Local SEO Strategies You Should Be Using

If your business only targets people in your town or local area, it makes sense for you to use local SEO strategies rather than competing with national or even international companies. Whilst a lot of the local SEO strategies are similar to the ones that would be used by larger companies, there are some areas where a local company has a distinct advantage. Here are some of the local SEO strategies you should be using.

Make sure your Google Places listing is claimed

Google Places are the lettered results that appear with a map in the search results. There’s a good chance that Google has already created a Places page for your company from the information it has gleaned from the web.

If the listing says ‘Owner-verified listing’ then someone in your company has already claimed the page and you should be able to log into Google and make any necessary changes.

Google provide a very good video showing you how to get the best from your Places page. If you can spare the approximately 45 minutes to watch it and then roughly the same amount of time to implement the suggestions, then it’s time well spent.

Think of this page as an editorial feature on your company. Don’t make the description selly.

But do make sure that you complete all the sections. These pages are scored by computer and it can’t give you a score for a section you haven’t edited. It also can’t give you full marks if you haven’t used all the options within a section. This means that your competitor with 10 photos and 5 videos automatically has an advantage over your listing with just one of each.

Encourage reviews

Most people don’t leave a review unless they have had bad service or a bad experience. It’s just the way us Brits tend to be.

So you need to work out a system to get positive reviews from your clients. Encourage them to go to your Google Places page and leave a review with a high number of stars. You might decide to offer them an ethical bribe to do this. Maybe a gift or a small discount – whatever works best for you and your customers.

The important thing is that these reviews are made by different people (Google keeps track of lots of things other than name and email address) and that the words are theirs, not yours. This will help with the SEO process.

Get listed in other local directories

Local directories for you town or neighbourhood are normally edited by local people. This sets them ahead of the national directories like Yell or FreeIndex. Both have their place but usually your time is best spent making sure that you’re in the relevant section of as many local directories as possible.

Keep the business name and phone number the same throughout – Google uses these as another confirmation that your business is real.

If the local directories have a review system, again it’s worth encouraging your customers to leave reviews in these directories.

Get more help with your local SEO strategies and find out more about the search engine optimisation process.

I own a website, what precautions should I take before firing my designer/SEO and hiring a new one?

The company I am using has designed my site and is doing our SEO campaign. There are a few reasons we are considering changing companies. They have been OVER-PROMISING and UNDER-DELIVERING, I find myself having to ask several times before things are done and I feel we are no longer getting what were paying for. I told him a few months ago that our budget only allows until the end of January unless we get the results he promised by that time. I want to make sure to take all precautions before we make our final payment so we don’t get in trouble. Our SEO strategy consists mainly of backlinking.

1) What passwords do we need to change? I.E. FTP, Admin, Google Analytics………

2) What should I get from him that I will need to give to our new website designer/SEO? I.E. Source code, list of backlinks, SEO plan, etc.

3) How can I ensure that he can’t delete the backlinks or undo the SEO he has already performed? Our rankings are already somewhat established on Google among other search engines

4) Are backlinks a do it once and forget, or do I need to get in touch with the websites we have backlinks with and establish communication with them?

Thanks in advance! If you are an SEO/designer looking for a client, we are tentatively looking for a replacement. Our main keywords are very competitive, 1 star according to Traffic Travis and we are currently towards the top of page 3 of Google for them. We are in month 5 of our SEO campaign.

1)Just you need to change FTP pass words and hosting details..
2)Back Links , Seo plan not at all required
3)Once the admin has approved the links then he cont do any ting with that links as I am from SEO we can build up more links than previous links
4)Back links are like do it once and forget.. for more assistance visit our website pegasyssoft.com .We can provide you free action plan. we have more than 8years experience and Experts In SEO,SEM,PPC..

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