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When attempting to attain entrepreneurial success on the web, one should keep in mind that following an effective online business strategy is vital. Given the abundance of strategies that supposedly bring forth outstanding outcomes but most often fail to provide noteworthy results, budding entrepreneurs soon realize that choosing a tactic is a much more complicated task than they have anticipated. Instead of searching for unique ways to improve one’s sales however, it would be best to choose the most commonly used strategies. After all, countless entrepreneurs have proved that such mainstream business tactics are undeniably effective.

SEO is an ideal example of such often-utilized yet truly-effective business strategies. As a matter of fact, experts perceive SEO not merely as a strategy, but as an online business necessity. After all, a non-optimized website would not be able to grab the attention of consumers on the web, as it would never appear on the results of their web search queries. It should be emphasized however, that SEO is not simply about placing a few well-chosen keywords on one’s website, it also entails the task of carrying out off-site optimization methods such as making use of directories and exchanging links with other sites.

Attaining success online is rather synonymous to letting people know that one’s business exists. Hence, it becomes obvious that using social media to advertise one’s brand is indeed an excellent online business ideas. Those just starting their entrepreneurial pursuits and would want to keep advertising costs at a minimum, would also be pleased to know that creating corporate accounts on social media sites does not entail fees. Most importantly, as long as one provides attention-grabbing updates through social media, such as those regarding new offers and discounts, more and more people would be interested to visit one’s business website.

Aside from following such strategies, it would also be ideal to carry out tactics that pertain to one’s current clients. Simply put, by ensuring that one’s clients are indeed satisfied with every transaction, it would be possible to transform them from being one-time customers to truly loyal patrons. In order to accomplish such an important goal, one needs to communicate with clients on a regular basis: asking them about their buying experience and gathering insights about aspects that need to be improved. While some believe that this would only annoy clients, in truth customers think highly of companies that value their opinion.

What such business tactics lack in terms of uniqueness, they make up for in sheer effectiveness. After all, the business strategies discussed are logical approaches to increasing one’s customer base. However, solely relying on one effective online business strategy, or even a select few, would never be able bring forth the best outcomes in a continuous fashion. Indeed, even though following such proven business tactics is a wise first step for people just beginning to explore various facets of online entrepreneurship, those with thriving businesses should always aim to carry out additional business strategies to secure their place at the top.

Making your dreams into reality is the primary goal of DreamPushers. Helping you to have your own online business through their cutting edge Online Business Ideas, latest Digital Design and anything that you need to start your dream business.

If you have any online business ideas or strategy please don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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Which discussion forums for international business and global strategy can you recommend?

I’m looking for online groups, societies and forums, where (international) business professionals discuss current and/or general issues in international business and global strategy. Online sites where I can read existing threads on current international business buzz, as well as ask questions and participate in discussions myself. I’m having a hard time finding anything like that, so hope you can help me find such sites.
To elaborate: I’m looking for online forums (websites), where I can participate in discussions in the fields of international business and global strategy, NOT particular business strategies,

the hsbc hong kong shanghai bank ‘opium wars’ opium and heroin drug dealings strategy.

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Here is a list of ten things to consider when creating an online business strategy. These tips are to help keep focused and efficient work at the same time is as simple as possible. Win the market in line with the business has to do with the quality and consistency in all marketing activities, the better the quality of the best chances of success at all levels.

1) Content quality – I cannot stress enough the backbone of any online business needs quality content and lots of it. Content is important because it is what the company says its website customers and this is important because it makes a respectable site, a resource for search engines. The number of internet business is usually a strategy to build quality content and a lot of it.

2) Theme profitable – for big business online business is the theme right. Argument can not be wrong any questions for the object. The theme on the right is a bit ‘of competition and tons of web search for different keywords, spend the time to explore and find the perfect theme of the profitability of the business.

3) Quality of the links – The content will be the main driving force for any online business strategy, but ties have become so important for search engines. A solid Internet strategy company will have a great relationship building process in place. It is always quality and quantity links, no. Trying to get some good links of websites that are related to yours in every page of the website .

