Seasonal SEO strategies are critical for businesses whose products, services, pricing and hiring changes according to seasonal influences. Without including such seasonal components of your search engine optimization campaigns, you could be missing as much as half your market – especially if your company’s seasonal flux consists of just 2 seasons. This means that a comprehensive keyword strategy must be deployed in order to capture as many of your seasonal markets as possible.
The following are several types of companies that may need to adjust for seasonal fluctuations in their SEO strategies; but there are many more companies that must consider seasonal strategies for their websites as well.

Landscaping Companies

If you own a landscaping company, your keywords don’t just consist of ‘landscaping company,’ ‘landscaper in XYZ,’ etc. You need to get specific, because chances are great that your potential clients are being specific – seasonal-specific – when they search for your services. This means that you might need to target terms like ‘gutter cleaning in XYZ’ and ‘lawn mowing in XYZ’ during the summer, and terms like ‘snow shoveling/plowing,’ ‘roof shoveling,’ and ‘sanding,’ among many others during the winter.

For new companies or those with small budgets for online advertising, it wouldn’t make sense to target all of these keywords all at once. Instead, concentrate on seasonal keywords in small groups just before and during the time that particular season is occurring.


Restaurants have a need for two different levels of seasonal SEO: seasonal foods and dishes, and seasonal changes in clientele.

*Foods and Dishes:

Seasonal dishes that your restaurant is known for can be easy to target and dominate if they are unique enough in your area, but other terms might be harder to acquire top ranking in. This might include terms like ‘hot local chowder’ in the winter, and ‘bbq restaurant in XYZ’ during the summer.


The terms used by your clientele to find your restaurant will vary according to whether the patron is local or a tourist. For instance, a local might search for terms like ‘karaoke bar in XYZ’ or ‘discount for locals restaurant,’ while a foreigner or tourist might search for terms like ‘best Philly cheese steak’ or ‘Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh.’

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to target all of these terms, but not all at once. The best way to start is to consult with an SEO expert concerning the keywords your clients are using to find your restaurant.

Delivery Companies

Delivery companies – especially medium to large sized ones – are an excellent example of a company that will have differing SEO needs, but from an employment standpoint. For instance, during most of the year a delivery company should target terms related to its industry on a local level. But during peak seasons, they’ll not only need to change terms to adjust for things like ‘fast holiday shipping’ and ‘ship by xmas,’ they’ll also need to target terms intended to attract potential employees during the hiring phase most delivery and shipping companies undergo during the holidays.

In order to ensure that people entering search delivery/shipping terms related to employment for the holidays find your site over that of a competitor (or not finding any results at all), you’ll need to create and apply an SEO strategy that caters to these individuals.

Search engine optimization efforts can be complicated by seasonal fluctuations in your business. In order to understand this phenomenon better and to develop a specific plan related to your company or website, consult with a professional to be sure you stay within Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

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I have a new website and I would like to optimize it.Can anyone give me tips on SEO please?

I need info on strategies for offpage and onpage SEO.Can anyone here please tell me how am I going to go about all these? Thanks..

Good content is most important – and I don’t mean loads of keywords, I mean ux. Write your content FOR your visitors, write something YOU would find interesting and you’re half way there.

Then validate your code – google w3c validator. VERY important.

Then get your description tags sorted also very important.

Then keep your page load quick – google website optimisation.

Then get on webmaster tools – submit a sitemap and check the HTML suggestions regularly – google will tell you if there’s anything it doesn’t like.
Do these things and I GUARANTEE you’ll see an increase.

It gets harder after this. Page structure – make sure things are in the right order – title, h1, h2, paragraphs. Put your important keywords near the top.

If you’ve done all this, google wordtracker – find the popular terms and track your positions – if you want to move up, make sure these terms are in your title tags etc.

Even harder – build some links (genuine ones) and use the keywords in the links.

Then keep repeating all these steps whilst adding content regularly.

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It is not just important to have a quality product and service. To be successful in any business venture, you need to market and advertise your offering to reach your target audience. To reach a niche audience, it is important to plan a perfect advertising strategy. Webwindows, a leading media agency, suggests the following points for planning a perfect advertising strategy.

