What Do Musicians And Businesses Have In Common?

We are a local band that is trying to get a wider audience. We have been around for two years playing local clubs and we have a small following. After listening to several of your shows we have gotten some great ideas; but we were wondering if you have any fast ways we can get our band more exposure?
The Lightning Bugs

Fred: You are not alone. According to Myspace there are nearly one million Indie bands in the world and I am sure there are a lot more. The reality is that not all will make it big. Aside from having good music, it takes marketing and promotion to get the buzz going.

Lyna: Musicians. Artists, Trades people- in fact even our radio show is really no different than any business in that regard. Fred and I are constantly brainstorming on new ways to keep our listenership growing.

Fred: What we find time and time again is that the most important thing in any business is the client. Or in this case, your fans, Word of mouth is so powerful. If your friend tells you about a new music group that they love, what is your reaction?

Lyna: Mine would be, I’ve gotta check them out And when I did, I’d already be thinking that I’d like them because they came by a recommendation.

Fred: So if your fans are the strongest and quickest way to get more exposure; perhaps it would be wise to show them your gratitude. This is where you can really have fun.

Lyna: As with any business, you should already have a web site. This could have action shots of the band, a bio page, tour listings and newspaper reviews. In fact- if you have CD’s of your music, offer an audio of a minute of a few songs you’ve recorded. Why not dedicate a page to members only for your fans? If you put a message board up they can touch base with other fans and you can hear all the good things they tell each other about you.

Fred: You can even offer your fans incentives. I know a group that gives free t-shirts, CD’s and even tickets to gigs to the fans that bring 10 or more people to the bands mailing list. They send out a monthly newsletter to keep their fans updated and even profiles their #1 fan of the month.

Lyna: Wow-That’s an incentive! How about asking them to bring your band to their town? Your fans can set up the gigs, get friends to be their street team to locally promote you and you’ll have an instant crowd to perform to.

Fred: Another way to grow your exposure could be to network with other bands. Promote each other by introducing your fans to them and they can tell their fans about you.

Lyna: They can also be your ticket into playing at a venue that is tough to get. My friend JB tried for months to get booked in one of Atlanta’s hot spots. This venue had a regular
Group of bands that played there and they had no reason to change this. Fortunately, JB met a singer who is one of these regulars. One night she brought him on as her opening act and the crowd loved him. So now he can play there pretty much whenever he goes to Atlanta.

Fred: Networking, building alliances, catering to your clients- sound familiar? These are all concepts we share with any business that wants to get more exposure. The way you do this just depends on what your stage looks like.

Fred Hueston

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