4) Never compromise on quality – never compromising the quality of the content or links, the better the results are much better. Bad content or equivalent content in any search engine traffic and all traffic will not make purchases on a website that offers little or no value. All links are no longer age some of the best links and make efforts to try to get them.

5) Stay – Stay in Internet marketing is changing and always ready to update and change your business strategy on the Internet. Things like high-quality content and quality of links will not change, but the ways to get their distribution, such as new social media sites, which offer great opportunities for online marketing.

6) The work in the right areas, it is easy to get lost and lose all the different ways to build traffic and try to get the sale. Only the best methods of work, to build the best traffic . Do not waste times on areas that yield poor results, always put all the work will be some of the best techniques .

7) No Banner – Do not use banners to your site visitors to hate them, and they are a bad conversion. Use the contextual links to visitors for the sale of heating. This is an aspect of the business strategy of the Internet has a significant impact on conversion rates.

Give it time – many novice webmasters to expect too much too quickly. Give up a few months after the feeling of not being good enough, or all that was taught was a lie. Internet marketing is real and does not work, but it takes time and a lot of work to get rewards.

9) Beware of Statistics – Spend a couple of hours each month to review the site statistics, site statistics will be the way to control everything and work on increasing profits and put your best selling products on its pages are the most and locate or visited and high quality products that make the best price for a high volume site.

10) Do not sell – it’s not hard to sell to visitors, to use the content as a way to gain credibility in your field. The purpose of this part of the Internet business strategy is to think like the visitor and what their needs are. Customers hate to sell banners and sales pages, but love is providing the information they sought. Use this to your advantage to increase the conversion rates at any time.

Yasir Samad is a head marketing and SEO consultant for Hilal Technology.
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How to get my business up and running successfully? www.Piezeofmind.com?

I have an online retail and wholesale business selling educational 3D wood puzzles ( www.Piezeofmind.com ). I am looking to expand and grow my business quickly and gain a larger customer base. Ultimately, what sales or marketing strategy could I use? What do you suggest I do? I have limited capital but would like to hear suggestions, recommendations, opinions from all. Thanks!

Post your business info on free classified ad websites. It doesn’t cost anything and gets lots of exposure for your business. Here’s a short list of some good ones I use all the time:

http://www.kijiji.com (it’s owned by eBay and it’s FREE)

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Localized searches on search engines are becoming more and more widespread within the Area SEO community.  Customers are choosing to use Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and the rest over their traditional paper Yellow Pages.  It takes too much time and effort these days to open the Paper directory and search and search alphabetically for the business you would like to find.

Manual Article Submission

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   Some users stick to online yellow pages and search for a topic of interest.  Most searchers may not be seeking a business but information.  When they search online they may end up finding area seo content within a page full of information that they are searching for and end up using or contacting the business because it is where they located their pertinent area seo information.
  Out comes the search engine philosophy of Localized Area SEO.  A potential customer opens his or her favorite search engine and types in their city, state county or zip and the business type or information they are searching for.  Based on this it is important to see how a company must be optimized for their local seo area.  If they are not listed in the search engines on the first page and are not marketed for their Neighborhood, Area, City, or state there is little or no chance of them being found by a searcher online.  Regardless of the business type model it has become required to be found online when someone is searching.
  There are also at least two types of possible searches and results being found online these days.  The customer is either looking for a localized search based on location or a general search based on web search.  In an area seo perspective both of these are equally important.  For customers searching for businesses online Localized search becomes important to be listed with directories for local businesses.  When a customer searches for information based on a local area seo search web search localization becomes the key target.  When customers for instance in Palm Coast Florida seek to find a local Seo professional so they can meet and communicate their desires in person, they would type in Palm Coast SEO.  The same obviously applies to all locals in the nearby area such as Daytona SEO.  Since geographically these areas Palm Coast and Daytona are fairly close, a marketing professional would chose to target both of them equally.  A localized customer in search of an seo company would not type Florida SEO and the market is too general and would include results they would not be interested in.

