Seasonal SEO Strategies

Seasonal SEO strategies are critical for businesses whose products, services, pricing and hiring changes according to seasonal influences. Without including such seasonal components of your search engine optimization campaigns, you could be missing as much as half your market – especially if your company’s seasonal flux consists of just 2 seasons. This means that a comprehensive keyword strategy must be deployed in order to capture as many of your seasonal markets as possible.
The following are several types of companies that may need to adjust for seasonal fluctuations in their SEO strategies; but there are many more companies that must consider seasonal strategies for their websites as well.

Landscaping Companies

If you own a landscaping company, your keywords don’t just consist of ‘landscaping company,’ ‘landscaper in XYZ,’ etc. You need to get specific, because chances are great that your potential clients are being specific – seasonal-specific – when they search for your services. This means that you might need to target terms like ‘gutter cleaning in XYZ’ and ‘lawn mowing in XYZ’ during the summer, and terms like ‘snow shoveling/plowing,’ ‘roof shoveling,’ and ‘sanding,’ among many others during the winter.

For new companies or those with small budgets for online advertising, it wouldn’t make sense to target all of these keywords all at once. Instead, concentrate on seasonal keywords in small groups just before and during the time that particular season is occurring.


Restaurants have a need for two different levels of seasonal SEO: seasonal foods and dishes, and seasonal changes in clientele.

*Foods and Dishes:

Seasonal dishes that your restaurant is known for can be easy to target and dominate if they are unique enough in your area, but other terms might be harder to acquire top ranking in. This might include terms like ‘hot local chowder’ in the winter, and ‘bbq restaurant in XYZ’ during the summer.


The terms used by your clientele to find your restaurant will vary according to whether the patron is local or a tourist. For instance, a local might search for terms like ‘karaoke bar in XYZ’ or ‘discount for locals restaurant,’ while a foreigner or tourist might search for terms like ‘best Philly cheese steak’ or ‘Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh.’

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to target all of these terms, but not all at once. The best way to start is to consult with an SEO expert concerning the keywords your clients are using to find your restaurant.

Delivery Companies

Delivery companies – especially medium to large sized ones – are an excellent example of a company that will have differing SEO needs, but from an employment standpoint. For instance, during most of the year a delivery company should target terms related to its industry on a local level. But during peak seasons, they’ll not only need to change terms to adjust for things like ‘fast holiday shipping’ and ‘ship by xmas,’ they’ll also need to target terms intended to attract potential employees during the hiring phase most delivery and shipping companies undergo during the holidays.

In order to ensure that people entering search delivery/shipping terms related to employment for the holidays find your site over that of a competitor (or not finding any results at all), you’ll need to create and apply an SEO strategy that caters to these individuals.

Search engine optimization efforts can be complicated by seasonal fluctuations in your business. In order to understand this phenomenon better and to develop a specific plan related to your company or website, consult with a professional to be sure you stay within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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I have a new website and I would like to optimize it.Can anyone give me tips on SEO please?

I need info on strategies for offpage and onpage SEO.Can anyone here please tell me how am I going to go about all these? Thanks..

Good content is most important – and I don’t mean loads of keywords, I mean ux. Write your content FOR your visitors, write something YOU would find interesting and you’re half way there.

Then validate your code – google w3c validator. VERY important.

Then get your description tags sorted also very important.

Then keep your page load quick – google website optimisation.

Then get on webmaster tools – submit a sitemap and check the HTML suggestions regularly – google will tell you if there’s anything it doesn’t like.
Do these things and I GUARANTEE you’ll see an increase.

It gets harder after this. Page structure – make sure things are in the right order – title, h1, h2, paragraphs. Put your important keywords near the top.

If you’ve done all this, google wordtracker – find the popular terms and track your positions – if you want to move up, make sure these terms are in your title tags etc.

Even harder – build some links (genuine ones) and use the keywords in the links.

Then keep repeating all these steps whilst adding content regularly.

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