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Welcome back to 180Fusion’s Online Marketing Tips of The Week series, featuring advice for the less experienced in the world of online marketing. 180Fusion is a professional, guaranteed SEO provider, offering superior, affordable guaranteed SEO to small and medium-sized business from many different industries.

When 180Fusion provides Guaranteed SEO to its clients, we frequently deal with the demands of many different types of companies needing SEO, allowing us to practice a variety of techniques for our guaranteed SEO packages, and a great way to improve online visibility and offer clients professional guaranteed SEO that gets results. So, how does 180Fusion pull it off, and how can you use SEO yourself to better your digital presence and accrue more customers? Here are a few of our tips for quality SEO:

Don’t try to outsmart the search engines; eventually, you’ll loose. Many firms promise success through the use of tricks to sneak your site into a top position quickly – something that the search engines are always trying to fight. Instead, follow the recommendations of the search engines. By following the rules, you’ll see that the engines fight off cheaters and reward white hatters to promote ethical SEO: you!

While search engines will ban any black-hat (unethical or underhanded) methods for obtaining a high search engine results page ranking or simply punish the offender by reducing their ranking, one important consideration to note is that, all things being equal, the engines are not out to get you. They always have bigger fish to fry, and making as little a mistake as having some bits of duplicate content on one of your web pages is not going to hurt you or your business site. Guaranteed SEO from 180Fusion implements the industry’s highest standards of best practices, fairly and quickly pushing your site higher and higher up the search engine rankings, resulting in more customers and higher profits for your company!

Our premiere guaranteed SEO addresses all these needs, and so much more. For more information on SEO, or to learn more about our guaranteed SEO, simply click here to get a guaranteed SEO rundown. Let 180Fusion help you finally Take Full Advantage of The Internet! Additionally, feel free to call one of our seasoned, professional representative operators at 877.321.4180, and get set up with the ultimate, money-back Guaranteed SEO Services plan. Don’t waste another minute falling behind in the competitive world of online commerce and search engine optimization. Call now!

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Tips for promoting a new online game?

Hi, I want to know, if I will create a new online game (MMORPG) how I can promote it? so everybody can hear about it, with minimal cost? Excluding Google Ad-sense/ad-words and banner marketing. I need to know what kind of marketing is good for a MMORPG (Example World Of Warcraft, Lineage 2)
Thank you

If you get the $40,000,000 you’ll need, 50+ experienced professional game developers, and spend 5 years making the MMORPG, you can hire a Marketing Director with experience promoting MMORPGs to promote your game for you. But for now, focus on raising $40 million so that you can make the game at all.

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