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  For an SEO professional although it may be a national market that they strive to achieve it is equally important to be listed in their localized search so that potential local customers will be able to locate their products and know they are locally listed.
  In part two of Local Area SEO we will discuss the importance of understanding the customers target market to achieve best results for Area SEO.


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Do you think that seo is still the most preferred strategy for any online business?

Yes, I think so.

SEO Tips – Page Ranking:
>>>>>>> ★
You need to study and select some keywords that are related to your site such as your domain and add them to your website. Then submit it to search engine. Besides, exchange links with high PR sites. After a time, it may come in top 10 from the search result. For example, the keyword: topbuysell is related to domain http://www.topbuysell.com (From PR0 to PR5 within two months) . And it ranks number one on the search result.

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One of the most effective advertising techniques available to Internet marketers today is known as SEO advertising. Search engine optimization techniques are very effective advertising techniques for all types of websites, because this type of advertising technique can acquire valuable links on search engine result pages. Search engines are the most commonly used websites online today, which makes them an excellent source of traffic for all types of websites. This article will discuss a few simple search engine optimization tips that are easy to implement for any website immediately.

One of the most important factors that can affect the success of an SEO campaign is the layout of the website you are promoting. So, if the website you are promoting is not properly formatted, you may risk the possibility of not being able to attract any web users through search engine result pages.

After you have optimized the layout of your pages, you should move onto the next step and optimize the content that is on your website. In order to properly optimize website content though, you must have a fairly thorough understanding as to how search sites find valuable websites online today.

One issue you want to avoid while you are attempting to optimize a website is the issue of making a site that appears to be spamming keywords. If you spam keywords across a website, search sites will not believe that website is a valuable resource for web users. So, in order to take advantage of keyword popularity, create a website that provides a number of specific keywords, without spamming those keywords throughout the website’s content.

Since the individuals who run search engines understand that a number of people commonly attempt to rig their websites to match search engine results, there are other filtering techniques utilized by search engines to find valuable websites online. One of the most commonly used filters is the assessment of the popularity of a website. When a website has a number of links pointing to it from around the Internet, search engines often view this type scenario as a positive aspect of a specific website.

If there are many popular websites directing links towards your website, search sites will view this as a very positive aspect that clearly states your website provides value to web users. As you can see, the process of getting your links placed on other websites around the Internet can be incredibly invaluable in the long period

You can only create a successful SEO campaign by utilizing a number of different search engine optimization tips. If you only use one SEO technique, you may have your website connected to a number of other websites around the Internet, but your content would not be optimized, so it is unlikely that you will be able to attract users to your web pages through search engines. By properly utilizing a number of different SEO techniques for your website, you can attract thousands to even millions of customers from search engine result pages.

I’ve always been a firm believer that all things are possible in life, and since we are here for such a limited time, I want to spend it creating total freedom, for my family, myself and the world around me.I have been involved in Marketing since the age of 15 and now am a full-time Marketing Consultant.

Yours Truly,

Kathy Baka

Good Marketing Tips?

What are some good marketing tips/ideas for a company just starting out with a low budget? I have an e-commerce fashion site targeting women between the ages of 17-35. I’ve already submitted my site to major search engines and linked my site to many top 100 sites as well as advertised on them. Anything other ideas?
Clothing styles similar to bebe, Betsey Johnson and Express.

There is an interview with an up-and-coming knitwear fashion designer and you can learn from the strategies that she uses to market her fashion business.

She uses the power of both traditional marketing strategies and the Web to reach her market:

1. She has recently started to send out a Press Kit and Sales Books to editors and stores all over the United States.

2. On the Web, she contacted a variety of online boutiques, providing them with a select amount of pictures and description of her company. As a result of marketing campaign, her collection is presently available in her website and is featured in a number of boutiques and online stores

3. She focuses on getting samples of her designs in fashion and trade magazines

4. She has also started a monthly email newsletter to friends, family, editors and buyers from all over the country to let them know what is new with the company and give them a teaser of what will be coming in the season ahead.