Its all about getting the timing right: Webwindows rightly feels that to hit the bull’s eye, it is important to get your timing right.  For example, assume that you sell a seasonal product, lets say woollens, you should begin advertising when the winters are about to approach. Webwindows suggests that you should begin your advertisement campaign before the season is actually about to start, or just before your competitors also begin advertising. Beginning well in advance, gives you ample space and time to register your products in the minds of the customers. Webwindows also rightly points out that print advertising is all about repeat advertising, so plan your campaign such that you have adequate time to keep repeating your messages and reaching out to your target audience.

Choosing the right advertising channel: There are many advertising channels available for advertising: the print media, mass media such as TV and radio, and the most recent addition, the online media. Apart from these, advertisers can also advertise their offerings in trade fairs, group meetings etc. Given the large number of channels available, Webwindows suggests that companies should decide based on a number of points. First, the budget is very important. Advertising on TV requires a huge budget while this is not the case with print advertising. Webwindows feels that for small and mid-sized companies with limited budgets and with a local audience, the best medium of advertisement is the print media. According to Webwindows, newspapers have a wide mass reach, are easily available and they have a great emotional connect with the people.
Getting the right message across: Advertising is about getting the right message across to the right audience. To explain its point, Webwindows takes the case of print media advertising. When drafting an advertisement for the newspapers, companies should focus on a catchy tagline, bulleted points that highlight the advantages of the offering, and clearly mentioned contact information.
Webwindows is a leading media agency offering print media advertising space and services for online companies to effectively advertise their products and services. Webwindows has a dedicated page, the Webwindows page that appears as a color weekend supplement with seven leading newspapers in the UK. The Webwindows page is read by over five million people per week. In fact the people who read the Webwindows page, especially do so with the aim of looking for online bargains. Besides, if you place your ad through Webwindows, the company’s executives will also help you in designing your ad and guide you in choosing the ideal newspaper to reach your target audience.

Webwindows is a leading UK print media specialist writing brilliant advertising copy for many clients over the years. To reach an audience of millions contact Webwindows now!

What is easiest way to draw up a marketing strategy for a small online business?

What is easiest way to draw up a marketing strategy for a small online business?
Is it not as simple as SEO’s, a bit of offline advertising ( flyers) and a few adverts out on the net?

In marketing strategy, we have many-many techniques to run this. But for me, if you are new, better you try invest a lot of money to purchase ads from top website. I like use pay per click technique especially from adwords, yahoo and adbrite..

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Online Marketing and  Internet Advertising

Everyone is searching for different ways to marketing better and efficiently along with saving as much money as possible. Marketing on the internet is stretching marketing budgets for many home based business owners. Marketing your business online brings with it many benefits that are not available with traditional and offline marketing.
With marketing online you can make changes on the fly, versus offline marketing such as placing traditional advertisements in  newspapers, magazines, or on television is that you can change them on the fly. By  trackingand monitoring how your  marketing and advertisements efforts are doing you can make the decision to change a graphic or wording and do it with ease. This is not the case with ordinary marketing and advertising.

Search engine optimization is as important as creating a website for a company. This is because, without proper optimization, a website can’t create a position of its own. Creating a website means, generating proper content for visitors, and optimizing a website means creating a popularizing a website in web-market.
Marketing online isn’t as hard as it may sound. Internet marketers wouldn’t be bragging of how much great a job it is if it was all that difficult and annoying. Patience is also needed, and for some, expenses are incurred. But in general online marketing is just a simple and easy task. The main point of internet marketing is to generate traffic and lead visitors and customers to your site. Your site’s visibility will be the key factor for you to attract customers and make sales.

Online marketing strategies have this purpose in mind. Let us count the simple ways of marketing online:. To achieve greater visibility in the web, you have to have a high ranking in the search engines, building links is vital. Search engine spiders crawl across the web to look for the number of links you have and use it as one of the important bases on ranking your website.

The more you know and understand about online marketing, the more flexible you will become, and the more successful you will be. Some of the tools and resources you need to understand include, pay per click advertising, free traffic exchanges, ezine advertising, lead capture pages, and auto responders. As many network marketers have already discovered, you can grow a very successful network marketing/ mlm organization online. Of course, proper evaluation of your network marketing company and knowledge of online marketing tools and resources will give you a substantial edge over the competition. Online competition can be tough, but with a little research and effort you can find great success.

