

 So if you really DO still want to grow your business like a weed on steroids, then you NEED to take advantage of this exclusive, 100% hassle-free, fool-proof, ‘lead-profits’ system. You can now gain both a first-strike and a sustained competitive advantage for your business by automatically attracting a constant stream of new leads and customers in the most continuous, reliable and cost-effective manner possible.

PLUS, you could quickly double your lead profits, redouble them again, and then redouble them again and again — every year from 2010 forward. So please, open your mind and give me just a few minutes to explain in detail your opportunity to capitalize on our Advanced Lead Generation Strategy.

But you must hear me out now — before it’s too late.

So give me a chance to explain in full detail how this one simple system could soon play a profound role in transforming YOUR existing PPC/SEO expenses into the greatest lead quality and bottom-line profits that are truly staggering.

Then, after to speaking to me and watching a short presentation of our proprietary system: if you are still not interested in snatching up your exclusive spot in our no-brainer, high-profit lead generation system, well, that’s okay too. Because… if you decide not to take me up on this offer, I’ll be contacting one of your closest competitors to immediately fill this spot. So please understand: the spot for YOUR market/niche specific leads is being offered on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. This truly is an exclusive offer for your leads.” Fair Enough?


Here’s the story…

Your first question might be, “how do you guys generate and deliver these leads”?  Well, the inner workings of the system are proprietary and secret. 

But I can tell you this much here: we constantly perform research on a wide variety of markets and niches to find under-exploited lead generation opportunities that can be capitalized on.  

We scour, test, analyze, measure and then compare data to find the buried treasure of white-hot leads in chosen markets/niches– all for our potential clients. 

The actual research we perform is derived from both online and offline sources; using various tracking and reporting programs, polls, print, publications, arbitrage, regressive, demographic, and psychographic overlays, and market segment growth and saturation statistics — just to name a few sources. 


“Cold-Cash Profits From
White-Hot Leads — Without Getting Burned"

Said another way:

We generate the actual leads by a proprietary method that can involve PPC, SEO, and a variety of other online and offline methods. But what should really interest you is the quality of the leads we generate.

We also employ a server-side, proprietary lead delivery system that can maximize your lead conversion profits by a factor of 10 or more. This advanced system is fast, flexible, and drop-dead easy to use.

 I’m not through yet… it gets even better… a lot better.

 Our system will be like having your own private gold mine, just waiting to be tapped. (No one will know that we are working for you. That’s right. In fact, none of your competitors will ever get the chance to stake a claim with us. Because we work for you and you alone.
So if you are frustrated with the intense, time-consuming, cash-sucking rigamarole associated with pay-per-click advertising and/or professional SEO… you can now throw out all that mumbo jumbo geek-speak terminology, hockey stick learning curves, and nail-biting expenses that you must stay up-to-the-minute on if you want to survive in the PPC/SEO arena. Because…

… You don’t have to take it for another minute.

Here’s why, in a nutshell: we use our research and marketing expertise in unique and creative ways that allow YOU the opportunity to…

Dominate, Humiliate And
Annihilate Your Competition,


…YOU are always in control of how much you’ll pay for leads and how many you’ll get — and NOT Google or one of the other behemoth PPC’s that call all the shots and just take your money.

But I really need to speak with you so that I can give you a full tour of the entire system, and explain how these easy profits could come your way.

  • Exclusive Leads
    : We work for you and you alone

  • Eliminate all cash-sucking PPC and SEO costs immediately!

  • FREE Leads test-drive
    our system 100% Risk-Free with no obligation.

  • End The Torture Of PPC
    Advertising: never again be haunted by tracking, keyword, or metrics hassles.

  • Lower your lead acquisition costs
    enormously, while sending your lead quality and closing ratios through the roof!

  • ‘Full Record’ Leads
    — delivered in real-time or however you choose. Change all options in a flash.

  • Automatically obtain
    the highest concentration of white-hot, in-a-big-hurry, cash-spending leads you could ever hope for.

  • Reach obscene closing ratios
    at unbelievably low costs — using our fully-customizable “Leads-By-The-Minute” System.

Here’s the catch:

 Our service is very exclusive because of the high quality we provide. If you want to beat your competion to the punch, then you MUST contact me right now. A 17-minute FREE consultation will be one of the most enlightening, meaningful and profitable experiences of your life. Because… IF you move fast enough, you can capture enormous market share and profits from our system, BEFORE one of your competitors beats you to it.

So don’t even think about spending another penny on PPC or SEO advertising until you find out all that we have to offer you — on a totally risk-free trial basis.

Best Regards,


Fred Gagnon
Atlanta OnLine Marketing

P.S. This one-client-only offer will soon be withdrawn for good. This offer to work exclusively for you in your market/niche will soon be closed and taken up by a competitor of yours — if not you. We can put you on a waiting list, but under normal circumstances our clients lock in 100% of our services in their market/niche. So do not procrastinate, contact me NOW and let me show you how it all works. For FREE.

YES! I want to explode my business with your effortless hungry lead producing system!

You made the right choice! Now you’re on your way to converting MORE visitors, building a BIGGER business and making MORE MONEY!

P.P.S. Again… please don’t mess around and miss out here. Almost immediately, you can begin to flood your business with eager new leads, customers and cash (no matter how dismal your efforts may have been in the past) … drop your PPC/SEO expenses to nothing (no matter how much you’ve been spending)… and annihilate your competitors (even if you’re competing against Ghengis Khan). But you MUST hurry before your chance is gone forever.

Fill out the form and hit send. Or pick up the phone and call me. Either way, you better do it now.