You can also send out press releases on a regular basis. While outfits charge as much as $650 per release, there are free press release submission places on the Web. Press releases allow you to (a) attract media attention; (b) get more back links to your website without sending each website an email request; and (c) get more visibility especially if your press release gets in Google News or Yahoo News.


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Structuring your articles and web pages for the search engines is critical.  Your web pages may have a better concept and information than another person, but if they have any level of search engine marketing training and you do not they will rank higher than you every time.  You do not have to be a computer geek to understand SEO.  Read on to learn quick search engine optimization strategies.


When discussing SEO back links are often the first thing that comes to mind for even seasoned marketers.  Certainly back links play a big role in your search ranking position, but before you even get to the back links you must have an SEO structure set in place for the web page itself.


Many aspects of how you set up your articles and web pages contribute to your sites overall search engine optimization. 

Take a look at the most important points of SEO for your web pages:


Title- Your title should be catchy to appeal to your readers, but also include your keywords to appeal to the search engines.


Keyword Density- Keyword density of 2%-5% of your content is the magic number.  Using keywords in Less than 2% of your content appears that you are not relevant to your topic while anything over 5% can look like spam to the search engines. 


Multi page site- The days of a single landing page getting top rankings is over.  Search engines now give praise to sites that have multiple pages.  Again, relevance is key here so try to link your pages together so that they make sense together.


One way links- Links that go from another website to your page are good.  Links that go from a site to your page and then back to that site again are not as good.  Marketers used to use link farms or exchange programs with other marketers to gain rankings with less work using 2 way links.  This is now frowned upon by most search engines.  Stick with one way links for SEO purposes.


Quality Content- This one always shocks people because it seems so simple!  The problem is that there are so many people out there that fight so hard to get ranked with every SEO trick in the book when it is easier and more profitable to provide quality content. 


Never forget that you are writing for real people, not search engine spiders.  Spice up your content and make it appealing to people, not robots.


This was a brief lesson in search engine marketing training, but the information is powerful.  The best thing I can leave you with is to stress that SEO is a way of appealing to search engines for better rankings.  Try your best to always deliver good, quality content and use the tips above for added SEO incentive.  Never forget that you ultimately put out content for readers, not search engines.

Have You Made a Sale Yet?


Hundreds of people give up on their dream of a full time online income simply because they did not understand SEO.  There is so much conflicting information about optimizing web pages that its no wonder people are confused.  I urge you to check out my blog search engine marketing training right now for simple SEO strategies that will get your web pages in front of the people that want to view them.


Visit  http://www.myinternet-marketing-solution.com/online-search-engine-optimization-training right now for simple SEO strategies that you can use today.

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For beginners, it would appear difficult however you’ll assume in any other case once you have started and acquired the dangle of it.

Using search engine marketing is simple, in case you understand properly how it works. Whenever you use the online to seek for objects you need and once you kind particular phrases, these undergo a web directory.Search engines can be responsible for natural search listings and paid advertisements.
Search engine marketing is already proven and tested to be an effective method in increasing web site visitors and producing earnings to your business. Listening to search engine marketing is the way in which you can sustain with other online businesses. Because the web is used worldwide at this time, the net is the key for most entrepreneurs and advertisers to target and entice extra purchasers to their company.

If you happen to had been the one who was trying to find one thing, basically, the web site that’s positioned on the top of the lists can be the website you’re going to choose. Therefore, the primary firm or website that’s listed would collect the most variety of clicks to the links or viewers to the website.
With this, you possibly can say that when you understand that target shoppers use particular key phrases or key phrases to your web site when searching for products or services provided, you may want your web site to be on the very best rank as doable in search engine pages.Ranking high in web searches would positively improve the variety of folks visiting your web site, thus growing the recognition of it and increasing the net visitors as well.At the moment there are lots of methods to rank excessive in search engines. Marketers and advertisers have their very own means and ways to be able to do this.Search engine marketing is the essential step to establishing search ranking results. You’ll be able to be taught these strategies via obtaining some nice Google ranking tips. One specific tip that may assist to establish long run search ranking results is link building.