Marketing online is presented to sales forces at conference all over the globe, sales forces starts selling marketing online to their clients and help develop email marketing plans, consult on building social networking identities, and design engaging web sites – all part of the online marketing initiative that is critical to every business. Social sites taking over the way people market their business. It is critical to grab these types of marketing methods and employ them within your own business. An effective web marketing strategy allows individuals to do this readily. Still another avenue, email marketing is extremely beneficial but risky if used improperly. No business wants labeled as a spammer, but email is too powerful to overlook as a means of growing a business. Being compliant is essential and takes a full understanding of the legislation surrounding email marketing. Once understood, any business will benefit from the use of an effective campaign that drives visitors back to the website repeatedly.
Using some of these techniques that come across as pushy. Your website should constantly be adding new information and content so users will return again and again. Keep adding to and improving your site from the day you launch it.
While search marketing is high impact and high value, it’s not the only game in town.

The real goal of marketing online is to promote your site over and over until hundreds of thousands of people have visited your site. Marketing online with viral strategies is hit and miss. The large online communities make it a viable strategy, but there are a lot of people trying to do it.
This is targeted communication via the internet to promote your business and direct traffic to your website. These promotions may take the form of a search engine optimisation (seo) strategy, an affiliate marketing program, targeted email and e-newsletter campaigns, or links and advertisements from websites, blogs, online message boards and newsletters.

Companies are in the business to make money and increase their bottom line. The internet has opened a new horizon in marketing online that until just a few years ago didn’t even exist.
And the best part is all you need to start is a PC and an internet connection, and you can perfectly understand why I say that you have to (and can allow yourself to) start thinking about simplicity, flexibility and profitability.

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potential for growth that can make you money fast at:


Dale Dupree

Copywrite 2009




Add to that the fact that all you need to start is a PC and an internet connection, and you can completely understand why I say that you have to (and can allow yourself to) start thinking about simplicity, flexibility and profitability.

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Dale Dupree


Why do American auto workers think we will buy cars just due to rhetoric?

I hear it all the time: buy American. American this, American that. We have xxx.

But after quite possibly thirty years of that strategy FAILING, why do American automakers and their ilk still try and sell cars based on rhetoric, not the car itself?

Where I am coming from with this is that yesterday I was looking at some used car lot, checking prices, and after talking with a sales person for not a minute he said “well you should buy American.” No no, nothing about the car, nothing about me, the person forking over $20,000 for a drive way decoration that moves every now and then.

Looking around, I again see more of it online. Overpaid UAW people that go around dissing Japanese and German cars as “Jap Junk” and such. But even when I go to Japanese websites, I almost never see workers from there, even in companies with problems, doing the same diss-work. No, they are more interested in the cars than the rhetoric.

Why are American automakers and co not more like that?

They advertise rhetoric because that’s all they have. The domestics have sunk so much money into this rhetoric and “employee pricing” that they still have to use 10 year old technology in their cars. That’s why the “Jap Junk” has made its way up the food chain and Ford is a big turd that’s ready to be flushed. Toyota just built a couple of new factories in the US, meanwhile Ford is liquidizing its assets and planning to lose billions over the next two years, not to mention the 36,000 or so employees that were bought out.

Toyota is in the position it is because of a focus of continuous improvement and building on the reputation of dependability and reliability. I wish Ford, GM and Chrysler would catch on – healthy competition is the best thing for the auto industry and for the general public because it will help fuel the drive to make better autos.

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It is true that in it earliest days, E-commerce was seen as the preserve of large tech-savvy organizations with huge marketing budgets. Smaller firms then could only watch from the side-lines as the big boys battled it out. Today, though, any organization not having an online marketing strategies runs the very real risk of being rendered irrelevant in the emerging order of things, as more and more people (individuals and businesses alike), opt to turn to the Internet when shopping for the various goods and services that they need for their day to day sustenance and for development purposes.

The fact that more and more people are turning to the Internet for their shopping then means that the Internet is the next revenue frontier businesses should be looking at, if they are keen to improve their profit bottom-lines. But how, exactly, do you improve profits using online marketing strategies?

