How to Develop a winning Online marketing strategy

Development of the creative strategy moves the process from the general to the specific. And although it has much in common with the positioning statement, the output of a creative strategy will go directly into your advertisements and marketing materials.

A winning marketing strategy should always be based on a unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP is that competitive point-of-difference that makes your product better than any other on the market. If you are not sure you have a unique and saleable difference, ask the real experts, your customers.

Products and services with well-defined USPs can be termed ‘value-added’ products and services. The easiest way to deter­mine if you have a value-added product or service is to ask if you have a differentiation that consumers are willing to pay extra for. If not, you probably have a ‘commodity’ product. Commodity products are those which are so similar in nature that they must be sold on the basis of something not intrinsic to the product, such as price, terms, service or speed of delivery.

A unique selling proposition is often based on a strategic advantage that you have over the competition. Strategic advan­tages can include:

Superior technology, particularly if protected by a patent.
Distribution advantages, such as those gained from an existing system.
Marketing superiority.
Location. Being at the right place can mean everything,
Personnel. Your team can be a significant edge.
Vertical or horizontal control. Ready access to ‘house’ customers and/or abundant sources of supply can be advantageous.



Although many marketers refuse to believe this, widespread access to technical advancements in most industries has led to the ‘death of the product solution.’ And since so many products are similar in quality and functionality, the secret is not to differentiate what your product is but rather to differentiate what it can do for the prospect. This is, after all, the only thing that really concerns the buyer.

In this world of commodity products, you must find a way to set yourself apart. And it is not only substance that will set you apart, it is also style.

One of the best examples of this is the clothing ‘industry. Do you ever wonder why one pair of jeans sells for two to three times the price of another, or why a pair of ‘AirJordan’ tennis shoes sells for four times the price of the run-of-the-mill brand. I chal­lenge the average consumer to tell me what makes the expensive shoe so valuable.

For another example, how about the lowly potato? Take a potato, slice it, boil it in oil and sell it at the local fastfood restaurant. Or take the same potato, present it with garnish on fine china and sell it for 12 times the price at an elegant French restaurant. Obviously, the second potato is not worth 12 times as much. The added value is the atmosphere in which it is served and in the presentation.

These examples prove that commodity products can be differ­entiated. Here are some additional value-added ideas:

Enhance the product or service with technical improve­ments. As noted above, this strategy has limitations because competitors will counter with their own im­provements.
Offer add-on services with your products. For instance, a car dealer can offer lifetime oil changes with the purchase of a new car or a software supplier can offer a 24-hour assistance hotline.
Provide your customers with up-to-date information about their industries or job functions. Everyone can use information on how to do his or her job better.
Offer expanded satisfaction guarantees and extended warranties. In fact, do anything you can to reduce the anxiety and fear the prospect has of making a bad decision.
Offer new delivery methods and/or shorten delivery times for your products.
Change the packaging or appearance of your product. The food industry has done this successfully in two very different ways. First by packaging prepared entrees and vegetables in single-serving containers. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, by offering commodity foods in bulk quantities.
Find new uses for your product or service. Probably the most famous example of this is Arm %26 Hammer, which re-positioned its faltering baking soda product very successfully as a refrigerator deodorizer.

Be very careful about selecting your unique selling proposition. It can be an expensive or even fatal mistake, to focus on a USP that is of little interest to the consumer. Once you have advertised your USP, it is very difficult to change your marketplace image. Test USPs prior to making large investments in media.


The following elements should be considered when developing a creative strategy:

A thorough understanding of the objectives. What do you want the advertising to accomplish? How is the advertising intended to support the organization’s position statement?
Who is our primary target audience? What are their needs and interests?
What is the most important benefit of our product or service?
How can we prove our product claims? This Information         will be necessary for the copy that supports the headline statements.
What is our offer? What exactly are we going to give the prospect for his money? The offer is second in importance only to the choice of the audience.
Who is our competition? What is their marketing strategy and where are they running their advertisements?
What is the marketing budget? Do we have the necessary resources to overcome the competition and             achieve our objectives?
Never forget to give each of these elements thorough consider­ation when developing your creative strategy.

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How can i sell my goods online too. Do i need to consult any internet marketing strategy consulting firm?

How can i sell my goods online too. Do i need to consult any internet marketing strategy consulting firm? Is that affordable?

I would suggest starting off with first. It is relatively easy to set up and very cost effective. You can also start your own store own ebay and have customers shop your store on ebay, and already have a large market for your product. I would definetly recommend that you research ebay first and maybe give it a try first. At lot of people use ebay to start and continue their business online even when they maintain there own website due to the fact that so many people already shop there and its a new way to build clients.

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