The more links you construct and the extra continuous you’re with constructing links the longer term you’ll expertise monetary success.It is rather doable for you to set up long run search rating outcomes in the event you observe the appropriate steps along the way. In the event you receive excessive search rating results for a protracted time frame then the amount of income that you’ll bring in will probably be substantial over time. Each technique has their very own pros and cons, and what would possibly work for them, won’t work for you. An instance of that is whenever you write articles for the corporate concerning its merchandise or services.Writing articles require good writing expertise and skill to include all essential particulars in a single article. If you weren’t given the talent in writing, better use different technique instead.Don’t jeopardize your web site’s standing simply because other used that technique and succeeded. It’s a matter of trial and error and it is dependent upon how you manage your website effectively.

In time, you’ll find the right search engine marketing method that may generate extra earnings to your company.So, what are you waiting for? Now, that you know how to make use of search engine marketing. Exit and be proud of your business. Use search engine marketing for what you are promoting now.
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Tel.: 07147 / 708221
http://marketingtools.singledad.de You will find there an All in One Marketing Software for Enterprise Promoting.

See my homepage:
Michael Karl, MarketingSoftware
http://marketingtools.singledad.de You’ll find there an All in One Marketing Tool for Enterprise Promoting.

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If you’re new to search engine marketing, here are the top ten tips to consider before launching your online campaigns.

1. Content and Credibilit

Make sure your website content is of a high standard before you launch any search engine marketing initiatives. Poorly designed websites with uninformative and uninspiring content will lead to low sales conversion rates. Your website needs to make an impact, it needs to look professional and it needs to demonstrate credibility.

2. Give a lot of thought to Keyword Research

Search engine marketing is all about keywords. Selecting the wrong keywords can be a costly mistake. Don’t assume that you know the keywords people are likely to enter into Google and other search engines in order to find your particular products or services. Use Wordtracker, or a similar professional keyword tool, in order to find out both what people are searching for and how many other websites are competing on those terms.

3. Pay attention to your Landing Pages

Do not place all the focus on your website “home” page. If you are setting up a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign, it’s crucial that your advert links to a page relevant to the specific web search. So, for example, if you’re advertising 30 inch television sets, make sure your landing page is about 30 inch television sets. A user who lands on a more generic page will leave your site if they can’t find what they’re looking for in two clicks.

4. Use PPC to launch your website

You will not be able to achieve “organic” (free) listings on Google, Yahoo and the other search engines instantly. Although SEO (search engine optimisation) should be a consideration from the start of planning your website business, it will take time to achieve results. Setting up PPC campaigns, monitoring them closely and analysing which keywords convert to sales the most efficiently will help you to determine which keywords you should be targeting for your SEO efforts.

5. Be informative and clear with your META and Ad Copy

When optimising your landing pages, ensure that you use clear and informative language. Do not cram your META title and description tags full of keywords. Each landing page on your site should be optimised for the search engines on one key-phrase term. With your PPC campaigns, ensure that you use the exact key-phrase in your ad copy, otherwise your click-through rate will suffer and the cost of your ads will escalate.

6. Use Web Analytics to Improve Your Pages

Make sure you install analytics software on your site so that you can analyse crucial information such as page bounce rates and average times spent surfing your site. High bounce rates means your landing page content is irrelevant to the web searcher. If you have a bounce rate over 60% there is a problem with your content that needs to be addressed.

7. Install Conversion Tracking and Set-out your Campaign Metrics

It’s important to know what your objective is in driving traffic to your site. Be it online sales, newsletter sign-ups or contact form enquiries; ensure that you have the correct code installed on your site to track your responses and, more importantly, which keywords created the response. Establish a budget and some campaign parameters. If you find yourself spending too much on keywords that yield little or no response, then redefine your keyword strategy.

8. Give thought to online PR and social networking

Try and think of some creative ideas to generate a buzz about your particular product or service. Viral marketing can be an extremely effective method to get the word out to a very large audience. The buzz this can create online will generate links back to your site and subsequently higher placements in the search engines.