Well, how you go about using online marketing strategies to improve profits will depend on the type of business you are in and the type of clients you are looking to reach. One indispensable tool you need before you can use online marketing strategies to improve your profits is, of course, a website. In this regard, not just any website will do, but specifically a properly done website. Depending on your business model, one of the ways to use your website in your online marketing effort could be simply where you employ the website as an advertising medium (like where you have the so-called catalog style websites) – with the potential clients you reach through that website in turn having to contact you outside the web in order to make the purchase.

Alternatively, and this is considered the best practice as far online marketing goes, you can have a system where the clients you are trying to reach not only get awareness about what you sell from your website, but where they are also offered the opportunity to actually purchase it through the website – through to advanced E-commerce functionality. And contrary to what many of us fear when we hear about such advanced E-commerce functionality, the truth of the matter is that such functionality doesn’t come expensive nowadays, as you actually find some (if not most) of the programs you need to implement it for free or near free on the Internet, if you go about searching at the right places.

Of course, just having a website and no visitors to it will not make your online marketing strategies a success. You need to work out a traffic generation strategy – and this is usually the missing link in the online marketing efforts that flop. Again, contrary to what many of us think, traffic generation need not be a major headache either. If you want quick results, you can allocate money to a web advertising budget and use a search-engine based advertising service (like Google’s AdWords or Yahoo!). This has to be preceded by careful keyword research (to know which people using Google or Yahoo! are likely to actually purchase your wares. Alternatively – if you are willing to wait a little longer for more sustainable and cost-effective results, you can opt to make use of keen search engine optimization, which you can do in-house, or pay a search engine optimization expert for quicker and surer results.

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Where can I find some online videos about outstanding marketing examples?

I am a freshmen in the world of marketing and I am having a presentation next weeks about perfume, could some body give me some outstanding strategies and videos that help me success in my performance. thx to all 😀
*I can not access Youtube due to the rule of Internet in China (very sorry)

Well first things first, you have to find a video commerce software that will be most beneficial to you. I would personally recommend going to http://www.buystream.tv, it might be a little pricey but it’s definitely worth it’s way in gold. Make sure that whatever you put in your video is an attention grabber, it’s estimated that your audience will judge in the first 5 seconds of your video. Those first 5 seconds are crucial, so make sure you have something that will have keep them wanting to see more. Good luck with this. I know it’s a little difficult to get started, but I know that it’s possible to have a positive outcome. I hope this helped you out a little!

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To survive, you need a shop to be aware of best internet marketing strategies and be able to work properly If you can get the wrong methods or results of online advertising, poor execution frustrating. … First, advertising is the business of direct mail, one of the cheapest methods, budgets, making it ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs are working on a limited. If you do not have a big budget, you can start with a small budget to send postcards or e-mail to a …

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Internet marketing or online marketing is the business mantra for the day. Online marketing is the practice of using all facets of online advertising and publicity mechanisms to generate favorable response from your target audience. … print and television, online marketing yields faster results. It is more business oriented than being just a brand campaign and has therefore become very popular with small and medium businesses that have tighter marketing budgets. …

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Companies spend a big portion of their budgets on print and online advertising. And, we all know that we still get a bunch of “junk” mail. Why? Because it works. While inventing new ways to market your business can sometimes pay off, … Small business owners can effectively use direct marketing to grow their business and build relationships with their current and prospective clients. But, a poorly executed direct marketing program will hurt you where it counts! …

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Online Marketing Services has had a large impact on several industries including music, banking, and flea markets, as well as the advertising industry itself. As Advertisers increase and shift more of their budgets online, …

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Montreal business enterprise owners need to be twice as effective in their on line advertising campaigns to cover both english and french language markets! Be Cautious with PPC Online Advertising … is not realistic to believe that mid- market size Montreal and Quebec based businesses can merely double their on the internet marketing budgets to accommodate for the two languages. What is essential for any small business going following the Montreal markets is Innovation! …

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We are all searching for different ways to marketing more effectively and efficiently along with saving as much money as possible. Marketing online is stretching marketing budgets for many small companies. Marketing your business online

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