9. Build quality links from content themed sites

Traditional link building methods such as directory submissions are fine for helping to get your website indexed, however, effective link building campaigns should be focused around networking with other sites related to your content. If you run a landscaping business you should look at trying to form partnerships with gardening resource publications, garden centres and landscaping training organisations. On topic links to your site from trusted domains will help you to rank on your target keywords. What you do not want is to enter what’s known as a “bad neighbourhood” by having lots links pointing at your site from low quality, off-topic domains.

10. Keep Generating and Optimising Your Content

Websites can not be built and left to sell themselves. They need to be managed and updated daily. You should aim to build the volume of pages on your site over time. Websites that grow are considered to be “live” by the search engines and, over time, will become trusted authorities on your particular subject matter. Keep building and optimising your content and you will eventually succeed in the search engines.

James Hubbard is a Sussex Search Engine Marketing consultant offering affordable small business SEO solutions for UK based companies.

I need a business plan and a marketing strategy. I want to grow my business. HELP!!?

I’m a small online hair extension and Wigs Company. I’m looking for some tips and/or advice that would help me write a Business Plan and a marketing strategy.
Our main aims and objectives are to grow the company and increase brand and product awareness.
I’ve searched online, however the companies I found in the search engines are very expensive. Could someone perhaps recommend somebody, or an affordable company that would be able to help me?

Go to http://sba.gov/smallbusinessplanner/plan/writeabusinessplan/index.html or http://www.score.org/template_gallery.html for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

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Formulating an effective SEO strategy is not as easy as it seems to be. It cannot be developed magically. It requires careful planning. The prime objective of every internet entrepreneur is to optimize the site to attract more traffic. No campaign can help to promote the website unless and until it is optimized in the proper manner then be it pay per click program or any other outside linking program. These programs can definitely help but only after the website has been well optimized.

A common mistake that most of the websites make is that they make use of the familiar terms that are used pretty often and do not really take the pains to come up with something new and original. There is a need to be more focused. If a website contains articles on men fashion, but the text that it has is centered on fashion, the purpose here is badly defeated. The link will open only if someone types fashion. A better idea is to use men fashion as the text so that you are able to attract the target consumers.

To begin with, the SEO strategy must lay emphasis on the headers and links that will be typed in the search engine. To get an idea of the keywords that most people look for, you can refer to the Google adwords keyword tool. One of the main aspects while formulating the SEO strategy is that the site must be constructed in a natural manner. Once the site has been built in the requisite manner, the rest of the things will be easy to implement. As the ranking of your webpage will increase, you will start getting good response from several affiliate companies. You will be flooded with partnership offers that will help to improve the ranking of your web link.

Strategies of Different Search Engines

Google: It is the most excellent search engine all over the world. For every keyword, it displays those websites that are rich in content and also very popular. A great benefit that Google provides is that once you are listed in this search engine, your chances of getting listed on the other search engines greatly enhances, thereby augmenting the scope of your business. You can get your website to appear in the search engine Google even without direct listing by linking to the websites that are already listed on it. Google gives preference to the websites that keep updating their content.

MSN and Yahoo: It is easy to get a high ranking in the twin search engines of Yahoo and MSN by using a few SEO strategies such as writing a great introductory paragraph, providing informative content, giving proper titles to the links etc. The chances of getting highlighted are greater in case of new websites. Link popularity is not really required.

If you try to play smart by linking to the websites that are not part of the industry in which you are operating, the search engine can punish you severely by banning your website. To conclude, it is of paramount importance to develop the SEO strategy with caution as well as with intelligence so that you are able to accomplish your ultimate goal.

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Could you please help me to know helpful SEO strategy?

I handle web designing site and that’s keyword competetion is very high.

I also submitted more and more resources (directory, article, forum, blog, SB and feed} but I don’t have result..!!!

What is best strategy for best result in my site??????

What can I do????????

First of all, I like your very navigable website. After a cursory review of your SEO metatags on your opening webpage, we find that:

1. The metatags contains duplicate entries and has a domain name entry which may or may not be a “recognizable” brand. In which case replace it with more “generic” descriptive keywords. And where’s your geographic target, i.e., where’s your place of business, city, [India?], etc. which normally follows the last entry.

So, here’s an improved incorporating the above changes:

Website, Graphic, Flash Designs, Internet Marketing | [city], India, [city], Ireland

2. The metatag also contains duplicate entries, and it would be far more direct to simply use “website,” which also includes the word “web” than to extrapolate the word “web” as a standalone entry. And of course, if you are relying on using google.com, yahoo.com and msn.com as your primary search engines; then take notice that there is a limit of 15 entries for the metatag.
So a re-editing of your keyword entries is in order to priortize and reduce the total number of entries.

Hopefully, you will consider these suggestions in a timely manner and decide whether or not you want to incorporate them into your current webpage(s).

Good luck!

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The most important goal of internet web marketing is to increase traffic to your web site. You can think of your web site as your shop front; and the more people you can entice to come into your shop front, the more customers you will have. The best way to increase traffic to your website is to increase your search engine rankings. This can be a challenge, but with some work and persistence you shouldn’t have too many problems.

The first internet web marketing tip for increasing search engine ranking is to build your internal and incoming links. Internal links are simply links on your site that link to other pages on your site. It is important that each of your pages contains links to the all of the other pages on your site.

This will increase the page rank of every page on your web site. Incoming links can be placed on other, smaller websites that you have built. These other sites will be smaller and you will only need a few pages for them. Now, put links on these pages that link to your main site and cross link them using the same keywords.

Another thing you should keep in mind in internet web marketing is that you can improve your search engine ranking using some simple HTML tricks. You know that the Title tag goes directly under the Head tag. In this Title tag you have an excellent opportunity to place some keywords.

Don’t just put them in a list though; make a coherent sentence that explains what your site is and what it can do for the visitor. Put 4 or 5 of the best keywords in this sentence. Make sure you have 1 or 2 keywords in each of your Heading tags (H1, H2) as well.

Next, you should know a little bit about Meta tags. These tags used to be search engines’ most used method of ranking webs sites. Today, they are barely used as search engines have moved on to use different methods.

Meta tags are still used occasionally and it will only take a few seconds to put them in, so most people agree that you should have Meta tags in your web page. Use the META NAME=’description’ tag directly under your title tag and make a list of the most relevant key words for your site. Don’t use popular key words that have nothing to do with your site; search engines do not like this.

The final thing that needs mentioning regards the keywords on your site. The text on your web pages should have some keywords in it. Just use them sparingly. Put 1 keyword at the beginning of your major paragraphs.

This is enough. If you put too many keywords on your web site then search engines will just see it as spam and ignore it. Also, never put keywords in where they don’t make sense. If you keep these and other internet web marketing tips in mind, you are certain to have great success in the promotion of your website.

I am working on a web page I am looking for suggestions and tips. best answer by midnight tonight gets my 10.?

My website is called Muchley.com it is under construction. I am looking for tips on colors, size and style of fonts, and content that appeals to a wide audience.

Would you take a look and give your color opinion or would you suggest a niche market for the term Muchley which means “A lot”.


Obviously this is just my opinion so feel free to ignore it…..

I like the graphic in the upper left corner.

There’s too much contrast between the black background and the bright purple. Although it’s a pretty cool combination, it’s too hard on the eyes and makes you have to really focus on the words in order for them to be clear.

The font is all wrong. You don’t want to use 10 pt courier. It looks like it was written on a typewriter. I would use something significantly larger and a softer font.

Also, I know your site is under construction but I have no idea what the purpose is. You may want to put a tag line under the Welcome to Muchley banner that’s a little more descriptive. Also, if you’re selling a product you need to put that out there so that it is painfully obvious for anyone who comes to your site. You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention and keep them at your site.

Lastly, web crawlers and search engines aren’t going to generate many hits if you don’t make it a little easier to relate your product with your site.

I don’t know if any of this is worth 10 points but hopefully it will give you something to think about.

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